Caption This Mary Kay Photo


  1. TRACY

    I honestly thought this was some sort of spoof, because surely MK wouldn’t publish such an awkward ad? No such luck. It appears this one is for real. I don’t see any MAN that I know buying this stuff based on three men looking like idiots.

  2. MLM Radar Detector

    Current Mary Kay website suggested retail price for the complete set: $74

    Current eBay price for the complete set: $40

    Combined Wal-Mart price for equivalent items matching the set: $16 to $20

    Loook into my eyes… Loook deeeeep into my eyes…
    Knooowww how much you will ssseeellll… You’lllll ssseeellll it aaaalllllllll…
    Oooooppeeennnnnn your wallllleeettt……….

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