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Caption This Mary Kay Photo

This is a blast from the past. Allison LaMarr – – prior to becoming a Mary Kay failure (the only way you fail is if you quit!) – – wore this t-shirt on Mary Kay’s “top director” trip in 2006. It seems no one cared about this blog (yes, Pink Truth was the new hot thing back then) … but we still exist, and Allison is busy trying to find a career and become relevant again (after quitting MK, quitting personal coaching, quitting Bellamora, quitting personal coaching again, quitting a corporate position with Seacret Direct)…

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    1. Avis J. Johnson (scentless)

      Allison, Tyhanks for thr tride. With uouur deqth of a dream so blatant, you’ve been theREALITY CHCECK FOR TTHOSE OF US LOST IN THEPINK BUBBLE.rEST IN PEACE! AND hAPPY REAPING!

  1. Deirdre (DeeMarie)

    I know this is OT, but all those “I” stories like: “I quit my full time MD job” “I left my CEO position for MK” I did MK full time, after resigning from my amazing job at the Walt Disney Corp” is it all BS? I mean who would really leave jobs like that for this?

    1. notapartyfan

      A poster on the Mary Kay Facebook page announced that she was going to start doing MK full time. Checking out her info, she listed herself as a “former pediatric nurse.” Now, no way to tell what circumstances led her away from the profession she worked so hard to get into, but to go from something as rewarding as working in pediatrics, to selling makeup? Women from all walks of life end up smoking the pink crack and give up lucrative, rewarding careers to chase that pink bubble . It’s a mystery! Thank God for PT, since many of them end up here.

      1. Scrib

        Yeah, because caring for infants and children when they’re sick (and maybe even dying) is in no way enriching, but parroting deception to the unsuspecting and worshipping a wigged manipulator who was married seven times is.

        Mary Kay culture has their priorities bass-ackwards big time.

        1. Kathy Worden

          Mary Kay was married 3 times. If you want to spew, spew correct information.
          Nursing is one of the most stressful and thankless jobs.
          Administration is constantly adding more and more work to nurses already heavy loads.
          Nursing is a business just like Mary Kay.

            1. Poisonberry_Sparkle

              YOU HAVE GOT to be KIDDING ME!?? “Nursing is a business…” Just floored. Shout out to all the nurses that heeded the CALLING to serve those of us who desperately need help. It is an HONORABLE profession, and that comment insults all the years of training and hard work. I just can’t EVEN…

  2. Deirdre (DeeMarie)

    OH! Happier times, eh? Allison has spoken on her blog, she called herself a HYPOCRITE. How can she couch anyone if she can’t fix her own messy life? After all, she is getting DIVORCED! Noone cares about YOUR blog, LaMarr!

      1. Scrib

        I can’t offer anything along those lines, but I can say that I am left with the impression that Lamarr appears to be incapable to just enjoying life and being content. She’s always in a feverish rush to self-improve, to own power, to smash mediocrity, to push past this and that, and I have to wonder, “Dang, Allison, do you think there is that much wrong with you for you to run yourself into the ground like this? And if so, why? Who keeps giving you that message?”

        Here’s a deep thought: I think that message comes from MLM itself. You’re never good enough, you’re not working hard enough, you’re not praying enough, if you’re stressed, you created it, why aren’t you in red? Why aren’t you a director? Why aren’t you an NSD? Why aren’t you thriving as an NSD? It’s all personal responsibility, you made the choice, and it’s YOUR fault you’re in debt because the system works if you do.

        MLM can very much be likened to a domineering mother who simply cannot accept and love you for who you are; even when you perform well, you might get a scrap or two of “atta-girl,” but in the end, anything you do will NEVER be enough. Lamarr can’t seem to move out of the “house” (and away from this “mother”) so she can – for once – receive positive messages about who she is and what she’s worth, instead of desperately working to earn the world’s fickle affections by trying to jump through hoops like a circus dog.

  3. keldub

    Aiyyyy! I little googling about this and you read mkbots defending this as well it doesnt make any sense she left she was making 100k a year except the court complaint doesnt lie. Maybe she bought a 100k a year lol but she wasnt making it!

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