Weekenders Leaders Trying to Move Their Teams to New Companies


Predators don't just exist in Mary Kay. The Weekenders women who find themselves without a downline since the company has closed its doors are looking to get more money out of those downlines. What better way than to re-recruit your downline into a new company??? 

Dear Weekenders Friends,


Super managers Nancy L, Debb K, Maryjane R & Andrea N have been working tirelessly to strike a tremendous deal with some incredible direct sale companies.


Team Leaders of those four Units will be receiving the final details of the offers this evening.



There is a clothing company, a bedding and bath company and a jewelry company involved in this offer.  These three companies were chosen with you and your customers in mind.


If you were a part of Nancy, Debb, Maryjane or Andrea's Unit, please e-mail your Team Leader to let her know you are interested in learning about these offers.  If your Team Leader is choosing to take another direction, please contact your appropriate Manager.


If you were a part of another fine Unit, I would suggest you contact your former Manager and/or Team Leader and ask if they are interested in knowing about this offer or if they have anything they are suggesting for the Coordinators in your former units.


If you would like, please e-mail me with your name, e-mail & phone along with the best time to contact you and I would be happy to share with you the offerings that you would not be able to receive elsewhere.


I apologize for being so cryptic, but in fairness to all of us, the specific information is to be released simultaneously after the Team Leader call this evening.


Please share this information with your other Weekenders friends!

I guess trying to move your whole team under you is a logical step. They sure don't want to lose these women all together. It just all seems so predatory to me.