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Creative Way to Begin With $600 Wholesale

This document instructs new Mary Kay consultants on how they can “start their business” with “just” a $600 wholesale order. Isn’t that nice? They’re being so helpful, right? Well the truth is that they’re helping themselves.

The key in Mary Kay is to get the new recruit to order at least $600 wholesale. That’s when she starts to matter for the director and recruiter when it comes to prizes and contests. Once the new recruit orders $600, she’s considered “qualified.” (So if you ever wondered why they twisted your arm so hard to order at least $600, now you know why.)

This document is titled “Creative Way to Begin With $600 Wholesale.” I’ll leave it to you to decide how creative it is. I’ll just say that these magical words of “just sell $X product to Y people and you’ll have the money” is mostly a fantasy. If it was so easy to sell the products, consultants wouldn’t need these “creative” ways, would they? (Oh, and begging your co-workers to give you money isn’t cool.)

I have had a couple of questions lately about how someone without the $100 can get started with her business.

Here is a story from a Director I know…..

I was in that boat. I didn’t have the $100, but I found a way to get $2,000. I was reminded that the bank had plenty even if I didn’t. My loan payment was $93 a month, so I knew that I had to have a MINIMUM of $186 in sales each month to pay my payment. That was only $46.50 a week and I thought I could handle that. My Business Plan was to hold 2 product appointments a week. I scheduled 5 each week to be sure I would hold 2. I worked in those days on a $100 per appointment average just to be safe, so . . . I could see a way to have $200 in sales each week consistently. My 40% of that $200 was $80. I booked the first week of every month heavier so that I would have extra sales and extra profit so that I could make my loan payment from my profit that first week of each month so that I wouldn’t have to think about it the rest of the month and could enjoy my full profits the remainder of each month.

Why am I covering this with you? Because, in helping people find the money for their Starter Kit, I want to help you develop a Plan, so that you can see that your Mary Kay income will cover any loan or start up expense NOT your personal funds.

I recently heard of a Consultant who worked another job. She asked the men she worked with to “sponsor” her new business by investing $10 each (or 5 @ $20 each) to get her $100 to start. You could do the same with family members and friends. People can hand out $10 and never miss it, especially if they can share in the pride and excitement of your new business.

If you can dream it, you can do it. Hope these ideas helps some.

The below message helps you see even further . . .how you can get the money for your Starter Kit AND your first Bonus Qualified order.

When You have No Money to Invest!

Mary Kay offers you Free Product Bonus Incentives on your initial Wholesale Order when you place an order of $600 or more within your first two months of beginning your business. The value changes monthly but it’s approximately $140 in FREE Bonus Products. So, the idea is for you to pass this free product offer to your first customers as an incentive for them to buy; it helps you get up your $600.00 order and all you pay is the sales tax.

Deal 1:
Offer 6 friends the opportunity to pick out $150.00 of any Mary Kay products and only pay $100.00 plus sales tax. That’s a $50.00 savings!

Deal 2:
Offer 12 friends the opportunity to pick out $65.00 of any Mary Kay products and only pay $50.00 plus sales tax on the retail. That’s a $15.00 savings!

Here’s the Math:

600.00 wholesale order
+80.40 sales tax
+ 7.95 shipping
= $688.35 Total cost of order

Here’s your profit:
$1,200.00 Retail product
+140.00 Retail Bonuses from MK
+112.00 Retail Bonuses from Me
= $1,452.00 Total of Retail Products
-600.00 Customer’s Orders
-300.00 Free Products to Customers
= 552.00 Free Products for you!
– 52.00 Your money invested
= $500.00 PROFIT

The $600.00 wholesale order plus 6%sales tax (on $1200 retail value ofproducts and $140 retail value ofbonuses = $80.40) and $7.95 shipping =$688.35. They would pay you $636. Withthe $112 Product Bonus Sign On fromme, your total retail product you get is$1,452.00, less their $600 in orders and less their $300.00 in free products still leaves you with $552 in retail product to sell and it costs you a total of $52.35.

That’s a $500 Profit for you, when you sell those products!!!!

Success is not for the chosen few…. but for the few that choose. The choice is yours!!