Preferred Customer Statistics From Mary Kay Inc.

Each quarter, Mary Kay Cosmetics sends out a “Preferred Customer” mailing. It goes to 6 million women.  There are 700,000 U.S. consultants. That means that on average, each consultant has 8.5 customers on their preferred customer list.

And for most consultants, the people on those lists don’t really represent true customers. About 1/3 of them are legitimate customers. About 1/3 of them are family and friends that either made pity purchases or that you wish would “support” you. And the other 1/3 are women who you would like to have as customers… they came to a class and bought nothing, they purchased something a couple of years ago and you’re waiting for them to buy again, or they otherwise got put on your list in the hopes that they’d like something they see and someday become a customer.

If I’m right about this, each Mary Kay consultant averages less than 3 preferred customers each.

What great proof that no one’s selling much Mary Kay!!!


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