NSD Pamela Shaw Wears Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

When you join Mary Kay, they tell you that you should use MK products “from head to toe.” I guess that doesn’t apply if you’re an NSD. Pamela Shaw brought her makeup artist along to seminar with her (you know, the one she’s been using for years and years at home and on the road). And here he is putting Bobbi Brown lip pencil on a Mary Kay NSD. Oh, the hypocrisy.

(Thanks to BestDecision for finding this one!)


  1. JanRD

    Wait, what?! A competitive brand AND a makeup artist? From what I remember from a couple of skin care classes, we were “instructed” on how to apply makeup (after the multi-step cleansing routine, of course). One would think an NSD would not have to rely on the skills of others. Silly me.

    Thanks BestDecision!

  2. Shannon

    I took a screenshot of this too. Usually the NSDs are more savvy about hiding their non-Mary Kay products. She was too excited to show off her personal make up artist and brag about being awake.

  3. Pinkiu

    I’ve used lip liners from both, plus Lancôme and drug store brands. Seriously, there isn’t much difference in quality often times outside of a ’tug’ factor. So I had to wonder,”Why show the betrayal as you get ready for the biggest MK event of the year?

  4. EyesWideShutNoMore

    Someone posted on here last year sometime a link to a pic of Pam’s make up table and there were MAC products so she’s obviously not very brand loyal. Wonder if she warm chatters the make up staff at those counters. Lol

  5. Neverpink

    I’m not surprised she felt the extreme need to show off to her fanbase, and I wonder if any of them noticed the “betrayal” of MK. Or were they too busy fawning and being envy-baited?

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