Pink Truth Haters From Around the World

Last week I received this lovely note from a Mary Kay consultant in Norway. I can feel the love across the water!

I think it`s sad to read all theese storys at your page! Why would anyone have to make a webside so they can talk bad about a company. When I saw this I thougt that those people who make this pathetic webside, is a failure i Mary Kay and the life generally.

You tryed too succed but you didnt, so now you have too talk shit about everyone in Mary Kay so you can feel better yourself, even thoug you are a pahtetic, sad human beeing!!!

Mary Kay is`nt a work for bad and mean people like you seem to be! I`m glad that you didnt make it in Mary Kay!

Now can all the nice people work together and support each other, when the nasty and mean people can get together and write bad about Mary Kay on pinktruth!!

I feel sorry for you and all the pathetic ex-Mary Kay consultants.


  1. Siri

    Omg zomg!! I am Norwegian, and am truly ashamed of my fellow countrywoman. That post hits a new low. And to think – there are only fourmillion Norwegians in the world, so chances are I went to school with this twatbasket. Or dated her brother/cousin/neighbour (who were most likely one and the same). Or I’m related to her somehow. Well, I cast her off! Bad Norwegian. Bad, bad Norwegian.

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