Recruiting at the Feed Store

Who would have thought the feed store was a hot place for Mary Kay consultants to recruit???

I was followed to the parking lot and warm chatted today! Where? The local feed store. Let me set the scene…….

I’d just finished feeding the sheep and cleaning the chicken coop. Brushing my teeth was as far as I’d gone as far as getting ready. My hair looked like I’d combed it with an egg beater, I was wearing muddy Crocs covered in wood shavings, my jeans were dirty and had stylish wood shavings below the knee as an accessory and I was wearing my very well used and stained barn coat. I’ll be 63 next month and really looked my age this morning!

There was a woman checking out that didn’t look like the usual feed store customer. She was nicely dressed, her hair was perfectly curled and she was wearing A LOT of makeup. She bought a bag of dog food, no livestock for her. She left and I paid for my stuff, then walked out to the warehouse to give the guy my receipt so he could get my feed, bring it out and load it into my truck.

When I turned around, there she was. Waiting for me. I tried to pretend I didn’t see her and started walking to my truck. She smiled and started talking. According to her, with a little effort and the right products, I could look sharp Grin I almost burst out laughing. She tried to hand me her card and I told her no thanks and kept walking. She followed me all the way to my truck even though I was doing my best to ignore her. I finally was rude and told her I wasn’t interested in the Mary Kay pyramid scheme, that she needed to get out before she was even further in debt, that it’s incredibly rude to tell a perfect stranger they ‘could’ look good if they tried
and if she didn’t leave me alone, I was going to go inside and complain to the owner (who is a friend of mine).

I felt embarrassed for her, but didn’t feel bad. She wasn’t a naive 18 year old. I’d guess her to be in her 40’s or 50’s. Not a pink car anywhere in the parking lot, so she must not be killing it as a BossBabe.

I wish I had a business card with the URL to this place on it!


  1. MLM Radar

    Nowadays you can Just start coughing and try to sneeze in her direction. That should send her running.

    Honestly, with the coronavirus ramping up, who would even think of hosting a home party?

    MK just cancelled the career conferences. The virus threat should wipe out a lot of potential and new recruits. Australia and New Zealand shut down. China is on quarantine. This is a huge body blow for MK corporate.

    Perhaps MK will be the first corporate victim of the virus. We can hope.

    1. J

      “First corporate victim of the virus.” Oh yes! Then they finally could be number 1 at something.

      I do hope that they are weak enough for this to destroy them, but I also don’t want them to have such and easy out that makes them look like innocent victims of the economy. Although, based on mk knowledge, we know lipstick and tobacco products survived the Great Depression. If anything, they should be thriving.

      I agree we need cards 🙂

  2. Mags

    My sister and i were once approached in a department store. This woman laid it on thick to my sister, “oh your’e so SHARP , bla bla bla *classic MK line about being a before and after model bla bla blah”

    She didn’t even GLANCE at me. Which is hilarious.

    My sister and i afterwards were joking about how much of a swamp hag I must be that she didnt’ even try to hook me either. (My sister truth be told always looks really put together and nice. I look like i crawled through good-wills rejection bin on a good day. My make up application skills are…. not great to the point where I dressed up for a benefit dinner at my kids preschool and really took my time with my makeup and looked great… and a handful of people who’d’ known me for 10+ years didn’t recognize me) Apparently this hun-bot would have chased me down too. And I’d have given her the same response as OP.

  3. roo2

    can we just for a minute acknowledge that Dacia is now peddling Michael Buble perfume for HSNbeauty?? how is MK gonna feel? Is the cat finally out of the bag that I have always wondered who on earth would buy/give/throw into a moving vehicle Mary Kay perfume and now this. wow wow wow

  4. Shay

    While I am sure you are washing your hands 100 times daily like the rest of us are.. (LOL!) .. one question I keep getting asked is;
    “Okay, say I don’t buy inventory and collect orders until I get to the $500.00 go get the discount, I order everyone’s orders at once and pay shopping once and deliver them all myself, would I make money?”
    I explain it would be rare for it to happen and tell people to READ THE PINK TRUTH!!!! But some people I know want this hypothetical question answered (without the road blocks)
    So in unicorn land.. in other words. I can’t anymore. I am turning pink.
    Anyhow.. was wondering if you could do a post?
    I got bombarded tonight and my head hurts.

        1. Coffee Queen

          That’s what I did and yes, I made money. The only thing I kept in inventory was the stuff i used myself. But I am just one person. I didn’t fall into the trap of ordering inventory just to have it. My director hated it. But I always ordered on the 15 of each month and was consistent with my customers. Then when my customers started ordering less frequently, I ordered less frequently. (every second month, then every third, then I stopped completely when my director stole my recruits)

  5. Phoebe's Mom

    I don’t usually go out looking like a wreck – LOL! But, I was in the middle of cleaning the chicken coop and ran out of shavings. I didn’t want to change clothes and have to change again when I got home.

    I live on a small farm and lots of people around here have farm animals. During lambing season (or kidding season if you have goats), it’s not unusual to see someone at the feed store looking like absolute hell because you’ve been pretty much living in the barn. I’ve gone to the local grocery store with a bottle poking out of one pocket (orphan lamb, mom didn’t want to feed her) and a bottle of iodine poking out of the other (you dunk umbilical cords in iodine) and not even realized there were there until I looked down at my iodine stained fingers. The busiest time of year is when the babies are born. I’m not breeding my sheep anymore, so the craziness (and wonderfulness) of lambing season isn’t part of life. I miss it. But, I have friends that have lambs, so I can get my fix 🙂 I have my sheep for their fiber. I spin it into yarn on my spinning wheel and knit some pretty cool things. And, they’re wonderful, very spoiled, wooly friends!

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