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I’m convinced that one of the most cherished verses in the world of MLMs – Mary Kay included – is Matthew 7:1, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”  Want to test that theory?  All you need is someone who bats for the MLM team and a statement that challenges the MLM.  It shouldn’t take long for someone to fire the “Judge not!” bazooka, especially if you quip “Hey, I read a director’s claim that Mary Kay gives you “a spiritual growth that surpasses Sunday School.” She’s referring to Sunday School in the Church of Satan, right?”

Let’s begin with a judge-themed quote from a pro-MKer regarding a Pink Truth article:  A wise teacher once said, do not judge…judging is reaching a final conclusion without having…all of the available information.”

This is an amusing observation, considering that success in the Mary Kay recruiting process hinges on the blatant omission of information.  NSD Caterina Harris’s website features a document which states, “Invite guests to success meetings every week…tell them that on the way over that they will learn everything they need to know about the Mary Kay Career tonight in order for them to make an intelligent decision about coming into the Company.” 

Reality check:  Do you think that NSD Harris’ prospects are going to learn anything that doesn’t make the Mary Kay opportunity look like it flowed straight out of the nail holes in Jesus’ hands?

No, because according to NSD Emeritus Arlene Lenarz, “Too many facts can scare her off.” So if we go by our pro-MKer’s definition of judging, Mary Kay recruiters actually cause women to engage in wrongful judgment, because omitting facts that don’t paint Mary Kay in a magically-delicious light causes potential recruits to “reach a final conclusion without all of the available information!”  Voila, Absolut Deception!  (Recipe:  Pour 1 ½ oz vodka and 3 oz strawberry liqueur into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Shake well, strain into a Dollar Tree tumbler, top with cotton candy.  Serve with a Mary Kay Consultant Agreement.)

MLMs aren’t the only arenas in which the “Judge not!” concept is misused; you can be slapped with the Matthew verse in your day-to-day adventures as well.  After witnessing an individual brag endlessly on Facebook about money, cars, and the classy confession that he can “…get crazy hot (expletive deleted, rhymes with “sass”) anytime I want it, anywhere,I asked him, “I want to know where Jesus Christ fits into your life.  When you die and stand before God someday, and he asks you, XXXX, why should I let you into heaven?” what will you say to Him?”

In an explosion of rage, the individual accused of not knowing my Bible, of not loving my neighbor, and of slander.  My original question remained unanswered, so I asked it again.  He accused me of judging him before insisting that he was a “born-again Christian” and heavily involved in his church.  Of course, after seeing the fellow’s claim of how he could acquire some blazing booty 24/7, from sea to shining sea, one could understand why I’d posed the question in the first place.

Why do you think the “Judge not!” defense is so popular?  If I ask a Mary Kay director to explain why NSD Dacia Wiegandt tells Mary Kay consultants to lie to their customers (more on that later), and the director snaps back with “Do not judge or you too will be judged!”  I am apt to wonder why the director would react like that.  Is she hoping the verse will function as a spiritual spike strip and guilt me into silence?  Is the director harboring guilt herself because she follows Wiegandt’s practices and is unable to defend them?  Does the director fear that she will have to face some ugly realities of her Mary Kay business as a result of my challenging her NSD’s teachings?

Did you know that the “Judge not!” crowd is running on an incomplete definition of “judge?”  We already know what Matthew 7:1 says; unfortunately, most Mary Kay Templars stop there.  There’s so much more to be found in verse 2, which says, “For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged.” We are indeed being told to judge, friends!  Jesus said in Matthew 7:6, “Give not which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast not your pearls before swine.” How could one discern dogs and swine apart from others if they did not judge?    Romans 12:9 says to “abhor what is evil, cling to what is good.”  How could we discern what is evil and what is good unless we judge?

So how should we go about it?  John 7:24 gives us the answer:  “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” That’s basically saying don’t judge a book by its cover…. do some reading first.

Earlier I accused NSD Dacia Wiegandt of teaching women how to lie, and I’m prepared to show you why I judged her in that manner.  Here is just one example. In one very public speech, Wiegandt cheerfully explained how to get a woman into a recruiting interview: “If [the potential recruit] says to me, “Well, I’ve actually gotta go because I gotta pick up my child,” what am I going to do?  I’m going to leave something out of her product.  So I have a reason to get back with her within 24 hours.  Y’all have to think quick, y’all have to think on your toes.  So how does tomorrow sound?  I have that Miracle Set, but I don’t have the foundation – hint hint, right? So tomorrow, I’m going to have lunch with you, bring the foundation, and then I’m going to market her right there and share the opportunity.” Wiegandt closed her speech with the wistful claim that she surrendered her Mary Kay business to God and took Him as her business partner.

To call NSD Wiegandt a Mary Kay charlatan without seeing evidence of such would be wrongful judgment.  But as we’ve seen, Wiegandt indeed teaches women how to lie.  And her behavior doesn’t appear to be an honest mistake or a slip of the tongue, either.  In fact, lying seems to be a regular business practice for this NSD.  Wiegandt has advised wannabe directors to “Pull inventory as soon as [new recruits] sign” (a process which involves no small amount of fibbing by omission) and warned her followers that God would judge them at Seminar if they failed to “dazzle” Him with a “You SO need to meet me” attitude.  If NSD Wiegandt is actively spewing this garbage (and at company events, no less) it’s safe to say that she’s neck-deep in the trash truck herself.

What about Wiegandt’s claim that she took God as her business partner? If she is partnering with the Almighty, am I to assume He’s cool with her teaching women things that directly contradict His Word?  “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor” is just the tip of the iceberg, and both Proverbs 6:16-17 and Psalm 101:7 clearly show that God does not play partner to liars.  Jesus takes it one step further in John 8:44 by calling the devil the “father of lies,” and so I have to ask NSD Wiegandt, “It’s 10pm; do you know who your business partner is?” It’s said that one will know what sort of tree one is dealing with by observing the fruit it bears, and seeing that NSD Wiegandt’s tree bears the fruit of deception insures that I can boldly step forward and make a righteous judgment about how she runs her Mary Kay business.  Not only that, but I can enjoy complete freedom to engage in a hearty belly-laugh if someone tells me I can’t judge her, knowing full well I did not come to such a conclusion lightly.

I encourage each and every woman reading this today to not only be fearless “fruit inspectors,” but women who strive to practice righteous judgment in every aspect of their lives.  Yes, it is tougher.  Yes, it does take effort and legwork.  And NO, it’s not negative!  The feeling of knowing that you did your homework instead of unquestioningly accepting an NSD’s behavior or spitting out a quick bible verse/Mary Kay catchphrase is both satisfying, enriching, and a surefire indicator that you are a woman who walks a path of careful thought and integrity.


  1. God wouldn’t want us to be full of ourselves, yet Dacia must not agree. She’s so vain and takes way, way too many pictures of herself!

  2. Quote; “After witnessing an individual brag endlessly on Facebook about money, cars, and the classy confession that he can “…get crazy hot (expletive deleted, rhymes with “sass”) anytime I want it, anywhere,” I asked him, “I want to know where Jesus Christ fits into your life. When you die and stand before God someday, and he asks you, XXXX, why should I let you into heaven?” what will you say to Him?”

    Yikes, you really wrote this to someone you know? Honestly, how is that not doing the very judging that you are criticizing? I mean, I dislike MK as much as everyone here, but I find this part of the article to be pretty hypocritical.

    • She’s not criticizing judging. She is criticizing the wrong kind of judging and the concept that we should never judge any behaviors. We ARE supposed to identify bad behavior and hold people accountable, which is often called judging. But if they are indeed doing bad things, they can and should be called out.

    • We see a flaw and we try to fix, clean it. Once we realize where the lint is, we can clean the lens itself . paraphrased from Byron Katie

  3. This website has officially lost any and all credibility. I hate Mary kay as much as the next person but these articles are just off the deep end. Complaining about people posting about getting ass on fb, really? Oh brother

    • Let me help you where your reading comprehension has fallen short.

      The author is not complaining about the FB post. The article is about MLM supporters claiming that the bible says we should not judge. The author is explaining that indeed, we are supposed to identify bad behaviors and hold people to account. The FB post she mentions is simply an example of bad behavior that one may point out.

      • My reading comprehension is fine. I’m a teacher. But thanks.

        If you consider this article to be good content….well good for you. There is no credibility anymore here. I would rather sit through 5 hours of listening to Dacia than read these crap fluff pieces. It’s a waste of time.

        • A teacher, you say? LOL.

          Not every article is going to appeal to every reader. You should learn the fine art of scrolling past things that don’t interest you.

        • I think LurkinMO is judging… hmmmm, isn’t that what she’s NOT supposed to do?

          Personally- Scribbler is one of my all time favorite writers here. 🙂

        • There’s about to be an influx of substance on this site, so stay tuned. Inner Circle NSD meetings, May Applause, and lots more that continue to add to the credibility of what I felt when I resigned, turned in my Cadillac, and then sent my inventory back. While some articles here might be opinion, you’ll find most are backed with real quotes and references.

  4. Excellent article, Scribbler and Tracy, thanks for the clarification. Of course people should be called out on bad behavior. Maybe this guy should be careful not to post anything he doesn’t want his pastor to read – lol.

  5. “I’m convinced that one of the most cherished verses in the world of MLMs – Mary Kay included – is Matthew 7:1, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” ”

    To me, the most egregious of judgements is some thumper proclaiming others are not going to heaven (a peaceful, happy afterlife) if they don’t “accept Jesus as their savior”.

    Talk about hypocrites! Who are these fellow humans to judge my destiny based on some antiquated religious “belief” written during times of persecution over 2000 years ago.

    • I believe the Holy Scriptures “ He has appointed a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness by the Man whom He has ordained. He has given assurance of this…” Acts 17:31

      • “I believe the Holy Scriptures”

        So? What’s your point by proclaiming that? Hopefully not that 70% of the rest of world’s population, and all our beloved animals, are somehow doomed or inferior – or that you are superior and saved.

        When one stops, and really thinks about it, it’s all quite ridiculous, isn’t it. Humans pitting humans against humans based on “belief” for centuries. So sad.

        Admittedly, I have to dig deep to walk the talk and try not to evaluate someone’s intelligence; and their need for a certain idolatry and cult practice to be a good person, and discern right from wrong. If that’s what you need, go for it. Whatever works for you.

        Who am I to judge?

  6. If you look at the entire context, it’s a lot clearer, and a lot less usable as a way to shut down people:

    Matthew 7:1-3 King James Version (KJV)
    7 Judge not, that ye be not judged.
    2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
    3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    • Yes to what you said. We’re given the ability to know right from wrong. Refusing to exercise that ability because of out-of-context scriptural cherry-picking is wrong.

      There’s a huge difference between condemning (bad) and correcting (good). There’s a huge difference between willful ignorance (bad) and informed choices (good). Refusing to exercise the brain you were born with and brushing it aside as “judging” is wrong.

      I’m calling it all out and saying “wrong.” Does that mean I’m judgmental? Not at all. I’m looking at the facts, filtering out the ignorance, and making a rational decision.

      In my experience there are three major groups of people who point fingers and cry “Don’t judge!”

      1. The mentally/emotionally/physically abused say “don’t judge me.” They’ve taken the blame for so much, for so long, that the only way they know to break free is to refuse to accept any more blame. At least these ladies have a reason for crying “don’t judge.”

      2. The people who want to live by their own rules say “don’t judge me.” It’s a free country, right? There’s an agenda behind their cry. If they can get you to back off and be “non-judgmental”, they don’t have to be accountable to anyone but themselves.

      3. The predators also say “don’t judge.” If they can get you to back off and stop looking closely at what they do, they can take your wallet. If they’re particularly well practiced, and you’re gullible enough to not look closely, they can get you to help them take your bestie’s wallet too.

      Choose now who you will serve. As for me and my family, we choose to exercise the brains God gave us to discern right from wrong, and choose to do what is right.

      You can call my choice “judging” all you like, but name-calling doesn’t make something so. Never did, never will.

  7. Yeah, this post is annoying. Of course you have to judge everything and anything you want in your life. So the first part I was with. The second part- is a classic example of not staying in your own lane. Would you come over and berate my son for not getting good enough grades to attend the college of your choice? The college that you have prayed about that you KNOW is objectively the best college. I hope not. It is not your place to do that. Judge your life, and what you want to bring into your own life and own home. Her comment was a personal attack on someone’s lifestyle. Not a statement of fact.

    Christians do believe it is doing God’s work, so on one hand I get it. I just happen to think the kinder people are the ones that understand that life is nuanced, and maybe there isn’t only one narrow way, and those people are usually a bit more universally loving.

    • Anna – Criticizing a choice of a college is completely different than calling out immoral and nasty behavior (getting as much ass as he wants any time and anywhere) which is bragged about on FB. There is nothing wrong with calling out the immorality when the immoral person is bragging about said immorality on FB. Unless, of course, you’re a person devoid of morals.

      Getting as much ass as possible isn’t “nuanced.” Bragging about it on Facebook isn’t “nuanced.”

  8. Honestly I left organized religion a long time ago. But my time with Mary Kay solidified it. The Christianity of Mary Kay seems to indicate that God is all about making money and pretending success. There’s no honor, no ethics, no Do Unto Others. If this is the God they believe in, I’m not impressed with Him/Her. And if they are just using God for their own benefit and image, then they are doing a lot of damage the religion they claim to be faithful to.

    • Colleen- I would never say that the ‘god’ that Mary Kay people claim for them is the true God. They have cherry picked out of scripture what suits them best, leaving out the complete context. I agree with you on this point that they do a lot of damage to Christians by their actions- because the tactics they use (lies of omission, worshipping a false god ‘Mary Kay’, etc.) goes against what scripture tells us. Truth is truth.

  9. MK Directors and the occasional NSD might quote scripture etc. The golden rule and the infamous Faith, family and career but far too many use Christianity to con others into believing in MK far longer than they should. It was really hard at Seminar to believe these Directors when their focus was on glitzy tacky dresses, pink cars, trips, diamonds and false praise. Everything beginning to end was one big pink sham. As to judgment there are areas of the bible that mention hypocrisy with noticing the splinter in your brothers eye while you have a plank in your own eye: Luke 17:3, Matthew 7:3, Also Mathew 6:2, John 8:1-8, etc. First since God created all of us, then that would include: Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc. Christianity too has many facets (whether we believe or accept each other): Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Anglican, Catholic etc. I wouldn’t presume to know God’s views. Jesus accepted most Samaritan’s, an adulterer, the apostles who denied him, lepers, etc. So I cannot see Jesus being unaccepting of any decent human being (especially if they’ve never heard of him through no fault of their own). The Golden rule seems more applicable. Judging those who abuse seniors, children, their spouse, those who defraud hundreds, those who deliberately pollute the environment etc. seems to be acceptable biblically (including idolatry 1:Timothy “The Love of money is the root of all evil.” I noticed a significant amount of idolatry at Seminar and elsewhere when directors lied about their highest check etc.



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