Earn a Mary Kay Car by Christmas

Sales director Allyson Jankowski says you can earn a Mary Kay car by Christmas. The company gives you 4 months to do it, but you can do it in 3 months if you just know her “secret sauce.” Allyson spent 15 minutes on YouTube explaining this alleged secret sauce for quickly earning a car. And wouldn’t you know… there is no secret sauce at all.

You don’t have to watch the video, because I spent 15 minutes of my life (that I will never get back!) listening to Allyson’s drivel and I’m going to summarize it for you.

Allyson says the secret is you have to recruit 7 women in October, 7 in November, and 9 in December. If you do that, along with your own personal orders, you will have the $23,000 team wholesale production needed to get the car. You’re going to recruit more women in December because during December, more women will be “thinking like a retailer.”

Each month you have to have at least 10 parties of 3 or more women. You have to do at least 20 interviews. You’ll have to see a minimum of 30 women if you want to recruit 7. Where do you find these women? She doesn’t tell you. That’s the rub. The concept of having the parties isn’t difficult. The problem is finding the women who want to do it and who will actually follow through.

Allyson then gets to the good stuff. The secret sauce! Here are the steps to earning that car in less than 3 months:

  1. Make a decision that you’re going to earn the car
  2. Make a plan with your datebook for when you can work Mary Kay (you have to get in front of at least 30 faces in order to recruit 7)
  3. Book faces at the studio
  4. Put your schedule in a place your family sees it
  5. Go test drive the Chevy Malibu

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is really the secret sauce she gives. Basically, just want the car and it will be yours.

Allyson closes with a bit of advice for manipulating women into booking an appointment with you. Appeal to their emotions and helping you with your goal:

“Girlfriend I’m going to be completely honest with you. I’ve got a really big goal that I have really put my heart on the line for, and that is to earn a free car by Christmas. Is there way that I could do a drive-by facial with you and see if there is anything you may need?”

Who is ready to earn their Mary Kay car???? And who thinks any of this advice is actually helpful?


  1. How much do you have to sell as a SALES consultant to “earn” a car? I assume a sales consultant sells products; or do they mean sell the opportunity with a new consultant inventory purchase from MKC?

    Inquiring minds and the FTC want to know!

    • No one has to sell anything. A total of $23,000 wholesale has to be ORDERED by you and your downline, with the person in car qualification doing a maximum of $5,000 wholesale orders herself. The teams NEVER EVER EVER EVER actually SELL $23,000 wholesale (implied retail of $46,000).

      • Oh dear. I believed you just described a product-based pyramid scheme. Affiliates recruiting affiliates, placing orders, without any requirement to retail product to non-affiliated end users. Just collect recruiting commissions as long as you stay active via placing orders, and never EVER have to retail (re-sell) anything.

        Golly gee, does the FTC know what’s going on here? Why aren’t they protecting the consumer from this pyramid scheme?


        Is the FTC discriminating against women? Are we not worth their time? Herbalife, Advocare, and Vemma had many men involved. Why were they protected against with these types of scams, and not the schemes that target mostly females?!!!!!

        FTC, care to comment?

        *I suppose Lularoe is an exception. But that’s not enough to excuse the pattern I’m seeing here.

  2. She’s in Dacia’s Area and made less than $8300 in June, according to the October Applause. Her unit didn’t add 20 unit members, and they did less than $54,000 retail. Not someone I’d take heavy advice like that from!

  3. “The secret is you have to recruit 7 women in October, 7 in November, and 9 in December.”

    That’s hilarious! Who EVER recruits 7, 8, 9 women in a month? It used to be close to impossible to gold medal – just 3 recruits – in a month. As a director, I couldn’t consistently do that myself, and I was the top recruiter in my unit.

    The sad thing is that directors matter of factly put that info out there like it’s no big deal. Simply book appointments and recruit. What’s the problem? Just do the work, girlfriend. Stop trying to make this business complicated.

    Oh, and if you don’t get the results, you must not have wanted it enough. Consultants all over the country can work this plan – what’s wrong with you? Guess your deserve level isn’t high enough or something. (It couldn’t possibly be the fact that booking, coaching, selling and recruiting is damn hard and that the MLMs business model is corrupt from the start.)

    • It will probably cost less to lease a Chevy Malibu than the inventory these “achievers” are putting on their CCs every month.

  4. Slightly off topic. Tati, a real entrepreneur and tough makeup critic, is launching her eye makeup palette tomorrow. It’s supposed to be awesome. “Tati Beauty”

    Isn’t it fun to be able to buy any brand you want? And isn’t it nice to maybe support a bonafide small business owner who has control over her formula and quality…….instead of an annoying pyramid schemer?

  5. I would love it if the IBC’s demanded that their Director show them how to recruit all these women in one month by actually doing it themselves. There are a bunch of e-commerce gurus on YouTube trying to get people to purchase their training programs – they often “show you how it’s done” by opening up a new online store and building it up step by step while people watch so they know it’s not a scam. It would be hilarious to watch these Directors fail at what they pretend is so easy.

  6. I want to see HER do this: “Each month, have at least 10 parties of 3 or more women, do at least 20 interviews.” because they say “the speed of the leader is the speed of the gang” and I want to see her PROVE this is possible.

    She’s an experienced director, it should be easy for her, right?

  7. On the last step, she forgot: “And take a picture in front of the Malibu at the dealership, post it to Instagram, and brag about how you’re SO EXCITED to make this YOUR car by December. Minimum of 15 hashtags #mymklife #parttimeexecutive #livingthedream #sellingthedream #halpiamtrapped”

    • You’re spot on! Don’t forget?? to add lots ?of emojis? and exclamation points!!! Random CaPiTaLiZaTiOn gives you bonus POINTS!!!

      • Remember the bad grammer, to. If you’re grammer is two good, no one will join you’re team and make sells.

        • How did a lady wearing 17 pins and precisely what you mentioned above attract me to MK? I feel so stupid. So embarrassing I was a part of it!

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