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How to “Earn” Your Mary Kay Car

Whether people want to admit it or not, no one makes it to sales director in Mary Kay without signing up family and friends as consultants. It’s simply too hard to get the numbers you need without calling in favors from loved ones. And when a “big goal” is on the line and you’re in the final moments, good judgment doesn’t always prevail. Just sign up that friend or family member and get to the next level…. worry about getting “working” consultants later.

This is done at all the levels of the Mary Kay pyramid on the way to sales director. A couple of days ago we were introduced to the Caitlin Griffo unit and her newsletter had some interesting car driver information. The Griffo unit has a new car driver:

How did Lauren Turner “earn” her car? You need $23,000 wholesale production and 16 team members over 1 to 4 months. I can tell you that Lauren put in a lot of that production herself, based on the fact that she ordered $4,800 (Pearl Star) in the quarter in which she qualified for the car.

Even more interesting is the list of people Lauren Turner recruited in January. She recruited 6 people, and two of them happen to have the same last name as her.A look at Facebook reveals that Marian Turner and Robert Turner are clearly family members.

Lauren is in the back of this family photo on Marian Turner’s Facebook profile.

And Bob Turner features Lauren in his profile picture… suggesting they may be married.

And Lauren is also in DIQ…

What does this say about the strength of her team if she is recruiting family members to round out her car qualification? It certainly doesn’t mean she has a strong team. And what will she do when she gets to the end of DIQ and needs more warm bodies? She’ll probably find other friends and family who will sign up.

It’s all so sad, that this is supposed to be a business, yet these warm body recruits are always used to meet qualifications.


      1. TRACY

        I think they have to care a little, or at least make it look like they do. But I think in reality all they do care about is whether an order was placed with a valid credit card. Check some of the recruits to give the appearance of ethics, but don’t go so far as to hurt the company’s bottom line.

  1. pinkpeace

    And Mary Kay encourages DIQs to sign up any warm body available. At my Director in Training week, no less than NSD Rena Tarbet acknowledged that signing up “your great-aunt Gladys” was what everyone did to finish DIQ. She admonished us in our training that now we had to get to work and recruit real consultants.

  2. raisinberry

    Ditto Pinkpeace. Opening remarks of every DIT week in Dallas…Thom Whatley said the same thing. They know…they have always known how things get done in the field, and the lip service on doing it “the Mary Kay way” means precisely this:
    Find a way or make a way.

    Robert Turner will make a fine addition to her Unit….in fact he’ll probably put in remarkably the exact production requirement she’ll need to finish.

  3. gt

    Tracy, I enjoy your site and work. I take issue though with using people’s Facebook pictures. It would be one thing to show the familial relationships of the new recruits with their faces blurred as they’re not originally pictured in the newsletter. Using the the group shot without the other people’s faces blurred is unfair to those in it who have zero relation to MK.

    1. Cass

      I appreciate what you are saying and agree to a small extent because actions like that can promote a feeling of being violated. But….. Once someone puts a picture, post etc on the internet it’s out there. People can use enhanced privacy settings or not put it out at all. But…. No matter the circumstances if it’s out there it’s out there and “you” put it out there. Sooooo…. If there is a feeling of violation it’s not quite justified.

  4. Jamming Berry

    Talking to a gal in my Unit, she told me she had just completed ordering on her account and now needed to finish up her husband’s order. ???!! It took me a minute or two, but then I realized this DIQ thing was going on. I told my own husband, who was standing right there, and he just laughed.

    1. TRACY

      If she completes DIQ and becomes a director, all of her own recruits and all of their recruits who came in during the DIQ period become part of her unit and all count toward her unit’s production.

  5. PurpleH

    Don’t forget the best part! If she does not complete DIQ, her second line recruits stay permanently in the original unit. Even if she tries DIQ again right away, the recruits of her recruits can’t come along. So IBCs in that second line end up in a different unit from the “dear friend & mentor” who brought them in. I never wrapped my head around that one.

    1. TRACY

      I would suggest that this rule was created to subtly encourage the DIQ to do whatever it takes to finish DIQ successfully. I heard it with my own ears, how you don’t want to lose the recruits of recruits, so you better finish. Thus we have DIQs recruiting family and friends and putting in their own money to finish off the production needed.

      1. PurpleH

        Agreed. Also a kick-back to the SSD. Yes, when you launch an offspring, you lose their team & production, but half the time the DIQ will fail and you get to keep her downline. It’s actually better for the SSD when a DIQ fails but stays active.

        1. TRACY

          I’ve always thought that too. They get a bump in production during the DIQ period and then they get to keep the extra people when she fails. Then she does DIQ again, and the senior gets the extra production for those months again…. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  6. enorth

    Ladies, Ever wonder why your upline pushes you into DIQ, into the “free” car, etc., ? It’s because THEY benefit. They may tell you how proud they are of you and how they BEE-lieve in you because “you’re so amazing, you’re awesome, you’re a leader….”

    Don’t fall for the fake flattery. It’s all about them, their bonuses, their commissions, and their titles. If you fail, they still win.

    “Some will. Some won’t. So what? Who’s next?!”

    Think about it.

  7. enorth

    “she ordered $4,800 (Pearl Star) in the quarter in which she qualified for the car.”
    And that’s $4,800 PLUS freight charges PLUS the tax on the retail value of $9,600, correct?

    “They get a bump in production during the DIQ period”

    Caitlin is an offspring of FESSD Kellee Valerio, daughter of NSD Sandy Valerio. According to Kellee’s Facebook page, MK “…called to tell me that my offspring Sales Director Caitlin Griffo and her unit ranked #6 in Ruby Division for January and #18 in the United States in January production!”

    Mary Kay is such an interesting “business.”

  8. enorth

    “she ordered $4,800 (Pearl Star) in the quarter in which she qualified for the car.”

    I simply can’t fathom spending thousands and thousands of dollars just to drive a nondescript car that isn’t — and never will be — yours.


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