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Mary Kay Car Update

If you’re wondering which cars are available through the Mary Kay Career Car program and what production is needed for them, look no further. This handy dandy graphic gives you the details. The cars:

  • Grand Achiever – Chevrolet Cruze
  • Premier Club – Chevrolet Equinox or Ford Fusion
  • Premier Plus – Mini Cooper or Chevrolet Traverse
  • Cadillac – Pink Cadillac


  1. BestDecision

    My first reaction when I found this was “how blah”. Then I did the math. A Consultant has to average $5,750 production every month for car. At even 13% commission, that’s only $747.50/month income. And these are supposed to be the highest performing Consultants in the company?

    Cadillac qualifiers = $3,910/month commissions.
    Premier Club = $2,185/month commissions.

    If anyone out there thinks MK corporate is so generous and is on their side, read that math! They’re making a fortune before they even subtract co-payments from checks!

    1. TRACY

      Remember that many of the Cadillac and Premier drivers don’t make their monthly production. So they have a lower commission than that… and they have to make a copay.

      1. TRACY

        No, the car driver MUST be the MK consultant, and the only others allowed to drive it are those who are “authorized drivers” who meet the MK requirements regarding driving record.

    1. Laura Brown

      Yeah, my nephew’s fiance is a Mary Kay rep. From the way she keeps plugging it, I imagine she’s struggling to keep afloat. I would rather make a guaranteed paycheck than a commission-based one any day of the week.

  2. PeachyNotPink

    I was so shocked to see the amount of production needed to “earn” and maintain a caddy. Despite being an intelligent person, I got sucked into being a PUC to “help” a friend who is going for her pink caddy. I found PT shortly after I signed the contract in June, but thought my friend was one of the “good” Directors.

    At the end of September, she begged me to place an order so she could qualify, then asked if she could tag on to my order to bring it up to $600 wholesale so she cold get her car credit. That was jarring enough, because I didn’t expect her to ask that. But what really disturbed me is that when her monthly newsletter came out, I was recognized for “ordering” that level of inventory.

    Now I’m afraid I’m going to get stuck in this cycle where every couple months she’s going to ask me to place an order then “tag on” to my order to make production.

    I’ve actually started to type out my experience because the whole process has bothered me that much over the past few months. I needed to get it in writing to see if I was crazy.

    1. TRACY

      We hear so often about the “good” directors, and it turns out there really aren’t any. They’ll all beg for orders at one time or another, and that in and of itself makes them slimy.

      1. PeachyNotPink

        That’s what I was afraid of. ~sigh~

        I knew going in that MK was an MLM, and I’ve helped other folks over the years who joined other MLM’s. But I feel truly foolish after reading PT and comparing what you have posted here to my experience. There really is no such thing as a PUC in MK.

        I may submit my experience to you once I’m done typing it out. If you feel it will help others, I’d be happy to have you share it.

    2. enorth

      “she’s going to ask me to place an order…to make production”

      You did it once. She will surely beg you again and again. When you refuse, she may act hurt and try to make you feel guilty. She may even get angry. That’s their world.

      If you really like the products, you can buy them cheaper on eBay.

      The only way to “help” someone who’s in MLM is: 1) don’t buy their products and, 2) don’t join.

        1. PeachyNotPink

          Believe me, in all my other “help” through buying product or signing up to be a PUC for friends in other MLM’s, I have never, ever had an experience like the one I had with MK.

          I will also fully admit that I never really saw it as “enabling” until reading PT. Mainly, because there wasn’t this level of deliberate deception and half truths in my prior experiences. In the past I would order some product, sign up as a PUC and order some more product for a few months, and then let it all fade away. MK is a whole different level compared to that.

          However, I understand the argument about enabling. In the grand scheme of things, even buying product is supporting a corrupt industry.

          1. Cooling Off

            And you’re letting her cheat … She’s taking advantage of a company promo by getting your order to her bonus level for extra income. It’s cheating. I’m not really defending Mary Kay, just pointing out what she’s doing.

            1. MLM Radar

              It’s not just that you’re letting her cheat. In truth, she’s talked you into HELPING her cheat.

              Please look at what she does with that car. Now she may have gotten rid of her old car, so she’ll tell you that’s her only transportation. The reality is that she could very easily replace it with a car lease of her own, for less than what she’s paying to paid MK inventory orders. So there’s more going on here.

              What she’s doing is using that MK car to fake the appearance of success. If she pretends it’s free, and pretends YOU are successful at selling the products, she has the bait she needs to recruit other unsuspecting women. One lie leads to another lie, and another lie, and another lie. Pretty soon her entire life is a lie.

              Please do the best thing you can for both of you. Break the chain of lies before it drags you further down. Send your MK inventory back and get a new start on life.

              1. PeachyNotPink

                @MLMRadar, everything you say is something that completely sunk in when she asked to tag onto my order. She caught me completely off guard, in public and in front of my daughter. It was very, very awkward.

                Luckily, I don’t have any inventory. When I agreed to be a PUC, I was very, very clear that I didn’t want to “sell” MK and would only buy what I needed. (don’t get me started on the “half-truth” I was told about the 50% discount).

                I really just want to have MK terminate my consultant contract permanently so that I can’t be reactivated without my knowledge or permission. A few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have thought my friend would do that. But now I’m not so sure….

                1. MLM Radar

                  Please call and write (both) MK today and tell them to cancel your consultant number. You’ll also cancel if you ask for a return authorization and returning anything for the 90% buy-back, even if it’s just two unopened mascaras.

                  If you don’t take definitive action to cancel and just go inactive instead, your Director will have all she needs to steal your identity and reactivate you as a ghost consultant next time she needs a car production order. And she’s already shown you that ordering products in someone else’s name to “make production” is A-OK with her.

          2. Char

            “However, I understand the argument about enabling. In the grand scheme of things, even buying product is supporting a corrupt industry.”

            I’m glad that PT has educated you about the MLMing scam. Many innocent people just don’t know how it truly works. They get sucked in to this pervasive, slick-tongue, unfortunately successful con. After all, the con artists have had over 50 years to perfect the game.

            When you know better, you do better; and then hopefully help others from getting conned – or supporting one. That is what PT is all about.

  3. Did pink

    This reminds me of when I was in 20 plus years ago. I had a few good customers who I would see at least twice a month. One lady had just gone back to working part-time but needed makeup. She was at the time a steady and good customer. My SD was all about recruiting her and she could buy for her and her friends and enjoy wholesale! But then I would get like a small % commision instead of the 50% I already was receiving on her purchase. I did not get it.

  4. raisinberry

    And it should be stated for the record, to the uninformed…NOBODY WINS A CAR in Mary Kay! What you “win” is the use of a car you have to continually pay for by monthly Unit or Team production, and when that can’t be maintained, you match the shortfall with a co-pay out of your own pocket. Now tell me again what you “WON”?
    So anytime you hear “I won a car” or “I earned the use of a car” it is inaccurate and at best temporary, until the production reaper requires more than what you’ve got!
    Oh and, “Free cars!” is 100% bull and a complete fabrication.
    Still think Mary Kay is a honorable company?

  5. DonewithMK666

    And not to mention you have to pay for the insurance on the car and that comes out of your commission check And you don’t even get to pick the insurance company so you get charged whatever rate of insurance that Mary Kay wants to charge it and for the Chevy Cruz it was $100 a month give me a break !!!!

  6. Cooling Off

    And you’re letting her cheat … She’s taking advantage of a company promo by getting your order to her bonus level for extra income. It’s cheating. I’m not really defending Mary Kay, just pointing out what she’s doing.

  7. Cindylu

    The car is not free. The price is lying to and recruiting women who often go into debt. It is not about selling product. It is about misleading women into believing that after over fifty years the market isn’t saturated. After hundreds of women have left MK and the skin care party becoming known as a joke, the market is indeed saturated. Most women avoid the MK opportunity because they know intuitively it’s a fake mlm. Fortunately with a bit of due diligence many women soon realize how flawed the MK chance truly is. Thank goodness for PT and those women who’ve had the courage to tell the truth about the scam of MK. With absurd quotations: “A free car”, “Make women feel Important, “Everyone wants to feel appreciated”, “People fall Forward to Success” etc. In reality just a few NSD’s from decades ago have actually earned a real salary. Very few Directors are successful. Those so called free Pink Cars have been lost by many directors and NSD’s. So much for the make believe non existent free pink car.

  8. MLM Radar

    In case anyone is wondering, there’s a big reason MK Corporate doesn’t ever do anything about Directors ordering inventory in someone else’s name. It’s because their whole point is to sell inventory, in any way possible. And an inventory order in someone else’s name Won’t Be Returned!

    The return rules MK applies are very strict. You can only return products that YOU bought, and they must be items purchased within the last 12 months. (But since the returns department drags their feet about sending you the documents, and shipping the stuff back to them takes time, that effectively means you can only return items you bought during the last 11 months.)

    When inventory is ordered in your name, MK considers you to be the legal purchaser of those products. It doesn’t matter who signed the check, or whose credit card was used. If the Director purchased items in your name, you are considered to be the purchaser. The bonus the Director gets for a big order is cheap insurance that just encourages her to keep sending them money.

    Only the order purchaser can return items. Using modern inventory tracking systems, MK always knows exactly what was ordered in your name. MK knows you won’t be returning the $450 in roll-up bags the Director added to your order, because you don’t have them. MK knows the Director won’t return the $450 in roll-up bags, because by their rules the Director didn’t buy them; you did. It’s win-win for MK and lose-lose for both of you.

    By all standard accounting rules, a company can’t count sales as being finalized until it accounts for likely returns. By turning a blind eye to orders being placed in someone else’s name, and paying a small production bonus (bribe) to the Director for padding that order, MK significantly reduces likely returns. That means they can make more money, and count their income a lot sooner.

    MK figured this out a long time ago. But now you know why they won’t ever do anything about the cheating.

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