Caption This Mary Kay Photo

This is what success in Mary Kay looks like! Two adults at the top of the pyramid. Please leave your caption below!



      1. jessielynn

        Yes, but it is a huge improvement over her half side bun twist. But when has Mary Kay or any of the minions ever been on trend? I’m just glad she didn’t get the Kate Gosselin mullet.

      1. Dhagen02

        HA! I snorted! If this is what a “professional business woman” looks like, I’ll keep my boots, jeans and the occasional alpaca spit thank you very much.

  1. princess lea

    The uglier my dress is, the less likely they are to notice how much crap is caked on my face. Please don’t notice my wrinkles, please don’t notice my wrinkles!

  2. MLM Radar

    Where did Gillian find a “Brunhilde the Valkyrie warrior” chestplate? In a Halloween costume shop?

    I can see her now strutting across the stage.
    (Cue Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries.)

  3. mama

    OMG!!! I cannot believe that anyone in their right mind would be caught dead in either of these gowns! No pun intended with “caught”, as they do appear to be mermaids!!!

  4. sas212

    Las Vegas called and wants it’s dresses…oh no…wait. Never mind!

    I personally know a few drag queens who could give these ladies a few lessons in class and style. This is hideous!

  5. lilydell

    Those dresses are so gaudy that they should be wearing only simple jewelry. These ladies look like they are playing dress-up with the curtains from a Victorian-era bordello.

  6. Lazy Gardens

    Outside the 4th St. Burlie-Q, two of the stars of the show getting ready to strut their stuff and shed some sequins for their adoring fans … the exotic dancers BoomBoom LaTitz and Tammy Tawdry.

    Are they REALLY blonde? Buy a ticket and find out!

  7. TRACY

    I have to laugh when I think of all the consultants and sales directors who fell all over themselves to tell these two how AMAAAAAZZZZZZING their dresses were. LIES!

    1. DaisyMay

      Remember how they are taught to say a crappy day was”UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!” Same concept in regards to commenting the dresses. They say “THAT DRESS IS A-MA-ZING!!!!” But what they really mean is, “That dress is a-ma-zingly horrible!”

  8. keldub

    “I warm chatted the girl at goodwill and she told me this dress was SOO in this season!!” ….. or maybe they need to check the side effects of those second rate cosmetics cause that looks like an acid trip.

  9. Sapphire

    Neither Woman Looks Good.

    PS… It is inappropriate to wear a dress with a train unless… You are a Bride or you are going to be formally presented to the Queen (or royalty)

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