If you are in an MLM, and you are exploiting the Coronavirus panic to recruit or sell products, you should be ashamed of yourself.

No good crisis should go to waste, though, in the Mary Kay world. People like Rachael Bullock and Roya Mattis are happy to show you how it’s done.

And no disgusting attempt to capitalize on people’s misery is complete without false earnings claims. Despite the fact that 99% of people lose money in MLM and most Mary Kay sales directors barely earn minimum wage, Rachael pretends that you will have a “lucrative” business. She even goes so far as to say “thousands and thousands of people [in MK] earn thousands and thousands every month.” While that may be technically true, to be fair, she ought to tell you that out of 450,000 distributors in the U.S., there are only about 4,000 of them who make $2,000 a month or more.

I’m sure that Rachael and Roya aren’t the only Mary Kay ladies engaging in this shameful behavior. And I’m sure these kinds of social media posts are going to ramp up significantly in the coming days.

Linda Toupin gets in on the fun!

Our friend Ali Zornes is “sorry” but she’s pushing her MLM too. Just wait for the false income claims….



  1. My SD is doing exactly this now that schools are closed. She’s playing on women’s fears of not having income if businesses close as well, or if they have to stay home with their young children and take a leave of absence from work.

    Just as bad, is she is trying to sell Satin Hands kits with some silly tag line about how you’ll never run out of soap with Mary Kay. It took a lot of restraint not to make a snarky comment about the reason you won’t run out of soap is because you’ll never sell your inventory.

  2. Roya Mattis seems to have locked comments on her Instagram post.

    But PT is ahead of her on the Google search 🙂

  3. I remember this same kind of pitch after 9/11: “Women are afraid to go to public spaces to shop, so this is the perfect scenario for Mary Kay. You’re at the right place at the right time.”

    It was a crock then, as it’s a crock now. But hey directors, we can’t let a national tragedy go to waste now, can we?

  4. Reddit’s r/AntiMLM subreddit has been inundated with reports of huns in various MLMs using the COVID-19 outbreak to hawk their wares. The moderators are pleading with the community to put them all in a dedicated side-page so the main page isn’t overwhelmed with minor variations of the same theme:

    “Buy my stuff and join my team because COVID-19.”

    It’s sickening. Especially egregious are the essential oil huns that claim their stuff will kill corona virus and/or boost your immune system so you won’t catch it. Ugh.

      • Tea tree only works for lice prevention … and the smell of peppermint essential oil is amazing, but other than that, it is not that great. I love oils for aromatherapy, they smell nice, that’s it. I am always refuting claims that they cure everything, because they dont.

        • It does, as do may aromatic compounds from plants, , but in concentrations that would be impossible to create in a room, lethal to inhale from a nebulizer, and very bad for your skin if applied as a hand sanitizer.

          The usual recipe with “5 drops” is nowhere near the concentration it takes to be effective.

  5. For the MK professional line they tout, check out the retired NSD whom doesn’t give a shiz, only part with your money. Amazing these people are on the take during a financial crisis. Betcha these directors who pretend they have classes are toast. Counting on downline in these times is seriously desperate of which we all can view. Lovin’ the desperation served up with a fake smile. it will be rough toward the end of MK yr. PS. MK corporate, where is your charity to your local and national community?

    • They donated $10 million. Perhaps instead of biotchIng online, you might try reading some news.

      • @Axie: Oh really? Where did you get your information? And did YOU check it?

        I happen to be looking at the Mary Kay Foundation IRS Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax for 2017. It’s the most recent IRS return they filed. If you search on the internet you’ll be able to find it in less than 30 seconds. Yes, it’s official and it’s real.

        The most recent Mary Kay Foundation Form 990 list comparative financial information from 2016 and 2017. The return says the foundation has net assets of about $12 million, but the total grants they provided in 2016 was only $4.9 million and in 2017 was only $4.8 million.

        I’m sorry to inform you that your information is a bit…. exaggerated….

      • Proof? Even if they did it isn’t a drop in the bucket to what they’ve stolen. Including from YOU I’d bet. Notice you didn’t reply to MLMradar either ha

  6. So shocking… said no one ever..
    What do you expect? The “products sell themselves” they are taught to say.
    I like how they say this doesn’t come from HQ.
    Keep telling the Pink Truth Tracy.

  7. Linda Toupin will be having a FB or you tube live talking about the “great in home business MK opportunity”
    Ladies, it’s NOT an “in Home” biz if you want to “make it big” it’s a daily grind. 5 leads a day… Probably means to get 5 names/numbers about 10 full on warm chat contacts. Plus parties, parties, interviews, debuts, seminar, meetings, etc etc and the hamster wheel continues to SPIN.

    • NSD Linda Toupin retired from Mary Kay last year. But she’s still working her MK business? Even when retired, she can never stop working.

    • Almost nothing about MK is “in home.” You must leave your home for 90% of what might make you money.

      • She is. Her mom signed her up for the business and I am guessing she doesn’t lift a finger, just lets mom do what mom does while she herself focuses on her career. I had really hoped Linda would leave her out of this MK mess and let her have her music unfettered but no.

  8. I’m waiting on someone to hit Director—oops, I meant charge Director to their credit cards—during this time and name their unit something disgustingly cheeky like COVID Crushers.

    Another anti-mlm person I’ve been enjoying is named Kiki. Here’s her video calling out mlmers (though no mk ones in this vid). https://youtu.be/EjVslhzfvPA it’s called “mlm scammers using pandemic to boost their business.”

    It shows several beach body coaches taking polls on whether or not they should still take their ‘free’ trip to the Dominican Republic—after the company canceled it due to the virus… because of course they had to pay for their flights and it’s too late to get a full refund. While the people showcased are atrocious, it shows yet another dimension of how damaging it is in an mlm life. You can tell these women are so secretly poor the thought of losing out on a $1500 flight is so terrifying that they’re considering risking their health and the health of others. All for what? So they can take pictures of this trip and not be wrong about their pink bubble of luxurious lifestyles. You can tell they’ve spent so much to ‘earn’ this trip, it just can’t be canceled. Then their debt would be for nothing.

      • Aside from the stupidity of it because most (if not all) airlines give you credit toward a future flight, so you don’t even lose the money. If you bought a non-refundable ticket, you won’t get your money back, but you don’t lose the value toward an airline ticket. Duh.

        • Exactly! I was supposed to visit a friend in Costa Rica…almost $900 ticket. Cancellation fees would have been 85% of the cost (cancelled with only 3 days notice), but I threw myself on Delta’s mercy and now have an open-ended ticket worth the full amount to use later.

    • All I offered was a free spa day, with your kiddo’s to waste some time. Foot spa, facials, masks, etc… It could be fun. 🙂 Keep in mind I am not the Pushy type of Consultant, nor do I care to recruite others, especially not under my Director. & I do not have thousands dollars in inventory to get rid of (i didn’t get sucked into buying “inventory”). Just offering something different to do, to keep everyone relaxed, and have fun together. If they buy its a Bonus, but i don’t expect it. I am just happy to get the extra practice in. It hasn’t been a year yet for me. I said I would give it a year. So far, not happy with the way Mary Kay, and their Directors run things. Not all of us Consultants are greedy, or stuck in the delusional pink bubble. Some do just want to help our Customers out.

      • I think the “have fun together” part is exactly what we’re trying to avoid when it comes to transmitting this virus, no?

        • Only in a group of over 50. As long as people drink lots of, lemon & honey, stash lemon ginger tea, orange juice, eat chicken noodle soup, pickles, drink pickle juice, eat their vitamins, wash hands, cover mouth when coughing, stay home if they have any of the virus symptoms, then they will be fine.

          • Now you’re just being ignorant. Governments are banning group gatherings, but the advice from scientists is to voluntarily avoid group gatherings all together. That is the only way to slow the inevitable spread of the virus.

            • Name calling is never cool. Not being ignorant. Just giving an option for bored families, stuck inside. If I had any symptoms I would not go around others. The only way to stop the virus is to take precautions, and do the list above, that I have suggested.
              In reality. The only way to get a grip on this virus, is to… shut the whole world down for 1 month. In the 1st 2 weeks, have hazmat team’s go out and sterilize everything. The quarentine the hazmet teams for the last 2 weeks. Burn all their hasmat outfits. Until that is done, people are still going to be getting together with friends, going to grocery stores, movies, etc..
              In most cases the symptoms are mild. Most people do not even know they have, or have had the Corona Virus. Most think…. it could never happen to me, its just a BUG, its just a different virus, its just a flu. Not realising that they may have the Corona Virus. So they go around the public. Spreading the virus.
              I was sick with some kind of a doozy of a virus, didn’t know what it was?? Plus it was sneeky. Sick for a week, good for 3 days, hit with bad headache, washed out, burning hot, freezing cold, next day full of energy. This went on & off for 3-4 weeks. So for the whole Month of February, 4 weeks, I did self quarentine, myself.
              Not every Consultant is the same. Not every case is the same. Best is to stay home away from others. But… if someone has been home for 2 weeks already and is bored, I gladly would go over for a visit & some practice. Especially seeing all the kids in Canada, are done school, as of March. 20. 2020. They go back in Sept. If the corona virus has gone away by then.

              • You can run around with the virus but not have any symptoms for TWO weeks. Yes, you are being ignorant about this, and I’m not afraid to say so. People should NOT be congregating with friends and family. They should voluntarily isolate with immediate family in order that we slow the virus as much as possible. Obviously, there are certain situations (medical personnel, law enforcement, etc) in which this is not possible. But those who can, should. The sooner we do this the better off we will be.

                The last thing we need is the ridiculous MK lady telling them they should bring all the kids and gather together to slather MK face cream on.

                • Please read all comments above before commenting. I already said I quarentined myself (for 4 weeks). I already said, i would go to a families house. Only to the people that live in that house. No extra people. No rounding up of a Bunch of kids. I do not like people, who over exaggerate, misinterpret, misrepresent, and change what I said. Stay to the facts.
                  I do agree with you, that those Consultants (and yes i do know many) who have not taken the precautions above, that I have already have taken (for 4 weeks), should not go around the public. Its been lovely talking to you. I hope you have a great week, and read up more on the Corona virus. 🙂

                  • You can quarantine yourself as long as you want. Unless you have had the virus already, you are susceptible to getting it. More importantly, you are able to be a carrier and pass it to others.

                    The FACTS are that you said you would get a group of people together to mess with MK products. That is irresponsible.

                    Pardon me while I go take my essential oils bath. Surely that will ward off the virus? If not, I’ll go get some energy work done. Surely that will stop it. (Yes, those comments are sarcastic because essential oils and energy work do not stop someone from getting a virus.)

                    • Fact is I did not say I would get a group of people together!! You misinterpreted that!! For one I do not like groups!! Nor have I ever done a bigger group then 3. Its easier to sell to a few, then a group. 2nd. I never said how to run a business. As most MLM’s are set up for most Consultants to fail. If you, TRACY, can figure out the winning ticket, without using others?? Then let the rest of us know. As for being a doctor, just sharing what I learned from the scientists. Thank you Hun for spinning your negative lies. Its never cool to be a bully. Not even sitting behind the protection of your computer. Negativity, name calling, never made anyone sound smart.

                    • I don’t have to *sound* smart because I am smart. There is no “winning ticket” in MLM. MLM is a scam. You didn’t “learn from the scientists” that vinegar and lemon “wash” the virus out of your system. You either made that up or you heard if from a quack. And yes, you said you’d be getting people together. Best of luck to them and to you.

                    • I can now see how what I wrote earlier could and was misinterpreted. I still only meant the family. I never meant a big group. Sorry for not writing it clearer. As for the Lemon, honey, garlic, vinegar, heat, vitamins, I thought I read it on a post from a Scientist, but I can not find it now. It is not a cure, for the corona virus, but it can help build up a persons immune system. So it wont hurt anyone. But it has been debunked as a cure for the corona virus. As for essential oils, i do not believe they are good to ingest, nor to diffuse, nor to smoke. Whatever other people believe is up to them. Sorry for not being clear enough in my writting style, and leaving room to be easily misinterpreted.

              • Medical Expert = NO

                Stick to the MK sales sweet pea! You sure can spin a yarn on typing, can’t imagine in person.

                Drink your pickle juice and try not to pucker up.

                Amazing you have time to tell us how to work the biz and medicate ourselves in addition to doing your IPAs.

              • “Not every Consultant is the same.”

                But every consultant is a consultant. I could easily say not every thief is the same, but they are a thief nonetheless. You are a consultant for an MLM company which makes you party to the crime, period and no matter how big or little your loot is.

                MLM is a scam. MLMer = Scammer There is no such thing as an ethical scammer, just as there is no such thing as an ethical thief. They are what they are by definition.

              • Where did you hear the schools in Canada are closed until September?

                March break just started in ON this week, and then are closed for the next 2 weeks.

                A lot of grocery stores are opening for the first hour to let seniors shop in peace and quiet. I hope they leave you some pickles for your pickle parties / cure a deadly virus combo.

                • Sorry. It was announced this morning. I thought it was all schools in Canada closed till Sept. Apparently not all Provinces, are on board just yet. All I heard so far is Saskatchewan and Alberta, closed schools till Sept. I guess we will know more in the following weeks. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

                  • Actually, all schools in Canada ARE now closed. They haven’t announced if it is until September but it’s looking like an indefinite closure.
                    I am currently on a mandatory 14 day quarantine, as I just arrived back from the US. Anyone entering Canada from another country is legally required to remain in their home for 14 days—this means having groceries dropped off at your door and having no contact with the delivery person.
                    In addition all non essential businesses are closed. Canada is taking this very seriously

                    • I wish my “essential business” company would close. I work in cannabis, and production workers are on-site pumping out the pot. Office people are working from home for 2 weeks and as someone who isn’t used to working from home, it’s going to be a long 2 weeks.

          • This is exactly why you were recruited into MK. Being gullible enough to believe it only spreads in a crowd of 50 and that 1 person alone can’t contaminate an entire kitchen table.

            I guess you believe essential oils kills COVID-19, right? Lemons, honey, ginger, orange juice, chicken noodle soup, pickles (!)—You obviously don’t care to rely on facts and just base your mindset on ooey gooey nonsense. Honey, not all of those in the world will prevent the spread of even a cold virus.

            Bless your heart.

            • Writing to people in a condescending way, does not help get your point across. Bless your soul. Mary Kay only got me, because I was curious about their product, and wanted to try it (the same way I am with other brands. I like to try them and find the best). What better way to sample their products, then for 50% off. Mary kay still didn’t get me, as i was never suckered into buying “inventory”. Mk never got me, as I do not believe in recruiting others. Especially not under my Director. Why do I stay? I said I would give it a year. It hasn’t been a year yet. Also a lot of people are wearing make up wrong. I have been professionally trained in Hair, skincare, and makeup. I actually can help teach other woman to look and feel better. But crazy hun botz have made that very hard for me to do. As soon as I mention Mary Kay, people step back, looking scared. I have to reasure them, i am not in it to recruite anyone. That seems to help. But… MLM businesses are not easy to sell anything in, and Mary Kay items do not sell themselves.
              As for the ooy gooy stuff I suggested above, it came from scientists. It was all the suggestions, they suggested, to help fight the virus. Vinagar, lemon, water, garlic, heat, all things the scientist say will help wash the virus out of your system. Sorry, but i did not come up with that on my own. But… before the scientists said this, it was how I treated my symptoms in February, and it did make me feel better. So who knows?? Maybe there is something to all that ooy gooy goodness.
              As for the rest, i explained in my other comment. Hope you have a great week, and stay healthy. 🙂

              • No scientist (none, never, ever) has said that you are going to be able to “WASH THE VIRUS OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM.”

                • Most of you on this site are just really “MEAN GIRLS”. What is your agenda and goal to be on this site anyway? I never heard such nastiness! You’ll should be ashamed of yourselves. You all as bad or worse than those you criticize. God save your souls.

                  • Hi Lisa – I’m glad you sought us out! The purpose of this site is to inform and educate women such as yourself who are questioning Mary Kay and looking for the truth. I’m sorry you think it’s mean to point out the obvious exploitation of a heartbreaking situation for so many. When people are facing job loss and financial devastation, it is horrifying that MK ladies try to recruit them. We’re happy to shine a light on these awful recruiting tactics.

              • Some of us on here are actually degreed in Sciences. And we also took grammar classes.

                I guess you think your “scientists” are more knowledgeable on virus protection than the CDC. Your rhetoric contradicts yourself in your posts, and it is recklessly wrong. I sincerely hope you are isolating yourself at home and keep people from getting what you might very well be asymptomatically carrying around.

                Please visit http://www.cdc.gov and educate yourself.

              • Can you show me the research these “scientists” have published about those remedies? “As for the ooy gooy stuff I suggested above, it came from scientists.” Because right now they sound like quacks.

                This is too bloody serious to let your nonsense go unchallenged. Because that’s how you spread disease and kill people.

                • I tried to reply earlier, but its being blocked?? I can now see, how it would be easy to misinterpret, what i wrote earlier. I only meant a mom, and kids. But, thats only, after they have been home for 2 weeks or more, and no one is showing any symptoms, except boredom. So Yes, what I wrote earlier could easily be misinterpreted.
                  As for the scientis, I thought I had seen many posts, by scientists, saying that heat, lemon, vinegar, honey, vitamins, garlic, can help wash the virus out of the system. Now I am seeing that that has been debunked. But that the above wont hurt anyones system, and will help build up a persons immunity. Sorry I was wrong to repeat what I had read.
                  As for Consultants being different, this still is true. I am honest from the beggining, letting everyone know what they are getting into. I do not sugar coat. Does this get me other Consultants, no. But I am not in it to get Consultants. I am happy with Customers. I do not sell people things they will not use. I do not charge full price, as I also enjoy sales, and enjoy giving sales. So, yes. Not all consultants are the same.
                  As for MLM’s, yes a lot of people loose money in it. Some come out even, very few make a lot of money in it. Am I impressed with MLM’s?? No. Will I join an MLM again?? No. But I’m the type of person who has to give it a try, one time, for myself. To find out the truth for myself. Now I know, what Mary Kay is all about. Its about building the Pyramid scheme, and signing up consultants.
                  Sorry for all the misunderstandings. Hope you all have a Happy, Healthy, Week!!

                  • I’m glad you are beginning to understand. What I’m trying to explain, and keeping with the thief example:

                    Even if you are a nice thief and only steal a little, you are still a thief. This principle applies to consultants. If you recognize MLM is a scam, why continue to associate and support it? You are guilty by association and damaging your reputation. Using their products IS supporting the scam which in turn seeks to harm others – even if you disallow some of their tactics personally. Your purchases help enable them. Now that you know, why stay? If you enjoy sales, please do so with a legitimate company.

                    FYI, we here are not negative. Tracy, myself, and many others have been researching MLM for many, many years. It’s not easy to comprehend at first because it’s such a well-oiled scam. We are sharing, for free, the reality of the situation that comes with years of research.

                    “As for MLM’s, yes a lot of people loose money in it. Some come out even, very few make a lot of money in it.” – Any money made is tainted. There is no honor in pushing scam company products at any price. It may seem innocent enough, but it’s not. It feeds the beast.

              • “… it came from scientists. It was all the suggestions, they suggested, to help fight the virus. Vinagar, lemon, water, garlic, heat, all things the scientist say will help wash the virus out of your system.”
                I don’t know whether to laugh or be furious at that statement. But I’m leaning hard toward being infuriated…
                This came from no scientist, EVER, anywhere. I am a nurse. If what you claim “came from scientists” was true, we wouldn’t have a care in the world. The flu? Pfft…pass the pickle juice. And does this ridiculousness apply to HIV too? That’s a virus.
                The statement itself is ludicrous. Are you even listening to yourself? Furthermore, I suggest *you* read up more on COVID-19…from legitimate sources. Because I promise you that horse$hit did NOT come from anything remotely legitimate.
                And if you are spreading it, you’re part of the problem. Especially if, in addition to spreading such misinformation (NOTHING “washes a virus” out of a person’s body!) you are also encouraging “getting together” in people’s homes, which is literally one of the main things the CDC recommends AGAINST doing.
                Shame on you.

              • “Why do I stay? I said I would give it a year. It hasn’t been a year yet. ” You realize that you can return any purchases made in the previous 12 months? By getting you to “give it a year”, your recruiter and director ensure that you won’t be able to return anything from your early purchases. That means that they are protecting their income, not you.

          • Can you show me some actual medical research backing up the “drink pickle juice” and “all will be fine”.

            • Benifits of drinking pickle juice… https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/318618#benefits There are many links, websites, on google explaining the health benifits of drinking pickle juice. Hey, don’t knock it till you try it. Start off with a sip, then later a shot glass. You might be surprised, and find yourself craving it later. With this Corna virus, anything that is healthy, and could help boost our immune system, might be worth a try right now.

              • Medical News Today is basically a blog, and this is at the top of the article “If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission.” It makes

                Use scholar.google.com and you get better quality studies.


                Also, the last thing you want to do is “boost your immune system” … if it were possible, you could kill yourself. Autoimmune diseases, cytokine storms and too many white blood cells in the lungs suffocating you would be the results.

                Here’s some stuff from a PhD who was in pharmaceutical R&D. He’s a good researcher, and he writes well, if sarcastically.



                And one podcast (with transcript) that has a good explanation of the components of the immune system – it’s a complicated mess of semi-independant systems, not a single organ like a heart.


              • As I was taught in MK, I don’t take advice from someone who isn’t where I want to be. Pickle juice offers NO benefit in disease prevention. I have a degree that will shut that statement of yours down any day.

                Medical News is not reputable healthcare professionals, so please stop posting what could be read by a child and believed by them.

              • I can only assume that those recommending pickle juice are actually referring to Pickle Backs, a shot of whiskey chased with pickle juice. It’s proven to reduce pandemic-related anxiety! 😉
                But seriously, why is it that MLMs and dangerous pseudoscience seem to go hand in hand?

      • “Foot spa, facials, masks, etc… It could be fun” ” to keep everyone relaxed, and have fun together.”

        And the opportunity to spread a lethal virus among the “kiddos” and the attendees.

  9. Recently asked a mk friend for general CC info. and now I am on the director email as if I was in her unit. Wavering to block director, or see what crap is passed out. I am sure the director thinks she is making me excited to join. Sadly, my gut tells me this is all going downhill with corporate. They had many many chances to upgrade the whole business model over the years and did not. I am here to say, they saw dollar signs and raked it in for Richard Rogers and family. Leadership (as MK corporate see it) over the last 20 yrs set the stage for the downfall. I am sure there are many deluded directors wondering WTH as the tablecloth is pulled out from them (lower production for reasons we discuss here).

  10. SD Kimberly Perkins has 9 positions available according to her FB page:

    “With everything closing down due to coronavirus , this is the best time to work from home and still make income. I have 9 positions available. Who’s interested in more information?”

  11. I can only assume that those recommending pickle juice are actually referring to Pickle Backs, a shot of whiskey chased with pickle juice. It’s proven to reduce pandemic-related anxiety! 😉
    But seriously, why is it that MLMs and dangerous pseudoscience seem to go hand in hand?

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