Another Jab For the Lazy Losers Who Failed at Mary Kay

When 99% of your “sales force” loses money with your business venture, you’ve got to believe that there’s something wrong with the system. If less than 1% of people are able to turn a profit, that suggests to me that the system is terribly messed up. Of course, I don’t expect that everyone who tries a job or a business venture will succeed. But you’d think it would be more than 1%???

Well in Mary Kay, the name of the game is making all 99% of you losers acknowledge that it’s YOUR fault. It couldn’t possibly be the fault of this precious system that has been allowed continue on for 45 abusive years.

No. You are to blame. And here’s a little prayer for you. Remember, if you don’t succeed, you just weren’t ambitious enough.

Make me an ambitious, hard working consultant, dear Lord.
One who has the determination and guts to stick with it when the going gets tough.
One who sees potential in every situation and every person.
One who can become passionate and understanding but tough with love.
One who runs like a thoroughbred, charge like a Rhino but is loyal like a solider.
Lord, make me a consultant who has dreams, goals, and a vision of total success.
And Lord when you do, help me to meet challenges and obstacles with ambition, consistency, motivation, enthusiasm and excitement.
Help me to remain consistent in the goals that I set for myself and my family.
And when I am in the valley, help me to keep my gaze on the mountain top, knowing you are looking down on me.
Strengthen me with your faith, dear Lord.
Teach me the art of patience and let me know that with God all things are possible because I believe in you.
Pick me up when I am down and out, give me strength when I feel weak.
Push me when I need to be pushed and slow me down when you think I am going too fast.
And as I nurture my belief in myself, help me to get up one more time after I stumble.
And let me know ,God, that you created me to be a winner, therefore I can never lose.
And before long I will be saying, not only am I a child of an awesome God,
But I am also the winner that you created me to be in your Word.


  1. The god that prayer is directed to isn’t the God you were led to believe.

    That prayer is offered to a god with a forked tail who carries a pitchfork.

  2. Help me PT!
    I am trying to tell a Collegue– if you don’t recruit it don’t matter how much you sell–you will never get any of the cars. Someone just please reply to this comment so she can see, thank you.

    • Why would she think she could get a car any other way?
      There’s only one way. She’s responsible to recruit at a minimum, 12 women, and their replacements, ad infinitum, in order to keep her car…plus 18K for consultant car, 48,000K for premier and is it now 90-100K for caddy? SOOooo, your recruits better have access to money or credit cause they have to order alot of shiz for you to “win” that pretty new car!

      • To earn the lowest level car she would have to order $5000 wholesale per month from MK by herself, and sell it at $10000 retail. My soon to be ex MK wife, who works 60 hrs per week, has been in for 10 yrs, and is a total believer, has never gotten close to doing those kind of sales personally. She orders about $1500-2000 per month to stay in “Court of Sales”(should be called court of wholesale), and doesn’t sell more than half of what she orders from MK.

      • She thinks if she sells the same amount of money that a unit would be required to sell to earn the car then she would get the car if she should the same amount by herself.

        • She needs to understand that SELLING products won’t get her anything.

          Mary Kay doesn’t care how much you sell. They never have. Mary Kay only cares how much you BUY. And they care how much your recruits buy.

          There’s a reason why all “sales” figures at Seminar are ESTIMATED sales. It’s because they’re not real.

          It’s bad enough to be intentionally blind about a financial scam. It’s even worse to delude yourself into believing you can re-write the rules to make success more likely. Let’s hope she doesn’t take it to the next level and buy herself a fake prize so that she can pretend the company awarded it.

  3. The car requirements just changed this year. I believe you have to recruit 16 women and complete 23,000 wholesale in 4 months for the chevy cruise (lowest level).

    • you’ve got to be kidding!!! I just checked and the 2017 Cruze starts at $16,975… I’m sure with all the options- tack on the additional $5,000… but then you OWN IT! You don’t have to worry about requalifying for it, worry about co-pays AFTER you qualify for it, etc. You will pay for insurance.. but not at the inflated price MK corp tacks onto the qualifying price. So to sum this up… qualifying for the car (ANY CAR) you pay more for the vehicle, if your team doesn’t keep up production, then you pay more thru co-pays, you again pay more for their insurance instead of shopping your local carriers for the best price. YOU ALWAYS PAY MORE WITH MARY KAY! Why on earth would someone do this?!!! ugh!

      • Cadillac payments were as great as $900/month for 3 months. This was after we qualified with $96,000 wholesale. Total rip-off. I own my luxury car outright, thank you. And, unlike pink Cadillacs, mine hasn’t broken down in traffic due to “electrical issues”.

  4. Free Car. Free training. Products fly off shelves. You are an independent IBC. This is a company that wants to empower women. Directors make executive income. Dual marketing (NOT) more like mlm. Faith, family career. Queens court of sales (Actually Queen of credit card debt). All lies. Definitely financially abusive to 99% who get conned into this mlm pyramid scheme.

    • I’m confused…why are you directing your friend to read comments here about the car requirements?

      She can read it herself, on intouch. It’s plain as day on intouch about car requirements in multiple places, she can also view the advance brochure where the entire career path is laid out.

      1. You must have 5 team members and $5,000 in wholesale production to go on target.
      2. You will have 3 more months to complete $23,000 in wholesale production and 14 active personal team members.
      3. She can choose the Chevy cruze or $375 cash compensation per month.
      4. If she becomes a director she can choose $400 per month or Chevy cruze for the grand achiever level.

      • correction —

        you need $23,000 wholesale production and 16 active personal team members. you can choose the chevy cruze or $425 monthly cash compensation, for the grand achiever level.

        • Ooh! Ooh! Do you know what you can buy with $425 a month?
          You can get YOUR OWN Chevy Cruze 24-month lease for $200 or less a month, plus pay for insurance at a good rate based on your driving record, plus have plenty left to pay for fuel and car washes.

          No co-pays. No threats about MK taking it away. No “throwing in” to monthly production to continually requalify every month.

          Did you ever wonder why MK’s program car is a Chevy Cruze? I’m looking at leasing websites right now. The Chevy Cruze is an insanely cheap car to lease.

          I’ll tell you something else, though. The Cruze is not an impressive car. In very many ways it screams “cheap car.” Unless you’re getting it from Mary Kay that is. Then it’s “cheap car, high price” just like everything else coming from Mary Kay.

          • when i was a director, i always took the cash. used it for my volvo. i do like chevy cruze’s ~~ they are good little cars. my best friend bought one for commuting. (bay area.)

            • I never took the cash, but I should have. I was just trying to paint a picture of success to my unit by driving an actual car. Never mind that I faced $900/month Cadillac payments at times.

              Such a waste!

  5. The August Applause shows that 19% of the 185 NSDs didn’t even gross $10,000 in April. Pam Shaw scraped by making Inner Circle this year, and she’s in the top 3 NSDs in Diamond. The Top 3 were always WAY above base Inner Circle.

    Like Lisa Madson used to say, “People will disappoint you, but the numbers never lie.” You’re so right, Lisa. The numbers are very revealing!

  6. Why would anyone buy mk lipstick? So expensive and doesn’t even last. Try MAC, Urban Decay, Kat Von D or The Balm. So much better.

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