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Mary Kay Seminar Attendance

In case you were interested in knowing how many women attend Mary Kay’s seminar in Dallas each year, here are the statistics  by year, going back to 2001.

2016: 30,000

2015: 27,000

2014: 30,000

2013: 50,000 (allegedly, but I believe the figure was inflated substantially)

2012: 32,000

2011: 30,000

2010: More than 30,000

2009: 35,000

2008: 35,000

2007: 40,000

2006: 42,000

2005: 45,000

2003: 53,000

2001: 43,000


  1. MLM Radar

    Starting with 2016 they moved from the arena to folding chairs in Hall F, making it impossible to verify claimed attendance with photographs.

    Please pardon me for not trusting the increase in 2016.

    1. MLM Radar

      In the months leading up to the big anniversary blow-out, MKC cut starter kit prices in half so they could recruit everyone who could fog a mirror and their mothers. MKC got a bunch of them to attend Seminar too by over-promoting it as the Seminar to outdo all other Seminars.

      Of course, nearly all of the cut-rate recruits quit within a few months.

    1. toolbelt

      Yes, and how many from the previous years were there, and how many were freshly recruited victims? Typically, MLMs have an annual drop out rate of 60% or more.

  2. Cindylu

    Too bad picketing nearby would be frowned upon (letting the newbies know to run for the hills). Maybe some ads about mlm’s (I mean dual marketing lol) and their repercussions. How to return product sooner rather than later. How much directors actually make. Possibly on washroom doors in nearby restaurants or hotels etc. Some warm stalking role reversal.

      1. morningstar

        Now I am having retro smell attack. I thought I was on the only one who noticed. If you are going, breathe through your mouth.

        To MK corporate – ya’ll think you could ask the convention center to upgrade the cleaning supplies during the event.

        Oh never mind, it falls on deaf ears – men are running MK corporate, they have no idea. Gawk-gaagg.

        1. BestDecision

          Sweaty women + 100 degree heat is not something I miss every summer. The heat in those restrooms + the nasty smell made me gag more than once.

          Let’s not forget the blisters on our feet. Or being so hungry from a lack of edible food for breakfasts every morning. Or being overwhelmed by seeing 7,000 horribly dressed people everywhere. (Remember the bumble bee slippers?)

  3. BestDecision

    Mk issaying there’s only 30,000 attending Seminar this year. That’s about 7,000 per division. There’s also only 185 NSDs now. And they’re promoting a “revolutionary” product to be launched, which is a vitamin C product.

    Excuse me, MK, but vitamin C products are all over the place. Packaging is the only difference and the place you get trademark approval. Clinique has a powder-based product, and there’s dozens with airless packaging to deliver it effectively.

    The only thing “new”, MK, is your lower numbers. Your ship is taking on water!

      1. BestDecision

        A complete joke of a product. Clinique has powders and about every other brand has a serum in packaging that’s protective of vitamin C. I remember being so scared of being seen at a competitor’s counter for doing research on what they had on the market. Yet, that’s the thing…

        No one in MK is aware of what actually IS on the market, so they’re falling for the line that this is a revolutionary product to the beauty industry. No, it’s not! It’s that mindless following of whomever is walking in front of you, never asking questions that makes the entire sales force look bad.

        Other than the flip flops being worn at Seminar.

        And people with multiple diamond bees on their shoulder with no higher than $300,000 bar pins there, too. 24 people a year for 5 years doesn’t get you any farther along?

        It all SCREAMS a failing business.

          1. BestDecision

            Those new squares cost a customer $2 each. It’s a box of 12 for $24. Really expensive for a product that should be used daily and endlessly to get good, lasting results.

  4. MLM Radar

    I found an official Mary Kay Seminar 2017 press release (read: paid advertisement) with attendance numbers:
    “Nearly 30,000.” So it’s official. The numbers are still declining. I’d be willing to bet that it’s really several thousand less, and “nearly 30,000” is as much as they dare inflate the figure.

    Mary Kay Launches Beauty Industry First As Thousands Convene For U.S. Seminar

    1. Lazy Gardens

      Interesting … they also claim “To date, more than 1,300 Mary Kay patents have been granted and in 2016 another 130 patents were awarded. ”

      Technically, a company cannot be awarded a patent – they go to individual inventors who then assign them to their employer if that’s how the contract reads.

      The US Patent Office shows them as “assignee” (owner) for far fewer than that, so they must be counting patents for the same thing granted by different countries to get their totals.

      Results of Search in US Patent Collection db for:
      AN/”Mary Kay”: 208 patents.

      Many of them are just applying for a patent on any plant extract they can find that hasn’t been already patented, which is hardly leading edge research.
      Many patents are for bottles and packages … and then there is this one from 2010:

      Inventors: Shasteen; Rhonda L. (Lucas, TX), Sajuns; Karola (Frisco, TX)
      Customizable cosmetic containers, systems, and methods

      Abstract: Customizable cosmetic containers, customization components, kits, and methods In one embodiment a kit is disclosed comprising a cosmetic container comprising a body, the body defining a cavity configured to receive a cosmetic product, and the body configured to be coupled to a lid in a closed position such that the body and the lid cooperate to substantially enclose the cavity and two or more customization components each configured to be connected to at least one of the body and a lid such that at least a portion of the customization component contours to the shape of a surface of the at least one of the body and lid.


  5. QueenOfTheTanned

    BAHAHAHAHA! WOW! Truly cutting edge there, MK! You got the patent on a BOTTLE! Now how does that equal innovative skin care? Vitamin C serums have been around a hot minute or two. MK way behind the times.

    1. Goodbyemkash

      Mary kay already has a vitamin c serum. The squares are a separate product. The vitamin c squares keep the vitamin c more potent. I actually like the idea.

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