Mary Kay and Christian Ministry

This manipulative piece tries to recruit new Mary Kay consultants with the promise of being part of a Christian ministry. 

New Day Ministries, Inc… Doing it the Mary Kay Way!

About the Mary Kay Way…

You know I like helping God’s people… And I want to have fun doing it! And through being a Mary Kay Consultant, I can do both, I can offer Mary Kay products to those who are looking  or business opportunities and even suggest that people (both men or women) who have undergone any kind of stress; through showing others a way…by the benefits and :

  • Need, to pamper themselves through purchasing and investing in Mary Kay products,
  • Through a Retreat to join millions of others in a true effort; to help others,
  • Suggest to others to read a good- powerful- book,
  • Through my personal ministry I can meet others and market a good book,
  • Also, I can pray with and for those who believe that they will receive healings and breakthroughs in areas of their lives where  it is needed the most, and for other loved one’s where there is a need,
  • I can seriously help others through my writing, ministry and career,
  • Encourage others and inspire them through the anointed gift of the Holy Spirit;
  • Share in the good news of Jesus with others,
  • Giving others hope through the sharing and caring attributes, (Galatians 5:22)
  • Informing others how their personal desire can benefit them through incorporating with the Mary Kay vision… and by way of a new day!

Why Join Mary Kay?

Go ahead and order some Mary Kay today; as you may have already heard, the Mary Kay Ash- business was built upon Go  First! Family Second, And Business or Career Third! God put on my heart as a writer to join in with the Mary Kay organization… I believe because of the effort set forth by Mary Kay Ash… She laid out the Red Carpet for a New Day!

New Day Ministries, however, recognizes the benefits of joining in the effort with Mary Kay Ash vision and dream … by doing it the May Kay way …

Therefore, I believe my effort and her effort combined together to break the silence on abused women, battered women, and breaking the cycle of violence against women, can be broken through caring and sharing in the concern… by providing us with HOPE through reading a good powerful book-an anointed one by the God of grace, mercy and truth with prophecy… written by my hand and sealed…this day will pamper million’s in numbers…Further our efforts and belief that if one pamper himself and feel good about themselves… One can overcome depression, fears, past hurts, and past mistreatment’s whether it be from an afflicted relationship or what have you…This is one of my primary reasons for joining in the Mary Kay foundation and effort today…

I have made a personal commitment that a portion of my proceeds gathered from the sales of my Mary Kay Business will be used to further fund Inspirational books that will contribute to the New Day Ministry vision and effort to fight against violence abuse with other efforts… that will house and feed others that are in need as well!


  1. Blasphemy! An insult to the true Christian Faith. New Day Ministry knowingly or unknowingly will draw more women into abuse. This is very disturbing to me.

  2. Perhaps before beginning her ministry, she should learn how to complete her sentences. Lol. Or how to write a coherent sentence in the first place.

  3. This lady makes no sense whatsoever!!!! And she identifies herself as a writer?????????? Oh boy. Hahah. Definitely living in a delusional dreamworld where she is a sought after motivational speaker LOL

  4. This is very disturbing.

    There are some people in MK that take the religious thing a little (well a lot) too far. In my former Area, God, Jesus and Mary Kay were the Holy Trinity.

    It just makes me so sick.

  5. Ah … found her. Not JUST a kaybot, but a PROPHETESS!!!!! An anointed evangelist and writer!

    My name is Denise Johnson AKA Prophetess Denise…I am the Outreach Director of New Day Ministries Inc. Also, the author of the number one best selling book “A Woman On A Mission.”

    Excuse me for barfing. This woman is disgusting.

  6. #1 Best Selling Book?

    Well, she’ll be fine in Mary Kay. She already knows how to fake it till she makes it.

    • I’m sure on SOME list somewhere…isn’t that the Mary Kay style of bragging? See my great check? No…don’t look at the date….

      #1 Bestseller…when she sold the first book of the day at Amazon…just after midnight…3 years ago. For a brief moment, it was a #1 Bestseller!

      Just saying…?

  7. All I see here is selfishness, greed, and an ego bordering on megalomania. And notice that the Bible and Jesus are last on her list, while selling MK is number one. This is sickening–and sick.

  8. Found this on

    “Mary Kay supports New Day Ministries, Inc. Place your order from this link, put New Day in the comment box and 10% of your total order is donated to New Day Ministries.”

    Might be a different NDM

  9. Oh boy, where to start. This kaybot has me seeing RED!

    From the moment I encountered it, the whole “prosperity gospel” stood out in my mind as an antithesis to everything I had ever learned about God. In the Bible, Jesus is not shy about condemning wealth and the greed that comes with it, one of several views that ultimately cost Him His life. The “prosperity gospel” movement is a uniquely American-originated phenomenon, a religion synthesized from capitalism and protestant Christianity (Calvinism and its offshoots, specifically, with their emphasis on hard work and belief in a small elect and the vast damned). It is an insult to anyone who calls him/herself a Christian because it conflates material wealth as the ultimate sign of God’s favor on you. “Prosperity gospel”, which is what Mary Kay Ash adhered to in her life and what her company preaches when it touts its religious credentials, is just crass materialism with a religious veneer and this poisonous ideology leaves a trail of broken faith and broken lives in its wake.

    My favorite Carmelite priest (I am Catholic, the Carmelites are a religious order in the Catholic Church) liked to remind us in his sermons that God is not an ATM. He doesn’t just dispense favors and blessings just because you have money, prestige or whatever our modern society deems “desirable”; you have to put in some effort to build up your spiritual bank account by faith, doing good works, prayer, partaking of the Sacraments, etc. but you are rewarded along the way for doing so with Graces, favors, etc. It doesn’t matter if you’re as wealthy as Bill Gates or as impoverished as the homeless man on the street corner; God will bless you so long as you adhere to His rules.

    As for the quality of this woman’s writing, I agree with @IfItsTooGoodToBeTrue. This kaybot can’t write to save her life!

    /end rant

    • thank you, TamTam! (and I’m Catholic, too! 🙂

      I too have always been repulsed by the “prosperity gospel” of MK which so often takes the form of affirmations that you are encouraged to chant three times each, twice a day. Seems a bit idolatrous to me…well, more than just a bit. Jesus didn’t seek money and fame; He showed us humility, and how we must be servants of others. Well, I don’t know how many times I’ve heard or seen documents from MK directors and up who hide ulterior motives behind supposed “serving” of others, and putting your unit or customers first blah blah blah. Come on. If it was really about service, you wouldn’t be lying to them in any way shape or form (omitting the truth in order to prevent losing a recruit, or layering the truth for those moving up) just to keep the money flowing. I wish they would stop lying to themselves!!! They are not serving women or anyone for that matter, other than their own ambitions!!!!!! They are not changing the world, other than the harm they are inflicting on recruits and their families, as well as their own.

      What is often equally disturbing is that the SDs or NSDs that dump these affirmations on you as “homework” from conference calls or “classes” (lol) are hailed as role models for following the Christian faith. So many people, myself included, I’m sure assume their sincerity. “well, if so and so says this is a godly woman, I’m sure she is!”. Something always bothered me about the affirmations, although I couldn’t figure out why; I thought it was my fault, that there was something wrong with me since I wasn’t affected or “moved” or Inspired (lol) by them. A few months later, when I discovered PT, I realized I should have gone with my gut in the first place!

      • “I thought it was my fault, that there was something wrong with me since I wasn’t affected or “moved” or Inspired (lol) by them”

        Totally agree. I only listened once to an NSD ‘call’ and once was enough. As with all their ‘training’ never much ‘concrete’ advice…always this ‘pie in the sky’ mentality.

        Oh, and just to add, I am Catholic and agree with you and tamtam wholeheartedly on the ‘prosperity gospel’ false message.

  10. Where is mk corporate? Are they looking the other way? Cannot believe the exploitation involved in this post. Guess it is in the name of the Almighty dollar as mk needs the star orders to keep the ship afloat. Note the use of “I” in the post is used many times. Anyone who is in tune with expressing religious viewpoints can discuss without using “me this and me that”. What a poor cover for a sell job. Glad everyone here can see past this BS.

    • Remember … Mary Kay Rogers used her church’s Sunday School class lists to find families to sell overpriced books to.

      The rot started early, and it started with her.

      • That’s revolting.

        Then again, when your god is the almighty dollar there is no job not worth taking, no matter how despicable it might be

  11. Don’t even get me started on the NSDs and wanna be NSDs pretending to “serve, bless, empower, uplift women” and really are the snake hidden in the grass!!

    Mary Kay Corporate actually teaches these NSDs how to divide their time with Area Members based on production! Everyone that has been a SD on this site knows what I am taking about.

    I’m not exactly sure where in the Bible it says to only focus on people who are walking in God’s footsteps and ignore those who are not.

    But the NSDs sure do draw a line with their support, encouragement and help….produce or be gone!!

    As an example, a woman I met through MK actually came back to my State from Hawaii to join my SD/NSDs Unit. She had heard positive things from her friend about our Area (really long story there). Anyway she stayed here with friends for 6 months. She recruited a few people, sold some products, etc. She never ordered a lot since she had really no “home”. After she went back to Hawaii, she just wanted to be Skyped in to the weekly meetings. SD/NSD mentioned something about this to her mentor NSD and that woman actually had the nerve to say…

    ” Forget about her, she is one person on an island, why are you putting so much effort out for her”

    Are you kidding me! One of my friends recruits actually became a SD for our former NSD! She just dumped my friend like yesterday’s garbage. Not very Christian like to me!

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