Order Enough and You Can Pay Admission to a Mary Kay nsd’s House

I have always hated the flaunting of materialism in Mary Kay. Of course it’s nice to make a good living and to be able to afford a beautiful house. Of course people would like to make a comfortable living that offers them the opportunity to have nice things.

But there’s a point where it’s just sick.. and that point is crossed by just about every national sales director in Mary Kay.

Gloria Mayfield Banks is one of the masters of flaunting materialism. So it comes as no surprise that she’s offering an ordering incentive to her area…. Order enough and you might be able to pay admission to see Gloria’s house.

Read for yourself on this flier. “Stars” with orders of $1,800, $2,400, or $3,000 wholesale get a chance to get themselves to her house and pay admission to go inside. (She doesn’t even tell you how much the admission is.) If you buy $3,600 wholesale, you can get in for “1/2 price.” And with $4,800 or more, you can get in free.

What kind of prize is this? How much more demeaning could Gloria be than to make you pay to get to be around her? Sorry, but guests in my house don’t pay admission. You’re either invited or you’re not. I’d never be so tacky as to ask anyone to pay… especially not someone who’s already putting money in my pocket with their Mary Kay orders.

And I’m reporting Gloria to the Department of Redundancy Department for saying that you’ll get to be around a “millionaire duo couple.”

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