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Sean Key Mugshot

Mary Kay executive Sean Key, always keeping it classy!

sean key mary kay executive

sean key mary kay photo


  1. Deflated Pink Bubble

    WOW. That’s not good. Wait… doesn’t Mary Kay culture look down on drinking? You can’t drink at any MK event… I was once told by one of the SD’s that I was under that it was not “Christ-like” to which I responded that Jesus turned water into wine so shut up! LOL

  2. Karen

    No one is perfect not even Mary Kay herself. I have met him personally and he is quite humble. His story of starting at the bottom in Mary Kay riding a bicycle to work while in college to moving up to Vice President of Sales motivation is very inspiring to me. For me, it means he’s human and imperfect like the rest of us but can still excel.

    1. TRACY

      Thanks for resurrecting this one Karen! It makes me laugh! Yep, we all make mistakes and this one is no different. His bigger problem is shilling for the corporate villain known as MK.

    2. BestDecision

      I’ve met him,too, lots of times, Karen, but he’s so full of himself. He has pet NSDs and Directors that get special attention, whereas a lot are ignored.

      What I think this post, and I also thank you for resurrecting it to show THE LEADERSHIP AT MKI IS FLAWED BADLY, shows is that lot of companies would fire an employee, especially as visible as he is, for having an arrest. MK does not. Be careful who you trust in MK. There’s a lot more mugshots and financial train wrecks than you think.

    1. TRACY

      If you’re wondering what happened, he was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated. He fought the charge for 3.5 years, at which time it was turned into an obstruction of justice charge. He had to pay a $500 fine and do 6 months probation. He did the probation successfully, so the charges were dismissed after that.

  3. Did Pink

    Yes, they do. At my last company, it was announced that one of the upper management people would be leaving because at lunch he got into a fender bender with the company car on the way back. But…. was drinking and got a DUI too. Oops. Thank God no one was hurt other than the cars. But a terrible choice of what to do during working hours and worse, he got behind the wheel.

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