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Caption This Seminar Photo

Words escape me, so I’m going to let you caption this!


      1. Darlene

        Lol! Apparently she’s never watched Working Girl it read up on Chanel’s advice to look in the mirror and take off one thing (like those garish sandals or that huge, fake costume jewelry ring) before leaving the house.

  1. gravyk

    One week only, straight from Dollywood, the “Fake It Till You Make It’s” performing their hit single, You’re Nobody Till Somebody from MK Loves You.”

      1. MSgt K

        Are open toe shoes allowed now days??? No wonder MK forbid them…she envisioned this mess!! How many bracelets can you wear? Umm are you playing strip poker and jewelry counts???? Color matching is good for you….How about looking in the mirror and just asking if this coordinates??? Oh my!!! No caption possible from me…shaking my head….

  2. MLM Radar

    My first impression was that I was seeing a pod of grey dolphins in formation, rising up out of the water on their tails.

    Unfortunately, the pod pictured here didn’t sink back under the waves.

  3. Deflated Pink Bubble

    Okay, besides the excessive amount of dime store jewelry, and those hideous Peacock sandal boot things, how much PEROXIDE was used in the making of these hairstyles? Jesus that’s a lot of bleached blond!

    1. MSgt K

      I didnt get past the outfits. Tks for pointing it out. Once I looked at the hair, I noticed everyone had dark roots…you thought they would have those done for seminar…horror….gasped! Then I noticed gal on right has mismatched nail polish and peacock gal has mismatched toenail polish…wow!

        1. Enorth

          Kimberly needs a little more “support.” And the one in black on the end looks like she’s going for the Vampira look with black cape and dark lipstick.

            1. Char

              Announcing: Padookie High School’s Multi-Year Class Reunion 2019

              Events: Prom Queen “Consolation” Contest – A chance for all you aging wannabes to finally feel special.

              Update: Another successful reunion for Padookie. Go Oinkers! Thanks to all our contestants. (Photographed)

        1. TRACY

          Hilarious, isn’t it, how everyone is falling all over themselves to tell her she was “killing it” in this dress. She looks ridiculous. And yet the sheeple know that they’re all supposed to say it’s amazing.

          1. Darlene

            Oh Emm Gee. And I will still never understand thigh high peep toe boots. Not to mention they look a little scuffed on the knees. Could be the angle of the picture, could be from begging for orders to make production.

              1. BestDecision

                Tracy, more Seminar attire happenings are on their way to you. Prepare yourselves for pimp suits, ladies…

                And a “top secret” product launch coming…

  4. Parsonsgreen

    The crowd of women had been pestering women all day asking to borrow their faces for their portfolio.

    Police asked for a copy of their Schedule C and the crowd disbursed immediately.

  5. Erin

    I am a Texas girl, born and bred. Houston raised, Dallas for college (go Ponies!), San Antonio for raising my family. I know all about big, blonde hair and, at times, even admire it. The higher the hair, the closer to God, right? But *this* hair? Who do they think they are kidding??? Girls, if you’re reading this, you don’t look like Highland Park, you look like Garland.

  6. Nancy

    Oh my! I can’t stop laughing. I know these women claim to be professional business owners. But what profession and what business? Hot pink crinoline girl looks like something that was on the top of our toilet when I was growing up.

  7. Cindylu

    First of all if I got to Seminar and saw these getups as a new IBC, I would be cringing. It looks like you need to be a bleach blonde to be in their group. Between the tacky gladiator shoes, over the knee boots with rips, and the neon crimson crinoline tulle half dress it’s very hard to take any of these women seriously. I felt like seminar was cultish decades ago. Now these creepy photos just like the hale bop comet cult (Heavens Gate), make me Leery. I’m sure Corp is seeing the beginning of the end. With fewer NSD’s to pension off, the heirs and board members must be rubbing their hands in glee.

  8. JanRD

    Could someone clarify for me what system is used in the Circle of Achievement awards? Seeing pictures of $350,000, $400,000, etc. I assume it’s based on orders by individual or team. I don’t presume success based on this or other compensation (cars, cruises, jewelry) without seeing a Schedule C.

    1. TRACY

      It is wholesale orders of the unit x 2, which is suggested retail pricing. And then sometimes for a special promotion the suggested retail pricing is multiplied by two… it’s called double credit.

      1. JanRD

        Thanks, Tracy! That $400,000 figure is becoming less impressive. If they’re fortunate, they sold enough product to pay for Seminar and those crazy outfits!

        1. BestDecision

          A Director doing $400K Circle of Achievement grosses no more than $46K/year. After taxes, that’s $34,500 that then decreases because of her expenses.

          Simple math:
          200,000 wholesale
          Divided by 12 months
          = $16,666 wholesale/month
          X .23 Director commission and unit volume bonus
          =$3,833 commissions/month
          X 12 months
          = $46,000 gross commissions

  9. Consequences

    They all look slightly pained – not one genuine smile amongst the whole lot!
    And the pink crinoline girl, wow. She doesn’t look very big, and yet that dress makes her look like beachball. Why would you want to look bigger than you are? Is it a predator/prey thing?

  10. Pinktruthsaves

    I can get over all the tacky gear if these women are genuinely happy and have something to celebrate. But are they as happy as they look? And do they really have something to celebrate? Do their net earnings from Mary Kay reflect their smiles?

  11. Pinktruthsaves

    I suspect that the numbers of NSD’s, SD’s, etc. will all shrink and their numbers will increase in other countries where MKI has opened up its market—and the cycle will repeat itself all over again. It is a mathematical certainty that pyramids do not have much room at the top! And all unfulfilled dreams eventually come to an end, one way or another.

  12. AlmostPink

    Crystal makes me sad. Her niece has already been queen of something at maybe 18, her mother and sister are NSDs. What is up with her? Why can’t she get to NSD? She lost her pink Cadillac and went to Equinox a while back and she’s been a director almost 20 years.

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