1. hahaaha, option for a full refund or partial refund for a great vitual experience. This can’t get any anymore crazy. Also, even Wal-Mart announced sick leave for employees regarding COViD-19. Reason 2, 758,786 working ar Wal- mart is a better career than Mary Kag

  2. Can’t wait to go to this virtual event with unique content that they’re “still working out the details on.” What a great pivot example of how to really sell something on your feet.

    I can hear the group texts to units now “while you can take a full refund, I ask you: is that what mk would have done when she came upon a hurdle? Let’s show the same grit and determination as her, and we may just find ourselves in her shoes!”

    Ugh, I’m sure they’ll only be “able” to do refunds as credits to your propay account. So be sure to reactivate it for $25 and pay another $25 in processing/transfer fees.

  3. We have consultants here in LA showing how you can make your own hand sanitizer with MK sunscreen, MK nutrient oil and rubbing alcohol.

      • What? Rubbing alcohol (at least 60%), and a bit of aloe vera (to add moisturizer) if you want to go natural with a hand sanitizer. Add an essential oil if you want it to smell nice.

        I wouldn’t use anything else if I was making my own. But Purell works great 🙂

  4. Wait.. they have to pay for registration?
    “We’re working fast and furious on your registration fee”

  5. I’ve sent too many links from PinkTruth to my Friend. Also the news that MaryKay is closing Rigth now Autralia & New Zeland markets. And her pink boot answer was : ” I gonna buy more products. I will buy more products before they run out this week. I couldn’t sell if there isn’t.” XD.
    Dear Magda my friend, I hope you read this

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