Mary Kay Does NOT “Sell Itself”

Written by The Scribbler

If you want proof of how difficult Mary Kay is to sell (and how little is being sold), just take a look at recent listings from Craigslist:

Hi, I am just getting started here. I am looking for something to do to make money and use up time. My husband got deployed overseas. I want to offer a 30% discount to anyone who decides to buy Mary Kay or sign up to sell Mary Kay as a member of my team this holiday season. If you do decide to sign up I will personally pay for your starter kit, so you will sign up for free.

Offering a 30% discount on her products and paying for the starter kits of her recruits? She’s well on her way to making money in Mary Kay!

“Hey Ladies!! I have a Mary Kay Miracle Set that i need to get rid of ASAP!! So Please Get This Out Of My Hands!! I was working for Mary Kay about a year ago, but i didn’t pursue it:( I’m actually looking forward to do it again someday. Mary Kay is a great product to sell and to buy!! I have some left over inventory that i really need to sell right now. I’m actually looking for offers so contact me…”

Honey, listen to yourself. You’re asking the Craigslist community to “please get this [Mary Kay] product out of your hands” and yet you’re gushing that it’s a great product to sell. That’s be great if you were actually SELLING it. Shoot, by the looks of the ad, you can’t even unload the inventory you have now, so what’s going to be different later aside from the product packaging? Ma’am, put down the pink Jell-O and step away!

“Former Mary Kay consultant looking to sell extra inventory. I have about $3000.00 of inventory that is just taking up space in my pantry. Looking to sell it all. Current consultants and Directors welcome.”

Remember, as long as you have inventory sitting on your shelves, you are never broke! So saith the NSDs, yeah verily and Amen.

“I have some Mary Kay that I am looking to sell for HALF OFF. We are in need of funds TODAY, and this is the quickest way I thought of to resolve the issue. Need not worry, this is fresh make up. THIS POST IS ONLY GOOD FOR TODAY…”

No worries, because Mary Kay sells itself! And if you can sweeten the deal with some desperate Craigslist pleading, you might up your chances of it being sold to say, 3%! Thank you, Mary Kay Ash, for your lovely racket!

“wanting to have my hair cut,colored and highlight dont have money so i am willing to pay in new mary kay products i have alot in stock to choose from just email me and tell me a little about yourself example where you do hair at and how long have you been doing it i have had bad haircuts in the past so a little nervous on getting a new stylist.”

Heavens, where to begin? She says she doesn’t have money, but she’s willing to pay in MK products (which she has a lot in stock, mind you!) That alone will tempt any hairstylist to give you the Johnny Depp Mad Hatter Special. Eep.