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More Keys to Success in Mary Kay

Some words of wisdom from a Mary Kay national sales director. I’m sure if you follow these you can go straight to the top in Mary Kay.

Some Absolute Do’s For Your Mary Kay Career

1. DO wear tailored dresses and skirted suits to ALL skin care classes, meetings and recruiting interviews. Research shows that a woman in a skirt inspires trust, appears better educated and looks more professional. That’s the Mary Kay Consultant and Future Leader.

2. Do tell your invited guests to dress PROFESSIONALLY when attending an MK event with you.

3. DO wear ALL of and ONLY Mary Kay skin care, body care and color products, Preferably all of the time but definitely to skin care classes, selling appointments, meetings and recruiting interviews.

4. Do be positive about your business at all times, especially at meetings. I If you had a prospective recruit present, would you want that person to hear a Consultant complaining about a problem?

5. DO make it a priority to attend EVERY unit meeting and as many functions as time will allow. You will gain ideas at every function that will help you reach your goals and your business will grow. DO bring a friend, customer, hostess or prospect to every meeting. They may become your newest recruit!

6. DO allow your customers to do all of their own applications at skin care classes and facials. They will have confidence that they can recreate the look themselves. In some states, it is illegal to touch another persons face if you are not a licensed cosmetologist, so make it a rule of thumb to not do it!

7. DO sell the basic skin care steps together to the first time user. It is a company policy never to break the set except to establish reorder customers. Breaking the set inevitably results in dissatisfied customers and usually a return for a refund. Learn how to explain the reason for using the products together to your customer’s satisfaction during your presentation. .

8. DO have respect for your sister Consultants. Selling or recruiting another Consultants customer or prospect is unfair and it does not promote the “Do unto others” philosophy. Always ask if they already have a Consultant.

9. DO follow the terms and conditions on the Beauty Consultant Agreement you signed. Consultants are not allowed to sell products in a retail environment. i.e.: Flea markets, beauty shops, booths, etc.

10. DO call Mary Kay before you do any advertising. All advertisements must be approved by Mary Kay. Yellow Page advertisements are available to Sales Directors ONLY!

More of the same. Show up to go up. Never say anything negative. Wear Mary Kay from head to toe. Believe in yourself. *yawn*

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