Making It Better in Mary Kay

Written by Lazy Gardens

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  1. Sharon

    Hi PT,

    A very interesting website you have here. I am so glad that I researched before joining MK. You have saved me and for that I want to thank you.

    I was wondering if you have any information about the so called wholesale price Mary Kay brags giving IBC’s? Its been my experience, okay, I managed a drug store but still, cosmetics we would buy and up mark up at least 8 times. My point is, Mary Kay likes to use when defending themselves, “if a consultant buys a lip stick for $6.50 and sells it for $13.00”
    Their whole sale price should be their retail price.

    MK has the 90% buy back, that 90% right there tells me MK makes sure they dont lose any money.
    I don’t know where I’m going with this comment, but their wholesale price system is hardly wholesale.

    Thank you PT for saving me from MK.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      Sharon – Thanks for confirming that a genuine retail markup is far more than double the wholesale price.

      Mary Kay uses phrases like “double your money” and “Make 100% profit” to lure women who know nothing about business into signing contracts. Then the woman is surprised at how little she is making, because expenses eat up most of that supposed “profit”. And she’s competing woth people who just want to cleat that junk out and selling it on Craigslist for the original price.

      Although Mary Kay is privately held, and very secretive about their expenses, I have found a bit of information in a help-wanted ad that indicates their raw ingredient costs are a tiny % of their “wholesale” to consultant price. I would be surprised if their cost of production was more than 10-20% of what they charge consultants. So of course they can give the 90% return, which is required by TEXAS state law, and still make money.

  2. Amy

    You know what would tick me off? If a consultant called me to tell me I won a “facial” I would of course decline because I don’t like people touching my face, I am sure the consultant would guilt trip me in to going. Anyhoo, I would be so ticked off to go for the “facial” to only find out it was a trap to be recruited. I wonder if anyone has ever flipped on a consultant for pulling that trick?
    I take it this is a ploy taught buy Mark Kay herself?

    I also would be ticked off to learn I won a “free trip” to only find out I had to pay my way. How does Mary Kay defend themselves on this? They make an average a Billion dollars a year.. Shame on you Mary Kay Inc.

    1. DaisyMay

      Oh, don’t worry. A consultant can’t touch your face since most don’t have a cosmetology license. The “facial” consists of her squirting cleaner in a tray and you washing your own face.

      1. MLM Radar

        The lack of a cosmetology license doesn’t stop the IBCs who don’t know they’re supposed to have one.

        One thing most IBCs have in common is an appalling level of ignorance about how to be professional beauty consultants. Mary Kay likes them kept in the dark. They spend a lot more money that way, chasing impossible dreams.

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