• No, they don’t buy the NSD suit. If I’m not mistaken, they have an optional suit of their own? Not one that is replaced every year, but on some longer schedule. Someone please validate me on this?

      • Yes, they do buy their NSD suit, and I believe the official Emeriti one is the black St. John with bees. This one isn’t even bubble gum colored but more mauve looking. Better cut than the Director one, but ugly fabric.

      • There were only 8,000 people at Leadership, including spouses, NSDs, and Canada. And this was all 4 Seminar divisions at one session, too!

        (From trip Director Cleta Colson Eyre’s Facebook page)

  1. MK really needs to rebrand if it wants to attract a younger demographic. I’m 64 and wouldn’t want to be caught dead in these ugly suits. Who designs this mess? How about adding a little edginess? This is all too old-school, even for me.

  2. The open-mouthed smile always looks forced (and a bit creepy) to me, but never moreso than when she is wearing that hideous throw-rug of a jacket. You just know she’s dying a little inside while trying to look enthusiastic.

  3. To me, the fabric looks like what was on the old chairs at our church before they were replaced with nicer more modern ones.

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