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Units With 20 New Members

In the month of May, 29 units in the United States added 20 or more new members. That’s out of 9,000 units in the U.S. That’s less than 1%.  It’s nearing the end of the seminar year and everyone is finishing goals (cars, unit clubs, court of recruiting, etc.) and only 29 units recruited 20 or more new consultants. How is this possible? Discuss.



  1. BestDecision

    What’s also interesting is that none of those names are recognizable from a few years ago, which means all the trip and Million $ units didn’t even add that many.

    I’d like to think people are wiser than I was when I quit my job and chased dreams that were sold to me as possible. A little PT sprinkled here and there hasn’t hurt, either. Helped me!

    1. TRACY

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy when recruiting numbers go down. Yet it floors me that these huge units don’t get 20 recruits in a month. It tells me what a loser this recruiting business is.

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