Double Credit Again

This seems to occur at least yearly in Mary Kay…. double credit. Whatever amount you (or your team/unit) order, the wholesale value of it is doubled for “contest credit.” There will be a big push from directors this month to order a lot. Everything doubled can be huge when it comes to queen’s courts and unit clubs. It’s also interesting that this promotion is being run in advance of the rumored color cosmetic changes. Big push to order those cosmetics and get them off Mary Kay’s shelves and onto the shelves of consultants.

I get irritated when we hear things like “her unit sold $102,000 of product” to get the director into the Cadillac. Or she’s in the $400,000 unit club, so that means her unit sold $400,000 of products. No, they didn’t. They ordered $200,000 wholesale, or less, because of things like double credit. This promotion boosts the numbers and makes consultants and directors look like they’re doing better than they really are. It inflates the number of people who are on stage for queen’s court of sales. And no one ever talks about that.


    1. TRACY

      Yep. And the cost of those crappy diamonds is far less than what the company will make from all the extra ordering.

      Mary Kay has perfected the art of predicting how much will spent based on a particular promotion. They know if they spend X, the consultants will order Y. And there is a whole lot of money to be made from the orders.

  1. MLM Radar

    “Fake it til you make it…”

    But for October it’s “Fake it making it”

    Come next July they’ll conveniently omit mentioning how much “fake it making it” credit was applied to the next batch of Seminar Queens.

  2. Lazy Gardens

    My how convenient for them –

    “It’s also interesting that this promotion is being run in advance of the rumored color cosmetic changes. Big push to order those cosmetics and get them off Mary Kay’s shelves and onto the shelves of consultants.”

    Not at all like having a legitimate “going out of production” clearance sale, where everyone is aware it’s going, and the prices are cut to move out stock.

    1. TRACY

      But look new consultant… If you order $3,600 now, you not only get your emerald star, you get $7,200 of credit toward queen’s court of sales. You get so much, that it just makes sense to stretch for that larger order!

  3. raisinberry

    Ha! Ha ha ha ha haha hah ha hee hee…here we go again, like clockwork.
    Doesn’t it make you wonder if Mary Kay reports the “doubled wholesale” numbers in their global retail sales, as if it really happened? I mean, their private, right???
    This is hysterical.. and right- Lazy,…it’s THEE most effective way to move obsolete product on to the backs of the unsuspecting sales force.

    God could they hate women any more? I mean you would really have to just be mocking the stupidity of recognition starved women all over the globe to concoct these “promotional” schemes…and take advantage of lack of business acumen, dressed as “look how great the company is” rhetoric. Mary Kay just sucks.

    1. MLM Radar

      I’d consider becoming an IRS auditor if I could get my hands on the MK tax return.

      The first thing I’d look at when testing their earnings is what they report on their website.

      The second thing I’d look at would be the support for the 1099s MK issues for car leases and prizes. We’re the MK expenses REALLY that high?

  4. Cindylu

    It doesn’t matter if you get double credit. You are still competing with rock bottom prices on e bay and the hundreds of other MK consultants trying to get rid of products. Also sadly Corp doesn’t care enough to do advertising in real magazines, commercials or radio announcements. How easy they have it. Just come up with tired old manipulative schemes from decades ago and a few silly very cheap prizes. It’s like we as women are irrelevant and the same naive stay at home women of the 1940’s. There is no where to advertise this mlm. The market is saturated. No one wants to attend those stupid make up parties. The Open House is a joke. Most real companies advertise with commercials. We see commercials for: Estee Lauder, perfumes, food, clothes, diapers, and even toilet paper. However this so called joke of an opportunity for women doesn’t exist outside of silly meetings, costly seminars and MK conferences. Advertising with business cards or on line, now that’s original. The sad part is women have been wasting their hard earned money and time on this scam for decades.

    1. Char

      Everything you mentioned because MK is a Ponzi scheme with a product – aka MLM. Robbing Peter to pay Paul! The product only plays a supportive role in the scheme. No need for Corporate to spend a lot of money on product, but rather just enough on product to convince people to join the “opportunity” and seem legitimate.

      MLMing isn’t selling product. That would be known as selling product (lol) – and not selling an “opportunity” that anyone can do. Because of this, it’s hard to sell product and thus better to recruit. MLMing is inherently flawed. For scammers such as Mary Kay however, it’s brilliant!

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