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Decoding Your Mary Kay “Activity Status”

Have you wondered what those codes like A1 and I3 mean? How do they relate to your orders and your recruits? Here are the details.

N0 – New Consultant, no order.
N1 – New Consultant, no order, showcase shipped.
N2 – New Consultant, second month without order.
N3 – New Consultant, third month without order.

A1 – Consultant placed a minimum $200 wholesale Section 1 order this month.
A2 – Second month of active status.
A3 – Third month of active status.

I1 – First month of inactive status. Must place a minimum $200 wholesale Section 1 order to be considered active.
I2 – Second month of inactive status. Fourth non-ordering month. Company notice mailed mid-month.
I3 – Third month of inactive status. Fifth non-ordering month.

T1 – First month of termination (If you get here, you have lost all your recruits.)
T – Terminated (This comes after T6.)



  1. Hi there, if I signed up for Mary Kay for personal use and got the starter kit and did not place an order, how long would I go before I would have to reinstate? Can I be an N0 for up to 12 months?

    • Well, that would depend on whether your Director is placing orders in your name to qualify for bonuses. If she orders enough using your consultant number you might even get a surprise Form 1099.

      That’s why we always recommend that you send notice to MK Corporate and cancel your consultant number.

  2. I’m a consultant with A2 status. Just got a “friendly” text from my director saying this ..

    Hey …

    Was looking at my reports

    Did u know you’ve ordered $106 this month? When u reach $225 you’ll restart active status and not have to order $225 next month 🙂

    I would want someone to tell me lol

    What? I am active. This run-around ticks me off. This time I’m so done. Calling the company tomorrow.

    • The fact is you only have to place a $225 order one time a year if you are ordering for personal use you can do that at Christmas time and save a bunch of money the only time you want to stay active Is if you have customers wanting to order from a website or you have personal recruits if not place the order one time a year and get your savings just like going to Sam’s wholesale everybody makes this Mary Kay thing such a big deal do it or don’t but don’t does the company on what you want to do if you go to JCPenney in the mall and you have a coupon that says you have to spend $20 to get the savings you have to spend it

      • That’s one really long sentence Deb!

        But seriously, there is no need to even be a consultant to place that once a year order. Get the crap off ebay for wholesale or less if you must.

        • The grammar of these people hurts my eyes. And she’s comparing the “prestige” brand of Mk to JCPenney. Hilarious!

          • Rather than JC Penny coupons, I think a better representation of MK at the mall would be those jewelry stores that jack up the price and then advertise 50% off on big yellow signs.

  3. I just got a card from my director stating I havent ordered in 5 months and i am inactive. How many months do I have that i would reach T status if I dont or see the minimum, etc? Im hoping to order by end of thiss month if not definitely next month.

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