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Caption This Mary Kay Photo

Gloria Mayfield Banks, was presented with a plaque indicating she has received $8 million in gross commissions from Mary Kay Cosmetics during her 24 years with the company. Leave your caption below!


  1. anthonysmom

    Not a caption, but just a comment – only $8MM in commissions???? In 24 years??? That only comes out to an average of $33,333/year. Holy smokes – I make TWICE what Madam Banks makes and I only have to work 40 hours a week!! Woot woot!!

      1. Philip Arlington

        You made your mistake to Mary Kay’s disadvantage, but I think that the fact that you could make such a mistake by a factor of ten – and you are very far from being alone – is a perfect illustration of the sort of muddled understanding of numbers that makes so many people easy for Mary Kay to take advantage of. I virtually always spot such errors straight away, but many. many people don’t, including many intelligent and educated people. I see mistakes of this kind in the “quality” press over and over again. Once we get into the billions, we might was well be casting spells so far as most people are concerned. Mary Kay knows that too – the fact that its wholesale revenue is only $2.5 billion while it has two million or whatever agents should completely destroy its credibility as an income opportunity, but it is rarely remarked on.

      2. anthonysmom

        Yes, I did make a mistake – the correct number should have been $333,333. My bad. As a side note: My error had nothing to do with having a “muddled understanding of numbers…” as your comment below states. I just looked at the little tiny calculator on my computer wrong since it doesn’t put in commas. I’ll try not to worry my pretty little head too much about it though. Yes, I do take your comment as rather condescending. Thanks.

        1. seeing the truth

          Yeah I thought his comment was a little on the rude side, it was simple mistake. Not because you can’t do math just that you looked at the answer wrong. Some people

  2. Jackie

    Not a comment, but she’ll be smiling and clapping at the next meeting and telling new recruits “You can do it!”

    Ugh, I use to love her and she was my fave National. So glad I’ve been out of MK since 2008. 🙂

  3. Scrib

    “I’m screwed. These stage lights are freaking hot and my popcorn necklace is already starting to fire off. On the positive side, at least I’ll have something to nosh on for the remaining 5 hours of Awards Night.”

    1. Verity Rose

      MC, I love you so. freaking. much. 🙂

      (“So, like, if you all know so much about enriching women’s lives, why are you all hanging out at the Gas-N-Sip on a Saturday night?”)

      1. MaryCrap

        Mary Kay Lies…when she cries.

        That’ll never be me, that’ll never be me. That’ll never be, never be me. NO… NO, NEVER, NEVER, EVER. And don’t you EVER THINK IT.

        (sorry, guys. I nerded out)

  4. Alfred-E-Neuman

    It says 333K/yr GROSS? I wonder what her NET was? Also, I wonder how much of that was making genuine ongoing sales to faces vs front-loading to new recruits?

  5. oddly minty

    That’s all for 24 years? Kind of sad considering her expenses. I remember several years ago seeing Janis Moon’s 2 million dollar plaque for like 30 year. Pathetic.

  6. stinkinpinkthinkin

    If I’m not mistaking, that’s Kathy Helou standing next to Ms (ah, Dr…) Banks… If so, the competition between those two has been monumental over the years. My Captions:

    Ms. Banks: Oh, crap, Kathy finally made more than I did in commissions. How am I ever going to live this down?

    Helou: See, look what manipulating and twisting scriptures has done for me! I finally beat Gloria. Don’t you wish you were me?

    1. Deflated Pink Bubble

      I’ve got a similar thought process…

      “Bitch made more than me… Damn… Gotta push harder. Find me some fresh recruits. I need 1,200 of them!”

  7. Freefrmpink

    True she has a ton of expenses. She’s able to offset with her training CDs, videos, guest events ($12 online $15 at the door) & retreats. She’s a master marketer/manipulator.

  8. gotheart

    She is probably selling those necklaces on a table in the back of the room.
    She has worn all the different colors she could possibly get on her neck.

    When ya think about it. After taxes she earns about 20K a month.
    Then take off her expenses. I would not know what that would be.
    So she really is not making that much especially for the time and energy she puts in to her act.
    For her life style.
    I have heard, hearsay, her husband has a real business, earns a boat load.
    I don’t really know.

    Just saying.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      I have heard, hearsay, her husband has a real business, earns a boat load. Look up Banks Construction, in Maryland.

      Look at the size of the projects he’s bidding on.

      That’s not hearsay, that’s public records.

  9. Nutmeg

    $8 Million My Ass. If I had $8 million, do you really think I’d be standing here next to this bitch, wearing this cheap suit with this crappy jewelry? oh HELLLLLLLLLL NOOOO!!

  10. No Pink For Me

    She looks miserable while the woman next to her looks like she is gloating? I suspected a rivalry issue which seems to be correct according to the comments.

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