Recruiting Mary Kay Consultants With Text Messages

 Mary Kay consultants and directors are always trying so hard to prove that the company is “on trend.” Never mind that the company has been way behind on plenty of trends, including tinted moisturizer, tinted lip balm, microdermabrasion, and more.

The latest recruiting technique is so forward thinking! Recruit women with text messages! Doesn’t that sound so hip and happening? It just sounds like another ineffective avenue of harassment that wastes everyone’s time. When will Mary Kay consultants get it through their heads that women aren’t taking their phone calls or replying to their emails because they’re not interested???

Here’s the groundbreaking texting technique being promoted in Mary Kay by one national sales director:

With new “technology” comes new ways to do business in MK.  We have to be WILLING to change with the times and for the “younger” generation (18 – 35 yr olds) “TEXTING” is the new/preferred way of communicating.

I, too, have a 24 year old daughter (Nikki) and she tells me she will ALWAYS read a text………but will NEVER answer a phone call from a number she does not recognize.  That tells us we MUST learn to use “text messaging” to reach this generation.  Like it or not……if you want to fill your datebook………………DECIDE TO ADJUST!

Attached are some “texting scripts” you can use.  The “spelling” looks wrong……..but it actually is CORRECT in the “texting world”……….just trust it

Love, NSD Tammy Crayk

I owe a TON of Thank You’s to Director Cherisse Hixson! She was sharing on a Director Call about having a “Text Booking” Meeting. You can imagine that we were all wondering, what did she say about a “Text Book”! Modern Technology today is all about anything electronic, computers, cell phones, air waves, whatever it is. All I know is I hit a “Send” button and it gets to the person I want to get it to. You will hear all sorts of things about how “you should” respond or talk to people. You follow your heart and do what you feel, then try something new! I am a creature of habit, who does not like change!

BUT if it will change the surface of my Date Book, I am all for giving it a try! Director Cherisse Hixson sent us her script and we all took off! You know we all have to put our little words and change things here and there to our own personalities, but please keep it as close to Cherisse’s scripts as possible. None of this “Hey Yo!” Keep it professional.

Ladies today will respond to a Text Message before they will respond to a phone call. My son’s girlfriend told me, “If I don’t know who it is, I won’t answer. But, if they text me, I will read it.” And so it is. I have filled my books with Text Messaging aka “Text Booking!” Here are some scripts that I use below:

Name Game Referral…
Hey Girl! U don’t know me, but I’m friends w/the awesome Nona Stutts & I need a favor & she said U were really nice & might help me out. I’m n a contest w/Mary Kay 2 do 30 free mineral makeovers n July & wanted 2 give U a FREE GIFT if U will do 1 w/me. Its super fast & I would come 2 U! Do U already have a Mary Kay consultant & if not, can I borrow U 4 this? I’m not pushy & it’s totally fun!
God Bless, Vickie
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Fair Booth or Warm Chat Survey….
Hey Girl! U may not remember me, but I’m the 1 U filled out a survey w/@ the LA State Fair & I need a favor & U were really nice & I thought U might help me out. I am n a contest w/Mary Kay 2 do 30 free mineral makeovers n July & wanted 2 give U a FREE GIFT if U will do 1 w/me. It’s super fast & I’m going 2 B N Tyler Sunday @ 2 & 4:30 training new consultants & needed 2 borrow Ur face & get Ur opinion! Do U already have a Mary Kay consultant & if not, can I borrow U for this? I’m not pushy & it’s totally fun!
God Bless, Vickie
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David’s Bridal invite….
Hi! I’m Vickie w/Mary Kay. David’s Bridal contracted w/me 2 help Brides look great 4 their wedding day! U won a makeover & FREE gift! I’m going 2 B N Tyler on Sun. Wanted 2 know if U would B able 2 come @ 2 or 4:30 to do Ur Makeover & pick up Ur FREE gift?
God Bless,
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Confirmation messages….
I look forward 2 seeing U Tues. @ 6:30 pm 4 Ur makeover & 4 U 2 pick up Ur free gift. U can bring a friend along 2 share N Ur makeover, if U’d like. C U @ the Harry Patterson Tower, 6007 Financial Plaza, 4th flr., rm. 404.
God Bless, Vickie
Mary Kay
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I look forward 2 seeing U Sun @ 2:00 pm 2 borrow Ur face 4 makeovers & 4 U 2 pick up Ur free gift. U can bring a friend along 2 share N Ur makeover, if U’d like. C U @ the Holiday Inn Express N Tyler @ 2421 E. SE Loop 323.
God Bless, Vickie
Mary Kay
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It’s @ Harry Patterson Tower, 6007 Financial Plaza, 4th Flr., rm 404. Take I-20 to Pines Road, turn towards Wal-Mart, & make left on the service road (Financial Plaza) by the Exxon, drive past IHOP to Courtyard Marriott & take a right on Rasberry Lane (can’t turn left), drive about .25 mile down on right, the sign says Harry Patterson on right where you turn in to the building.
God Bless, Vickie
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Follow Up Text Message…

C u tomorrow night at 7:00.
Can’t wait to see you tonight @ 7:00pm
How’s ur Mary Kay working for you? Is Ur makeup shade right 4 U? Do u need 4 me 2 adjust anything?
God Bless,
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1. Don’t let your “Text Message” get too lengthy, it costs money to the recipient that may not have unlimited texting. Don’t send more than 2 text messages. One they may not get, but two is enough. We shorten to U instead of you, Ur instead of your, etc. to save them money.
2. Keep your wording professional.
3. If the phone call didn’t work, send the “Text Message”. If you “Text Messaged” first, then try the phone call.
4. a. Don’t try to type all this in your cell phone. If you have an IPhone, email it to yourself on your IPhone or Text Message it to yourself on your IPhone. All you have to do is put your email address or cell number in the To: line on your email. When you receive it, copy and paste. Correct people’s names, times and places.
b. Then hit forward and add the phone number. IPhones take a lot of numbers.
5. If you don’t have an IPhone and you have a phone such as a Palm, etc., you can do the same, email or put your cell # in the To: line, then save it as a “Template”.
6. Remember that 9 to 9 is People time, after 9 you may get unhappy recipients. If they continue to text you after 9, then you may respond.

What has this accomplished for me….
This week, my Monday appointment was a Text Message appointment. I was told by my new Mary Kay girlfriend that if I wanted to reach her, “Text Message” or “Email”, she was too busy to answer phone calls. I sold $200 to her.

My Tuesday appointment was a facial, that turned into a double facial because of my “you may invite a friend along”, it was a $200 appointment, and I added a new team Member.
My Tuesday Night Success Event was a “Text Message” warm chat, that turned into a facial and a New Team member.

My Wednesday appointment was a “Text Message” that did not answer my phone call a year ago, yes, a year ago, I “Texted” her and she was a $100 facial. I even had a girl “Text Message” me after I had “Text Messaged” all her referrals, to tell me she wanted to sell. She was a 1-2 on the scale at her facial. After I had “Texted” all her referrals, the chatter started among her friends and she said “She” had a lot of girls who would buy from her!

My new Mary Kay girlfriends shared with me when I asked them about Text Messaging, that they loved it, because they can’t answer their cell phones at work, but they are allowed to text.
Happy Texting!


  1. 4:8 girl

    Ugh! I must admit I was soooo guilty of booking this way. Did it for display leads, warm chats, recruiting calls, referrals, etc…. I’ve sent thousands of texts out. Pretty effective for the Gen Y gals. It was actually a good way for me to book (while I was at my other “real paying j.o.b”.) & I only ever got a few ppl reply back to stop texting which i did asap. Now, i can go back to my regular text plan & be happy knowing I’m not “text stalking” any people! Oh my, the things we do in the pink fog……..

  2. Lea B

    I would be so annoyed if I got a text message like this, not everyone talks like this through text. Practice good grammar, you pink stalkers!!!! At least this way it’s super easy to decline and ignore them.

  3. exibc78

    I don’t text like that, and the grown woman who do text me and it looks like this I don’t do business with them or think very highly of them. A 22 year old or younger, fine.

  4. Claire

    Uuuck. I got one of these texts today claiming they were friends with “Jessica” without a last name. I have multiple friends named Jessica, but I doubt any of them would give a complete stranger my number. This is incredibly deceitful. Plus, as noted by others, who really texts with that sort of spelling anymore? If you can’t spell out “you” or “to”, I sure as heck don’t want to have anything “2 do w/U”.

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