Kathy Payton’s Full Circle Script

Written by The Scribbler

This script is peppered with dirty tricks and deceptive tactics; take note of how IBCs are instructed to use the roll-up bag and some silver-tongued magic to intimidate women to not only sign an Agreement, but to order a full store!

Be sure and share with them that you accept:

  • Cash (it is always good)
  • MasterCard/Visa/Discover
  • Check
  • Creative financing (credit/check/cash so your won’t know how much you spent.)

Scrib’s note:  So my WHAT won’t know how much I spent, exactly?  Are you suggesting that I deceive a loved one with regards to how much I bought?  

We also, have a payment plan, split in half – but you must write me both checks tonight (so you aren’t running around) one dated to be cashed tomorrow and one for 2 weeks from now.

Really romance the rollup bag. Make everyone think they absolutely have to have that bag. Nodding your head and raising your right arm ask, “Now, can we all agree, hypothetically, that each of you has bought a bag?  Ladies, when you carry this bag home, who in your circle of influence is going to want one?  The first one with the most names in 5 minutes will get a 10% discount off of her purchases this evening– ready, set, go…. (Walk around the room, saying, “She has 5, she has 8…”this will spur the list upward).

Speak to the woman with the most names. “Jennifer, would you say you have just presold 30 bags? (She’ll be nodding yes along with you).   Well, you know your situation better than I do – but, let’s see – 300 a bag x 30 bags – that’s $9000 dollars.  Which would be better for you, $9000 in my pocket or $9000 in yours?  She will of course say hers – congratulations!  You have just recruited a team member (with a $3600 order because she will need that much inventory to sell the bags) and perhaps many more depending on attendance.  Move on to the person with the next highest number of names.

Repeat the process.  Jennifer cannot object to:

  • Not knowing anyone
  • Or to her inability to sell – she just presold 30 bags!
  • You probably will have a new recruit.

Wow! How easy is that?!  You have just worked you party “full circle”. You have guaranteed sells (you know they want the bag or, at the very least, one of the skin care sets.) You will have future bookings. And you’ll have interviews/recruits – this is pretty much guaranteed because they realized how much money was going to go in your pocket, if not theirs.)

Now it’s time for the individual close. You need to be prepared for your close – this just gives you a better opportunity to get the results you want from each person.  The goal of an individual close is to get the sale, get the booking, and get the interview. You want to choose the most excited person there and ask her to follow you – the rest will join the hostess for refreshments. You choose the most excited because if she buys the whole roll up, she’ll go back to the group afterwards, and tell everyone she bought the whole roll bag.  It will start precedence and everyone will want one.  But, if you close the dud first, and she goes back and says she didn’t buy anything, the same thing will happen – no one will buy anything. The 1st thing you want to do with your guest is close the sale. Finalize the sale. Take care of the payment.

Pull out your datebook. Try to turn her follow-up facial into a class by saying, “You know what, it is just as easy for me to facial several as it is to facial one. So, if you would be willing to invite some of your sharpest, funnest friends to join you, I would be willing to give you free product.  Is that something you’d be interested in?”  Now, see how easy it was to get the sell and to get the booking?

Then, with each and every guest, after getting the sell and the booking, ask, “Have you ever in your wildest dreams thought about doing what I do?”  If she says yes, invite her to your weekly unit meeting, to one of our upcoming guest events, or to meet your director.

But, if she said no, ask this question: “Could you use an extra 1000,1500,2000 dollars in just a few short weeks?”  And when she says yes (because you know there is not a woman alive on the face of the earth who would ever say “no” to extra cash)  tell her, “It would not take me very long to show you how easily and quickly you could earn that extra cash.” Then invite her to meet your director.  Give her a choices tape. Ask her to listen to that in the next 24 hours. And then we begin the follow up.  By following this simple process, you have a sell, a booking, and an interview.

Scrib’s note:  If you are able to express truthful contentment in your finances, you CAN tell a recruiter that you really don’t have a need for extra money – there’s a difference between wanting extra money and actually needing it.  I have used this reply on a recruiter during a recruiting interview and it immediately shut down the interview because she could no longer sell me the supposed “wealth” of the MK lifestyle. 

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  1. Oh, the “creative financing” line. I remember when the IBC tried recruiting me at my previous job, she too used the “creative financing” bit when trying to get me to sign on and buy stuff. Needless to say, I turned her down. If I was gonna pay for something, it would be up front and straightforward like a normal person

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