Product Orders From a Mary Kay Cadillac Director’s Unit

Thing being a Cadillac sales director in Mary Kay is prestigious? Think they’re the ones making the big bucks and they’ve “really taught their girls to sell?” Think again.

These are retail orders placed by consultants from July 1 through the end of November, or 5 months. You can see that 84 consultants placed an order of $200 wholesale or more in that time period.

So what do we have….

  • The top two orderers, one with over $12,000 and one with over $7,000 have both been in and out of DIQ this year. They have been buying products to try to finish DIQ, but haven’t been successful yet.
  • The next three on the list (numbers 3 through 5) are each newer consultants who came in with Ruby orders, which are $4,800 retail ($2,400 wholesale). Added to their retail totals arealso product bonuses that they got with those initial orders.
  • 48 of the women on the list (which is most of them) have ordered $800 retail or less. That’s one or two $200 wholeslae orders each for the year so far.

Here’s another interesting point: This list of retail ordering totals just over $100,000. That’s $50,000 wholesale production for the 5 months, or $10,000 per month. And the director is in a Cadillac!

Cadillac production, as you may already know, is $16,000 wholesale per month. This director isn’t even close to the required production. At the level she’s doing, she is paying a co-op payment of at least $630 per month to keep that Cadillac. That has to hurt! Her commission check is already well below $3,000 per month, and the Cadillac co-pay has to come out of that.

This is the reality of a Mary Kay Unit, even one that is outwardly successful, as this one seems with the sales director driving a Cadillac. This is a very typical unit with very little “successful selling” from the vast majority of consultants. All the high numbers come from frontloaded new recruits, and those being pushed up the career path to be “on target” or keep their “DIQ” going.

The orders at retail: