Mary Kay Hand Sanitizer for COVID-19

Here’s the hand sanitizer that Mary Kay has started producing to go to “the front lines” of the COVID-10 pandemic.


        1. J

          I think it’s a PR fail that they made their name so prominent on the labeling. Really shows they’re doing this for the publicity. Many other companies are helping without making their name the largest font on the packaging… you know the least helpful part to read.

        2. Lazy Gardens

          Totally ugly packaging and what the FDA guidelines require them to use. They give them the recipe and the labels … and forbid the use of color, scent or anything else.

      1. Lazy Gardens

        “80% alcohol, but still non-sterile?” It might be sterile, but if you SAY it’s sterile on the packaging you have to do a lot of testing to make sure. Looks like they are using existing hand lotion bottles for it.

  1. Meg

    The labels on those bottles just scream ‘hastily created on MS Word’. Perhaps they are indeed donating to hospitals, but that doesn’t mean they’re actually using them. I’m envisioning them left on chairs/tables in ER waiting rooms with their info tacked on somewhere.

    Elsewhere, I’ve seen some people sewing fabric face masks which could potentially be quite helpful, and they’re donated for true altruistic purposes.

  2. For sure its a publicity stunt. Like leaving a little MK business card all over hospitals where nurses might take notice. And all those consultants and directors loving “their” company posting all those posts. When charity is done in good faith, you don’t go and give yourself a big old pat on the back. But of course not the pink goof balls.

    1. The Patient Whisperer

      Exactly. I’m a nurse and I assure you, we are too busy to notice/care who manufactured it. It’s nauseating to see this greedy, opportunistic company try to use this as a PR tool.

    2. EyesWideShutNoMore

      Unfortunately, it’s not just the MLMs on the publicity bandwagon. I’m seeing A LOT of posts on Linked In of beer companies showing off their “pivot” to produce hand sanitizer. Big Beer is losing ground to the craft breweries so they’re desperate to get back in front of people.

      I’m not a big fan of LI, it’s getting to be a lot like Facebook with the bragging and the fake enthusiasm. I do laugh though when I see an MKer or another MLM person on there.

  3. enorth

    I saw a Damsel in Distress rep pushing her “buy to donate” program…

    …”because healthcare workers are so exhausted, they won’t be paying attention late at night as they approach their car in a dark parking lot…”

  4. Tina

    WOW! A nurse as well…this may be true to some what everyone says BUT at least they ARE DOING something !!!! Everything helps they aren’t sitting around bashing or whining and NO I am not a sales rep! Pull together believe me there will be plenty of fuel for the fire in the future but NOT NOW lives are at stake.

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