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A Message From a Man

An email I recently received about the fake religious focus of Mary Kay and the potential MK has to destroy families.

I am an older male who is reading your website because my best friend’s wife has been involved with Mary Kay for six or seven long years and it is causing his marriage and home life to suffer.

I am not a chauvinist, I just believe this Christian indoctrination is sending the wrong message to young energetic women under the guise of a great way to earn recognition.

I have seen my friend lose his house, his family and personal finances while his wife insists she is going to make it big. She is a smart self-driven woman who gave up a lucrative career for teh Mary Kay mantra of untold success.

I truly hope my message will encourage young women to stick with a real career because teh Mary Kay message is one of utter deception.

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  1. Weekended

    Mary Kay is NOT Christian. They throw around a narcissistic understanding of blessing. Jesus said that those who would follow Him would have to “take up their cross”; He did not promise that life would be rosy and financially successful in the way that Mary Kay teaches.

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