Mary Kay Saves the Day

Clearly, Mary Kay is the savior of everything, according to sales director Amanda Wright. MK is manufacturing hand sanitizer and giving it to healthcare workers dealing with coronavirus FOR FREE. But that’s not all! The company does all the “green” things. MK donates money to domestic violence causes. They do business around the world (as if that’s some sort of wonderful opportunity for MLM victims overseas).

I don’t care how many “good” things Mary Kay Cosmetics does. None of it outweighs the damage done to ordinary women who sign up for this loser of a “business.”    Mary Kay reported $3.25 billion in revenue in 2017 and 3.5 million distributors around the world. That’s nearly $1,000 per distributor paid to MK Inc.  for products that most will never be able to sell to actual customers.  Women have thousands of dollars of products sitting in their homes, and they have almost no chance of selling those products, much less at a profit. This is not opportunity. It’s exploitation.


  1. Lazy Gardens

    UH … that manufacturing facility they “opened” in 2018 has yet to produce a thing. It has had issues.

    And all that charity … it’s less than 1% of their sales revenue. Not even a tenth of a tithe.

    Hand sanitizer? They were handed the recipes and the files to print the labels. Mixing and bottling is not a challenge for a bottling line, especially when you are using the existing bottles and don’t have to change a thing except the ingredients that go into the mixers.

    1. Ruby Slippers

      So the zero landfill claim may be true for corporate and warehouse.
      For the SALES FORCE, I can GUARANTEE most of this product ends up in landfills. Some goes to battered women’s shelters etc. and donated. If you ever do a trade with anyone make sure you check product code dates. I had a director trade for a SPF lip protector a few years ago and received an old, old protector from like 10 years ago. Probably around MK signature line decade. I didn’t even bother calling her ….I just SMH and it went in my circular file
      Aka My trash can
      I truly wish I would have woken up several years ago. I thought I would try again and make it work again. So I did not send product back. Now it’s TOO LATE. If you are on the fence, lurkers, be smart and send it back . Get your $ back. Its a lose lose proposition .
      It’s fruitless to keep trying.

  2. princess lea

    Aw! How humanitarian of them. If they donated $20,000 worth of hand sanitizer to my family, we’d still be out the 10 years that I wasted on this poor excuse for a business.

  3. Can you imagine the thought process going on in the background at corporate……….”I can see it already, we make these silly little bottles of hand sanitizer, smack on a cheap label we got laying around from one of our many failed products, and then we tell our dumb-witted Pinkheads that we are saving the world from Coronavirus. From there they do all the “advertising” we need. They’ll go on social media groups like drones and applaud us like the second coming of Christ himself. In a couple of weeks, we have these hand sanitizers given to hospitals where there are hundreds of potential victims…yikes I mean NURSES who will be tired and isolated from their many long shifts at the hospital. Voila… in comes MK and saves their wretched lives. We have planted a pink seed. Only MaryKay can keep them at home with their families, replace their salary, give them a free car, all expense paid trainings/vacations and then some………” YES. we have a winning campaign!!!!!!

    1. J

      You just made my skin crawl. Nailed it. Additionally, they’re aiming to hush the questioning families for a bit. If you’re going to question a company making “free” hand sanitizer during a pandemic; obviously, you’re the one with problem. They just need to keep the consultant’s with the questioning families on for another month, so they’ll spend their stimulus check on inventory.

    2. BestDecision

      When nurses are off work, they’re off work. No checking production or strategically scheduling their vacations around prime ordering dates.

      And let’s not forget about health, dental, vision, and retirement benefits. Or the prestige of having a college education that got them there and a career that actually benefits society.

    3. Briana

      I work at a domestic violence program. We had our local MK rep come in because she wanted to “pamper” us. This was my first real exposure to Mary Kay. Lo and behold, it was a giant sales pitch, and they asked ALL OF US (including my boss) outright if we’d ever consider working for Mary Kay. We were literally all at work. It was SO uncomfortable.

      1. MLM Radar

        This is why I do NOT like MK reps donating to domestic violence shelters.

        Perhaps you could add to your facility policy that multi-level / network / relationship marketing presentations (including Mary Kay) are neither endorsed by your shelter, nor permitted on shelter grounds, nor permitted at shelter sponsored functions, such as fundraisers and job fairs.

        The last thing abused women need are products and/or a sales pitch from a company that wants to financially abuse women who have already suffered every other kind of abuse.


    Estée Lauder is making hand sanitizer too. How do I know? Karlie Kloss posted this on her social media. Also, most breweries and distilleries are making hand sanitizer as well. It’s not one company who was “asked by the government,” its several!

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