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Caption This Mary Kay Photo


  1. Tigger

    ha ha ha. That’s funny.

    The gal on the right looks to be thinking: ‘hmmm….wonder if there’s any cheesecake left.’

    The gal in the middle: ‘ooooh, my underwear are up my butt. I hate it when that happens.’

    Gal on left: ‘How long do we have to stand up here pretending we are winners? I’ve got so much crap to do making this all look eeeeaaaasssssyyyy.

    Cheer up, ladies. It could be worse. The packaging could be changing in March. Oh, wait, isn’t the packaging changing or they are coming out with Botanical stuff? Suck to be you.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Scrib

    “Welcome to the Monday night success meeting, ladies. If you think we’re using candles because my power got shut off again, you’re being negative.

    You’d also be correct, but we won’t go there. Save it for after the meeting because I gotta recruit some bodies ASAP.”

  3. Lynn

    Tired of dull career conferences that are just too focused on networking and learning new skills? Join Mary Kay today and see how pseudo-ceremony and too much clapping can transform YOU into someone who actually wants this ugly suit.

  4. morningstar

    We don’t fit in with the Twilight crowd, so we are resurrecting Dark Shadows drama series…..come with us into the dark shadows, check your wallet at the door. heh heh heh!

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