By the Numbers: Seminar Attendance

UPDATE: 2019 attendance figures were finally reported publicly at 20,000. Things are moving in the right direction! Source linked below.

I have enjoyed tracking Mary Kay’s seminar attendance numbers over the years. It’s curious to me that for the last few years, the number has been “nearly” 30,000. I wonder how near they are to this. How far are they rounding up???? It just makes me happy that for the last 5 years they haven’t been able to get over the 30,000 mark. Fewer women bilked by the lies that seminar is about learning something that will help your pretend MK business.

2019: 20,000

2018: “nearly” 30,000

2017: “nearly” 30,000

2016: “nearly” 30,000

2015: 27,000

2014: 30,000

2013: 50,000 (allegedly, but I believe the figure was inflated substantially)

2012: 32,000

2011: 30,000

2010: More than 30,000

2009: 35,000

2008: 35,000

2007: 40,000

2006: 42,000

2005: 45,000

2003: 53,000

2001: 43,000



  1. MLM Radar

    In the Dallas Convention Center arena, now abandoned by Mary Kay, seats are bolted to the floor. It was painfully obvious to everyone that MK couldn’t fill all the seats any more.

    In the DCC exhibit hall they’re using now everyone sits on folding chairs. Fewer people show up? Easy solution: remove chairs before the session begins. No more empty seats!

    If you’re really crafty about it you intentionally remove too many chairs. Then you add chairs back while people are entering. This produces the illusion that you’re getting a bigger crowd than you expected.

    Smoke and mirrors. Seminar is all about appearances. Reality doesn’t play.

    1. Neverpink

      They look like cheap costume jewelry. Does anyone really want these? I’m asking honestly. I know it’s a matter of taste as well, but does the MK brainwashing somehow make these cheap pieces look attractive?

  2. BestDecision

    By the look of things, I’m pretty convinced my Senior paid for the qualified orders of her newest Red Jacket and the 3 people that now make up her team. Anything to get on that cruise, just like she’s bought many rings and cars. Seminar, despite me leaving years ago, has not changed one bit in its ability to lure people to lie, cheat, or steal for invitations, name badge icons, special seating, or even jewelry. While I can personally vouch the jewels are real, or many of the journeys to get them are.

  3. BestDecision

    A sign at the expo says Leadership Conference will now only be 1 session with all 4 divisions and Canada. Proof numbers are dwindling! It used to be 2 sessions with 3 divisions in one and then 2 divisions with Canada in the next. And that was just a few years ago!

    Source: Instagram #seminar2019

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