Goal: Not Lose Any Directors

Written by BestDecision

A recent Instagram story by Mary Kay NSD Pamela Shaw illustrates how bad attrition is in MK. This image is the inside of Pam Shaw’s personal planner.

First, look at the left side, row 3.  “DYL” stands for her “Design Your Life” planner.  Her goal is to make $20,000/month on it on top of her Inner Circle commissions.  (At $32 for a 90 day planner, that would mean selling 625 planners a month. If everyone is buying 4 a year, she needs 1,875 people buying planners 4 times throughout the year.)  So $200,000 in revenue from a planner on top of the generous commissions she makes.  Her goal is to make $41,000/month in commissions from Mary Kay.

Next, look at the right column, row 2.  She has a goal to NOT LOSE A DIRECTOR over the next 90 days.  Gee, it must be a big problem in order to create a top goal of not having any more of it!  Lesson: Directors regularly leave Mary Kay.

I haven’t made this stuff up, and anyone who doesn’t believe what we say on here is in denial.


  1. BestDecision

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw it and had to be Go Give and pass it on. (Ha!) She’s making so much money off of people while making PLENTY as an NSD! And then is hoping she doesn’t lose any more Directors.

    The ship is sinking, people.

  2. Data Junkie

    Great post! I’d like to shed light on something you missed. She’s not making $32 per planner, that’s gross revenue. She only likely makes 20% of those sales, which means your numbers are off by a factor of 5. She’ll need to sell over 3000 planners per month to over 9000 recurring customers to achieve her goals.

    Good luck with that!

      1. Data Junkie

        Indeed. Her second paragraph was a bit confusing mixing commissions with revenue…I should have read that more closely. I see she is attributing 10% commission on the planners…not sure how I missed that. My bad!

        1. TRACY

          I don’t think it’s 10% commission. I think it’s bad math of $20k per month or $200k per year (which should be $240k per year if it’s $20k per month).

          Either way, it’s all a hot mess and no one should be taking any sort of financial advice from her.

    1. BestDecision

      It’s $96-128/year depending on the size you get, and, no, it’s for sale by her personally. MK sells a datebook for the sales force, but she designed one on her own and has been selling it for almost 20 years.

      Her Instagram Stories are a real treat to see.

      1. Data Junkie

        Holy crap. Does anyone buy them? I suppose they get up-line pressure to do exactly that. Amway got into trouble over similar practices…where the tools business became more lucrative than the actual MLM business when the up-line required their reps buy their up-line’s tools.

        Is she doing something similar? Are her down-line reps required to buy her custom planner?

        1. BestDecision

          No, no one is required to buy them, but the temptation to do so happens because we were always looking for “the” thing that was going to get us where we wanted to go. Dress a certain way, talk a certain way, pray a certain way (Yes, you read that correctly.). The mindset is this: “If she got to go on the Top Trip because of this, I need to use it, too.” Pam Shaw, among many others, is imitated and held at a very high regard in MK, both from the company and the sales force. It’s disgusting.

        2. enorth

          According to her website, she also sells “Design Your Day” Sticky Notes, 25 notes in a pack. Six bucks each. She adds, “You can order as many Sticky Notes Packs as you like!”

          Her “Breakthrough Academy 2.0-The 90 Day Planner and the Breakthrough Life Goal Setting Process” will cost you about $300, plus hotel and travel.
          – Establishing your ONE thing, your priority for this season and taking action on it.
          – CREATING affirmations and self talk to guide you to a destiny towards that 1 thing.
          – ENGAGING in healthy connections – relationships that go the distance.

      2. Shay

        Well, on her website which I refuse to promote – the smaller one is !32.00 — $32.00 for a small fricking 90 day planner.
        can’t make this stuff up. wow. she is so full of herself.

    2. Former Consultant

      If I pay $32 for a planner, it better come with a 12 pack of diet coke, or a couple of bottles of my favorite wine, and it better do some cool tricks.. LOL. I am an Administrative Assistant, and when I order office supplies, there is one guy who orders a new planner for the upcoming year. He gets the same size and even sends me the item number in case it is discontinued or changed. Well, guess how much his planner is? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? If you said around $10, well you would be correct!!! It might be less if he doesn’t do the 16 month, but still, he only orders once a year, and I think that would be the most any person would want to pay for a planner… Geez…

    1. Neverpink

      Her website is so poorly designed and that picture of her you see when you first arrive? Terrifying. I get what she’s trying to do with that picture, but the laugh doesn’t reach her eyes. It looks so fake and scary.

  3. Wild Collards

    I’ve never purchased an Erin Condren, but those start at $55.

    Planners are pretty trendy currently. Happy Planner, Erin Condren, Plum Paper, etc. And they get spendy. So her price point, to me, is mid-range. I have paid more for a planner, personally.

    Also, a planner is something tangible, that you can carry with you and show off. Think of her planner to be just like a cheap bauble you can win and carry around and have people ooh and ah over. that’s about all its good for.

    1. TRACY

      Erin Condron is a quality planner. Thick pages, excellent binding, beautiful covers. Look at this one. It’s printer paper with a plastic binder. And it’s only quarterly compared to Erin being yearly.

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