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Why Join Mary Kay During the Holidays?

Recruiting and frontloading usually become more difficult during the holiday season. So here is a list of reasons why women should sign up…

  • You can take your business anywhere, any state! Tell everyone about your new business & write off the long distance phone calls on taxes.
  • During the holidays you may see an old friend, be sure to tell them all about your new Career as an Independent Beauty Consultant.
  • Women look forward to a New Year, New You look every year! Get trained now so that you are ready to help them look and feel beautiful.
  • Offer your friends and family a facial and a makeover while you visitm them for the holiday. You can practice and make money! Tax Write-Offs!
  • Mary Kay will give you tax write-offs galore, gas mileage, utilities and much more. Your starter kit is a write-off too!
  • Everyone needs last minute gifts and stocking stuffers! Your store is always open and ready for selling opportunities. Wrap It Up!!
  • Ladies everywhere will be out in front of the cameras a lot this holiday season and you can be there to help them look and feel their very best.
  • As a Star Consultant you can take your pick of prizes. What will it be? Something for you, the kids or the family?
  • Relatives visiting this holiday? Share your excitement and ask their opinion of our products while you practice giving facials. Make $$$!!
  • The Holiday season is the best selling season of the year! You can have fun and even claim it as an expense.
  • Take advantage of all of the FREE product that Mary Kay is giving to new Independent Beauty Consultants right now! GREAT GIFTS!
  • Have a Happier New Year as a great seasoned Independent Beauty Consultant! Your New Year New You is at 50% off.
  • Purchase your own Personal Holiday Gifts and Mary Kay Products at a phenomenal 50% Discount
My advice? Enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends without having to look at everyone as a potential customer or recruit.


  1. Tigger

    *sigh* where do I begin.

    I don’t want to take my business ‘anywhere.’ I’m a lazy slug, remember?

    I’m not telling my ‘old friends’ anything except how to make awesome cardmom balls. Yum.

    How do YOU know what I look forward to every year? Maybe I look forward to starting smoking again. It’s MY new year to do with as I wish.

    Offer them a facial while I’m there? They made it VERY clear when I was selling this stuff that they wouldn’t even pay MY cost for it. So embarrassing. Couldn’t give it away.

    Tax write-offs? Not so much. You have to prove to your tax man/waman that you were strictly using this gas, postage, utilities, etc. to promote your biz. They’re getting very picky these days.

    Don’t know about you, but when I think of stocking stuffers, I’m not thinking $18 body wash. I’m looking more into the 50 cents bin for last year’s Milky Way bars.

    We’re going to be in front of cameras? Seriously? This is NOT reality t.v. If I’m getting my pic w/grandma, it don’t matter if I’m gussied up or not. She can neither see nor hear. Don’t think she’ll care. She’s just happy someone is there to hold her hand.

    The only Star Prize I ever ‘won’ cost me $1800 star order. Need I say more? Dang, I coulda bought a lot of Christmas for that!

    When my relatives visit me, they dang-tootin’ don’t want to be sold anything. They don’t want to give me their ‘opinion.’ Seriously? They’re opinion? Like they won’t see through that.

    Yes, I agree that Christmas is the best selling season. Now, how did that just turn into a ‘claimable’ expense? You would have spent the money anyway.

    You’d have to give the ‘free product order gifts’ away as Christmas gifts
    b/c now you’re broke. Hope EVERYONE wants MK for Christmas.

    The rest of this list is space-filler.

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