With Products on Your Shelf, You Will Make Sales

Written by CoralRose

I wanted to share an email that was sent to me by my former director at the end of June (the end of the seminar year). It’s been over a year since I ordered MK so I’m not a consultant anymore AND this former director lost her unit about a year ago. She had some serious health problems and her unit didn’t make production during that time, and she lost her unit.

How is MK such a GREAT opportunity, again? If you’re an employee, you’ll get FMLA and get to return to your same position if you have serious health problems and can’t work. In MK you LOSE your unit/ your position!

Notice she’s “so excited” to order products! She encourages us to “get the products on our shelves,” but there are NO tips for selling or any information about the new products in this e-mail. She just tells us how easy sales will be if we have products on our shelves.

I feel sorry for this former director; it’s not entirely her fault, it’s the broken MK and MLM structure: her paycheck depends on her downline’s ORDERS, not actual sales.

Here’s the e-mail,  (edited for brevity and identifying info):

Hope you all enjoying your summer, wanted to inform you today is the last day of the month and WOW, I miss connecting with you all to let you know what’s up in your MK business. I hope you all are doing great and want you all to know you can call me anytime even if I am not your director, I will always take time out for you when you need me to talk to or listen to or help you with your business. I want you all to know I miss you all and hope soon to climb up the career path in MK but my body is still not as strong to hold the director for you all.

I text one customer to inform her that MK will no longer have the tw skin line which will be replace with the tw skin line 3d and she bought all 4 of them on my shelf… If you have customers who love that skin line please send them a text or call them to inform them this will help you to get active or even get a order in this month if you wish.

I am so glad I have products on my shelf I was out of town and a lady asked me if I have a age fighting eye cream and I did on my shelf I mailed it to her and know I have a new customer, this is why it is a great time to order and get products on your shelf due to summer, customer want their products asap even if they are traveling threw your town.

I just got my order in last night and I might be doing another one tonight.. EXCITED!!!




  1. BestDecision

    Her grammar makes me feel even more sorry for her. And look how many Stars there are for the new quarter by July 4! Big orders to finish cars, etc in June = early Stars!

  2. Barbie

    If the new customer was someone she met while out of town, wouldn’t it have been faster to place an order for the customer online before she traveled home and had it shipped directly to said customer, rather than travel home and then mail it? Unless there’s something about ordering I don’t understand. I never did MK, so I don’t know if they have weird rules about ordering, or long shipping times to discourage not frontloading.

    1. MLM Radar

      My question is why didn’t the customer just buy through eBay and save a lot of money?

      If it’s been on any consultant’s shelf for more than 30 days it’s a slow seller. Sure, she could order another directly from MK, if it hasn’t been discontinued, but that wouldn’t sell the one on her shelf.

      Another thing you see happening is this: An unsuspecting customer places an order on line under a consultant’s name (you have to select a consultant). She’s expecting that fresh unopened products will be shipped to her directly from MK. The consultant sees the on-line order, cancels it, and fills it from her own shelves with product that may be expired, used as a sample, or covered with dog hair.

      This replacement order is delivered in person. That give the consultant an opportunity to make a recruiting pitch. Anyone who wants the product badly enough to pay full retail price, instead of paying wholesale with free shipping from eBay, is a hot prospect to recruit.

      1. Barbie

        That’s some shady behavior right there. “Here’s the already-opened face crap you paid too much for. Would you like to join my team of sharp, business minded ladies and start your own expired cosmetics busine$$?”

    2. BestDecision

      You’re right, but the Consultant WANTS the products to come off her shelves at home so they don’t expire or be discontinued. If she using the shipping program through MK, she’s still stuck with the same volume of pour to sell at home.

  3. BestDecision

    Things that never sold even when on my shelf:
    Red Tea & Fig body care
    Lotus & Bamboo body care
    Belara perfume
    2-in-1 Body Wash & Shave,
    Hydrating Lotion,
    Tribute for Men cologne
    Domain cologne
    Private Spa Collection (any of the scents)
    Indulge Soothing Eye Gel
    Facial Cleansing Cloths
    Eye a Primer
    Mineral Eye Colors in any color than Moonstone, Hazlenut, Crystalline, or Spun Silk
    TimeWise Age-Fighting Lip Primer
    Lip Liners
    MK Men products

    There’s others, especially the limited edition lines, but these flew off the top of my head. I got so much money back when I shipped it all back to them, and it was SO rewarding to finally be free of the feeling of “What can I do to make this stuff sell?!”

    1. enorth

      The MK men’s products don’t sell, and the body care and perfume don’t sell. Excellent sunscreens and makeup are available at any drugstore or mart-store for a lot less money.

      It appears that most end-users who buy MK only do so as “pity purchases” or because they are simply ignorant of the abundance of better/cheaper products.

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