Weekenders Closing: Reps… Stay Away from Mary Kay!


The big pink vultures are out in force. They smell fresh blood…. the blood of Weekenders representatives who are left in the cold as the company shuts its doors.


What does this say about Mary Kay? Doesn't it scream "opportunism" and "desperation"?


Please, women from Weekenders, consider the closing of your company to be Divine Intervention. Take some time away from multi-level marketing. Don't run to the nearest Mary Kay lady who just wants to get her hand into your pocketbook.


Take a look at how Mary Kay women are targeting these victims:


One Mary Kay "top" director:

Another opportunity to help others with our fantastic income opportunity. …

I am so proud that we are with the PREMIER Company in the Land — AND that our Corporation is 100% DEBT FREE! Love ******


Another top director in Mary Kay:

WOW- just called the # for Weekenders and confirmed it for myself. Weekenders and it's affiliated companies have ceased all operations as of June 9, 2008.

Another director:

What an opportunity for us to help those ladies be welcomed into our #1 Company!!


Like ***** said, get out your business cards and start networking.


We have THE Opportunity of the Land! Thank you Mary Kay Ash!

Yet another Mary Kay director:

At my networking meeting this AM was Kristy – an elite exec director from Weekenders Clothing Line. She has over 400 women in her area and is just back from a 2 week all expense paid company vacation to Puerto Rico (like our top director trip)…


Here’s the scoop. As of Monday, June 9 – yesterday. Weekenders closed their doors!!! NO warning – just out of business. She is owed a $6000 commission which will not be coming. Just like that the business that she built over 18 years is gone.


Of course, I’ll be talking to her about MK and asked if I could talk with her downlines too. Who do you know that sells (sold) Weekenders clothes?


Also, Holly said that Home Interiors is filing for bankruptcy!!!


Get out those networking cards.


These are women entrepreneurs looking to fill their budgets with NEW money since their source is gone. They already have a clientele. What an easy switch to Mary Kay Cosmetics.


In this economy it’s all about value for the dollar and selling something that is consumable!!! Yep, we’re still in the right place at the right time~again.