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  1. raisinberry

    My very first seminar, when she came out (she usually made an entrance) I looked at the rows of women around me. Tears were streaming down their faces. I started to cry. What did she have? What was the power?

    It has taken many years to figure it out. She was that “in your corner” woman that many of us wish we had known. She was the woman who believed in us, and role modeled success and strength against all odds. She was the Mother or grandmother we wish we had. She embodied determination and sacrifice and success- working hard and staying the course, as the first feminist who didn’t burn her bra, but embraced her femininity all the more. We wanted to be her. We believed in her.

    A former CEO, John Rochon said, her person-hood was largely crafted. “He could make her into anything”. They used her to sell us. She was funny and clever and tough, and could deliver a speech, but when she had her stroke and her iconic caricature was diminishing, we were manipulated into seeing her larger than life. I will never forget the disturbing video image, on the big screen, of Mary Kay in a Red sequened gown, arms outstretched like some cruciformed diva, after her passing… Who does that? Master Manipulators.

    I actually think she was used as much as we were. I actually now believe based on the behavior of the company, that they hold IBC’s and Directors in contempt – probably as much as they did her. Stupid women, manipulated by trinkets and ribbons and stage walks…God they’ll do anything to walk on stage…but they got that from MAR! She told us at DIT week, how we shouldn’t spend too much on prizes…that it was recognition, not the penny prize that mattered!

    So, a picture like this draws nothing but pity from me. For all of us. How foolish we all were, to allow Corporate predators to exploit our deepest needs to matter-be recognized, or appreciated or significant, to accomplish something of our own and use that against us to exploit our trust, and our desire to connect in sisterhood.

    A study should probably be done, to explore just how sick and twisted the entire Mary Kay Culture, masquerading as “enrichment” ala “the pink bubble”, really is. They never really cared what methods were used to “motivate and manipulate” the recruits…as long as the production was there. And they carry on today..doing EXACTLY what they did 30,20,10 years ago…so there is no remorse or responsibility.

    Women continue to want to be recognized, and appreciated and to matter. And as long as that need is believed to be met outside themselves and their own self appraisal, they will fall victim to manipulating predators, like Mary Kay, Inc.

    1. Mi Ki

      She was a user too, raisin. So if the other users in her clan/gang used her too that’s no surprise.

      You have to remember that whatever warm glow you ascribed to this woman did not reside in her but in you. You understood what a loving mother and mentor might be, even though you lacked the relevant experience.

      The good news is that even though this thuggish woman and her creepy family are dead or otherwise out of your life, the good things you *thought* you were getting from her are still with you. They are yours and never were hers. They are products of your own heart, your own capacity to give and receive encouragement, and they will never be exploited by a gang of shitheels again.

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