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NSD Lisa Madson’s Husband on Seminar

Ah yes… another tale about how a life was changed just by going to seminar! Well, not really. If going to seminar was the “key” they claim it is, wouldn’t everyone at seminar be on the stage instead of sitting in the arena?

My First Trip to Dallas, Texas
Dan Madson (Husband of NSD Lisa Madson)

When Lisa began her career with Mary Kay in the fall of 1986, her Sales Director kept talking about this event called Seminar in Dallas, TX. She told Lisa that we both should go. I told Lisa we couldn’t afford it. Lisa’s Sales Director was persistent, however, and kept talking about how great Seminar was. I insisted that it was too expensive and that it wasn’t necessary. In the end, Lisa held a couple extra skin care classes and earned enough money for both of us to attend. Looking back, I now realize that attending Seminar in the summer of 1987 was the single most important decision that we made.

We drove to Dallas that summer in our un-air conditioned Ford Tempo and we both had a wonderful time. I’ll never forget the first morning that we rode the escalator up to the entrance of the Convention Center. The place was HUGE! There was a Dixieland band playing as we streamed into the building with thousands of other people. We were ushered into an enormous lunch hall for a quick breakfast and then found our seats in the arena to await the 8:00 o’clock start. What really impressed me was that everything started on time.

Mary Kay Ash made a spectacular entrance and then it began. For the first time I saw the impressive line-up of National Sales Directors. I saw women being recognized and rewarded for various achievements. Some had earned diamond rings. Some had earned free cars and lavish trips around the world. I listened to their stories and wondered if it was possible for my wife to achieve the same success.

There were all sorts of activities for husbands to do. I played in the husbands’ golf tournament that first year and attended the husbands’ classes. I met some great friends, asked a lot of questions, learned as much as I could, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. On Awards Night as I watched Lisa being recognized for achieving the National Court of Sales, I leaned over and asked her Sales Director, – Do you think Lisa could earn a car???

She sort of laughed and said, “Earn a car? She’ll be a Sales Director by next year!”

I’ll never forget the drive home after that first Seminar. It was 110 degrees when we left Dallas. We rolled down our windows and it felt like we were driving through a blast furnace, but I don’t think either one of us noticed. We were too excited about the possibilities that we now knew existed. We talked non-stop for 10 hours about who Lisa could facial and who we thought might also be good at this business. When we got home, Lisa got busy. A few months later she had earned her first company car and was on her way to becoming a Sales Director. The rest, as they say, is history.

Whenever a new consultant asks me what she can do to get her husband behind her, I always tell her the same three things: Earn some money for him, talk about your dreams and goals together, and take him to Seminar.

After 18 trips to Seminar in Dallas, I still remember the first one like it was yesterday. It showed me the big picture and I realized if ONE other person could achieve all the things I had seen there, then it was possible for Lisa to do the same.

Note from Tammy Crayk: Lisa and Dan Madson now make in excess of $40,000-$50,000 / MONTH with Mary Kay……….. I think Seminar was “worth it” don’t you??


  1. pinkvictim

    Absolutely formulaic – could have just as well come from some Scamway Double Diamond. Except, the MKult husband is intended to be a psychologically castrated beta-cuck.

  2. AutumnMoonfire

    Meh, Men can get caught in the pink fog too. Imagine a nightmare, he’s doing Primamerica and she’s doing MK, After a while the whole thing blows up and they’re declaring bankruptcy and living in a homeless shelter!!

  3. Cindylu

    one Percent of husbands think having a wife that ignores the kids for decades is just fine. First of all those who made it are retiring in droves 30 years later. The newer NSD’s have a shaky house of cards set up. Most husbands know a scam when they see one. The local NSD has retired after bankrupting hundreds of women in North America. The list of her accolades is mind boggling: at least 15 or more trips and cruises, diamonds etc. I’m sure her directors are struggling to find anyone that hasn’t been financially abused and lied to by her unit for decades. Meanwhile her house is exactly the same as decades ago. An ordinary non mansion. I wonder how long it will be before even this dinosaur NSD from a time before the web and before mlm/pyramid schemes were known, loses her pension. After all when this company finally does everyone a favor and shuts down, the heirs will take the money and run. They have shown for decades that most NSD’s are NOT family and mostly irrelevant. Heck a company begun by an abusive money focused female bully is now run mostly by well paid male CEO’s. I know of many women in my area that have basements full of unsold products thanks to this selfish NSD and her husband. Decades ago this cold scheming predator dressed nicely and plotted on how to get to the top without regard for anyone except themselves. Selfish, greed, disdain, lies (especially her stupid rags to riches story complete with a pitiful Christmas). Meanwhile she had a husband with money. She was charming, smiley, seemed to know how to sell oops recruit, was deluded in her NSD fame, faked caring and concern and loved the adulation her power gave her. Now she walks away from the train wreck she forced on others with her lies. She was very good at pretending to train while simply coming up with sales ideas that barely worked 35 years ago and definitely do not work today.

  4. MLM Radar

    Let’s see what’s happening here:

    1. He had low expectations, so he was easily awed by trivial things. They started on time! The hall was huge! There was a band!

    2. Ford Tempos were first produced in 1984. So they had a car that was 3 years old or less, and the A/C didn’t work? Right.

    3. They couldn’t afford to go, so she just held a couple extra skin care classes. Since the typical take-home from a skin care class is about $50, after subtracting inventory costs, I guess Seminar was really cheap that year?

    4. They traveled as a couple. That means they didn’t do the 4-to-a-room bit in her NSD’s hotel. Either they paid extra for a private room (doubtful), or they stayed at the Motel 6. I bet that went over well.

    5. They couldn’t afford to fix the A/C in a nearly new car (which may have still been under warranty) but they had enough cash for him to join the golf tournament. And all that took was a few extra skin care classes.

    6. Within a few short months she went from not being able to afford Seminar to getting a car. Notice that he never really says how? All he says is that she just facialed some friends and told them they’d be good at this business. Easy-peasy.

    7. He says talk about your dreams. Because we all know that it’s every woman’s dream to recruit, frontload, and get a stage-walk for a nearly worthless spit-diamond ring.

    1. JanRD

      Well said! I also was wondering how a couple extra skin care classes would cover Seminar cost and what kind of lodging they chose. Thanks for reading between the lines.

      1. BestDecision

        As a former Director, I can tell you exactly how much Seminar costs. The hotels are always pre-assigned to us by MK, and they’re on a shuttle bus route to and from the convention center. The hotels aren’t cheap, but the whole object is to “paint the picture of success.” At times, I had unit members stay offsite at other hotels because they were cheaper. The Hyatt was one of the ones we stayed at consistently. The Anatole was another.

        The food at the convention center is assembly line food and horrific. For breakfast, it’s usually cereal or maybe a burrito. The lunches are usually stale wraps or sandwiches. Even the special luncheons don’t offer very impressive food, but it is a step up from the herd elsewhere.

        Registration used to be $175 and gave you that amount back in free product that we picked up at Seminar. (And it was always the newest products.). Now it’s $225 with $70 wholesale free when you order anything else in August.

        MK has gotten so cheap on its people. I could see it coming and am glad to be out!

        1. MLM Radar

          You bring up something very important. If Seminar is about “painting the picture of success” how does 2-to-a-bed, 4-to-a-room, and horrible food accomplish that goal?

          You made my point about the costs exactly. A lot of that carefully scripted I-story skipped important details, and the rest didn’t make sense. If hubby had enough cash to cover the luxury items, he should have gotten that A/C fixed. If he didn’t have enough money to fix the A/C, he would have been a selfish idiot to double or triple her travel expenses by accompanying her.

          Seminar costs a lot of money. There’s no way she paid for Seminar, and all the extra hubby-travel expenses, with just a few extra skin care classes. She paid for it by maxing out her credit cards, then becoming a recruit-and-frontload machine. Misleading her recruits to believe otherwise is just another lie.

  5. Morningstar

    Let’s not forget her videos and as I believe her husband was some sort of gym nut. They made a buck off of them to offset costs .

    She was in Denver with the rags to riches story complete with the rundown home in that spin.

  6. Pinkfreesince2015

    Before I quit MK I personally was in her own unit. I can tell you honestly, she doesn’t know who you are or care about you. All email’s came at the end of the month begging for more orders. Specifically $600 orders.

    If you even wanted coaching from her you needed to facial 100 women, hold 20interviews and order $2,000 wholesale. It was only then you got 30 minutes of coaching from her. Plus don’t forget you can leave a daily message on the hotline. Meaning you listen to someone spout their “MK Advice” for 20 minutes then after it’s over you can say your name.

    She preaches that she is a good Christian woman, but she is one of the worst there is. The only one who could be worse than her is Pam Shaw.

      1. Pinkfreesince2015

        That’s right! BTW this looks like the smallest seminar ever. It’s just plain sad how the kaybots can think people still like their products.

        Yes for years I used the eye makeup remover, but the No7 from Target is leaps and bounds better plus half the price.

        1. BestDecision

          Oh, yes, I was amazed when I tossed all my MK products at how many other really great brands are out there. Sephora makes a remover that comes with a pump. Zero waste!

  7. enorth

    “she doesn’t know who you are or care about you”

    What kills me is when they read off names for recognition. Listening to them stumble over names and giggling, “oops, I hope I said that name right…sorry” giggle.

    Seriously? Consultants who are working and spending their own money and ordering product they don’t need so that YOU can get cash bonuses and “drive free”, and yet YOU can’t even take the time to learn how to pronounce their names? Shame on you.

  8. Shay

    My favorite is from Gloria Banks
    She got recognition something she never had in life..
    And she defends MK by saying they aren’t bankrupt. lol. Morally they are. But it’s people like her that keeps MK from being bankrupt.

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