1. 1. Amazon is only delivering home and medical supplies?? Is that true? Or is that something you made up to help yourself??
    2. Pushing inventory ordering because 2 distribution centers have shut down so the others might? That is just terrible but unsurprising.

    • 1. No it is not true. They are prioritizing delivery of those things, but are still delivering everything.

      • I can vouch for this. I placed an Amazon Prime order this morning that didn’t fall into the categories of health or household. Granted, my shipment is expected to take 3 days instead of the usual 1-2, but it’s coming.

        I shudder to think how many people will believe that, though…

        Shameless vultures.

        • I heard the Amazon rumor last week. It’s so infuriating! I have an Amazon package out for delivery today and guess what? It contains facial cleanser and moisturizer – hahaha!

    • It’s about shipments from producers to Amazon warehouses. Not about shipments from Amazon warehouses to retail customers.

    • Amazon has a new division called Amazon Fresh, which ships the sort of things you find in a grocery store, including home and medical supplies, in the sort of quantities you normally buy groceries.

      Amazon Prime is a different division. Prime is doing just fine, thank you, and Prime shipping isn’t affected by Amazon Fresh.

      The MK sales force is exaggerating and lying again.

  2. “USA-made”? Not for long! These people can’t believe a Director’s Memo is going to give them advance warning they’re starting manufacturing overseas. Anyone with any business education can see the signs pointing to it all moving to China.

    Hey, Directors and Consultants, remember how we all told people there’s no chance of being laid off in MK? Still using that one post-Australia and New Zealand?

  3. Hey guys, this is off topic for this post but I felt the need to share it (Tracy, I’ve tried to reset my password to get back on the discussion boards but when I put in the temp password I get from the email it doesn’t work, I’ve tried a few different times…if you can email me a password to get back on the board that would be awesome).

    Anyway, I’m a big true crime follower and watch a lot of the shows about them. There’s a great series called “The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes” on the Oxygen Network. Last night’s episode is the first part of two about the unsolved murder of a woman who was in MK at the time. One of her friends actually suggests that maybe she had borrowed money to buy more MK inventory and that could be connected.

    It’s a very interesting episode, but WARNING: it involves graphic sexual assault content so it’s not for everyone. They suggest he might be a serial killer and part two will be next week. If you have Comcast/Xfinity you can watch this first episode free, and maybe free from other providers.

    • I think that was a thread on here at one time…I recall a discussion about an MK lady who was murdered and she was in over her head with debt. Any one else remember that topic?

      I’m a true crime fan too, but I don’t have the oxygen channel (I’m in Canada). If it comes on Netflix, poke me!

      • I just watched the episode. At 57 min: “If she was borrowing money to meet her Mary Kay goals…”

        • I know! Her male friend was very much against her buying so much inventory. A few other things: She had a handyman building shelves in her new house for her MK inventory. A photo of her career car with a banner on the back that says “I WON THIS!!!”. Photos of her in a red jacket loaded with lots of MK pins. And early in the episode she was referred to as a “sales director”.

    • Thanks. I’m going to watch it. On a related note, the History Channel show “The Unexplained” newest episode is “Deadly Cults”. S2, Ep4. Also worth a watch.

  4. There is just so much to hate about this slimy behavior. It’s bad enough to exploit a pandemic, but to layer that with half-truths and outright lies is too much. Amazon still ships non-essential goods, just not by air. Sephora and Ulta offer online shopping, and have for years. And you can buy from them without having to click on a “Find a Consultant” button (cringe).

    No-contact delivery service? What a concept! No one has thought of leaving packages on front porches before!

    And don’t get me started about all the stupid emojis. What IS it with MLMs and emojis? It looks unprofessional anyway, but in times like these it is especially inappropriate. Put the emojis away, please; people are dying.

    • Agreed. And since they have the “luxury” to work from home, that’s where they need to stay, not out making deliveries. Particularly the one with a “stay at home” frame on her profile.

  5. Also Liquor sold well during some of the great depression remember the 20th centurys Great Depression in the U.S. Lasted from Oct 1929 until Until mid 1941, Prohibition was repealed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on December 5 1933… Facts matter.

    I also watch a lot of beauty you tubers who actually get paid to buy wear and review make up / beauty products, guess what happened this week, the majority of them have uploaded videos stating try are suspending the purchase of new make up until further notice. These MK bots are clueless…… My household right now is more concerned about how we are going to be able to survive a reduced income for the next few months, how to keep our parents safe, if we have enough in our house to help friends who may need something, its not if I can buy make up and how to get it without any interactions with another person….

  6. There is nothing sanitary about what they are touting here. We can still purchase cosmetics, this is not a one stop shopping. So MK wants professional looks and the pink unkept (the unkept part – ugh) hair is supposed to make me excited about MK? Corporate ya all need to let go of the “MK mandatory attire” at this point.

    NO and HECK NO!

    • lol. There’s a problem with leading people to believe that closing three of five MK distribution centers has something with Covid-19.

      The problem is that would-be customers will wonder whether MK products are safe, if the wholesale distribution centers have to close.

      Other companies’ distribution centers aren’t closing because of the virus. Retail outlets, yes, because they can’t stop infected customers from coming through the door. But distribution centers Aren’t closing because they have limited employee-only access, which can be controlled.

  7. I had to run to WalMart yesterday and bought foundation, concealer and mascara. I don’t need Mary Kay at all.

  8. Ulta and Sephora have closed their physical stores, but their websites are still open. Why would anyone want MK over them? They offer fantastic customer service, have great return policies, and you don’t get harassed to work there or host a “party”!

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