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The Mary Kay NSDs Have Really Lost Their Minds

Written by SuzyQ

They are sending out newsletters and emails celebrating the fact that the USA is facing (or in the words of one, is IN) an economic recession! Oh, happy day. And it is because the sales of vices (can’t remember what they all are, but cosmetics is said to be one) never decreases!

And what does this mean to MK consultants and directors? It means that people are being laid off, or are feeling insecure about their futures, so this is the perfect time to talk about America’s Number ONE Selling Skin Care and Color Cosmetics opportunity!!!

AND, just wait, the economic stimulus package will be touted as the best recruiting miracle ever— at least $600 for the initial order (and maybe a loan or cc here and there) to take advantage of this $600+ from the government.

So, this is for you, silly women who might be looking at the economic picture of the US as a sort of negative thing. Rest assured, it’s all good.

Well, except for the fact that there are rumors everywhere about the product launch in June, the new stuff– how do I say this–sucks, and the old stuff is supposed to be given away– they can’t move Appleberry lipstick, so now it is a charitable donation item– the subtle tanning lotion has a bit of a non-subtle odor— the compacts are hard to open and really not much smaller, but they ARE small enough to have the colors smear together– and remember not to use the platinum compacts as a product replacement item, instead give it to MKC because Pink is going green (oops, sorry about the money you spent on those) What am I forgetting?

So let’s all celebrate the (maybe– hope hope) recession along with the nsd’s! Never mind the negative thoughts that may be in your head– remember that all women want a new lipstick, even thought she may be spending her money on groceries, or the house payment, or gas to get to her JOB (with benefits.) THIS is the time to recruit and sell, and there’s an awesome tic tac toe game that’s going around on the email circuit you can use too! If you want a copy, PM me and I will send it to you– you can sell at least $1000 per week doing this! Really. That’s what she said…

I can’t deal with this crap anymore.


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