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Ali Zornes Lies About Product Sales

The entire “business” of Mary Kay consultants and directors is built around lies. If they told you the truth, you’d never sign up.

No, Ali Zornes and her unit aren’t selling $500,000 this seminar year. What they are doing is ordering about $225,000 of wholesale value products and selling a little bit of it.

The $500,000 figure is a lie because:

  1. It assumes all products that are ordered are actually sold to a customer
  2. It assumes that all products are sold at full suggested retail pricing
  3. It includes Mary Kay’s “double credit” promotion that has run a couple times this seminar year, which multiplies the retail value of products ordered by 2 to inflate these “$500,000 sold!” numbers

Relatively little of the products that are ordered are sold. Many of the sales are at a discounted price. Ali herself has been discounting so much that she makes almost no profit from product sales. Poor girl has stockpiled tens of thousands of dollars of inventory that she effectively bought her way into the Cadillac. (And despite pretending to make big money, she couldn’t even pay a recent vet bill.)

If the opportunity is so wonderful, why lie about how much is sold? If so much is being sold, then just tell the real numbers!!!


  1. BestDecision

    I resigned, sent my Cadillac back, and shipped my inventory back years ago, and my Director has only added 2 new offspring since. Yet, she says she’s going to “finish” her National Area. There’s no momentum, and I am confident she’s making Cadillac payments. She calls herself a “millionaire”, but I saw first-hand the boxes of unopened product she bought every month and were stored everywhere. I saw her lie about her income.

    If you’re a Consultant reading this, please believe us that you are being lied to. Directors, you’re supporting a company that has treated its own sales force like dirt and continues to make horrible decisions about its staff. Stop the nonsense!

    1. MLM Radar

      That’s diamonds (plural), not diamond (singular). Plural, that being a pinch of “spit” diamond trash fragments that collectively add up to a certain carat weight, each one displayed inside a big fitting designed to exaggerate the size of the fragment.

      A single stone of that carat weight, however flawed, might be worth something. The pinch of fragments isn’t.

      1. MakeupLover

        I’ve always wondered about the rings… Seeing them in person, do they sparkle like in the pictures? I remember getting wise to the prize scam, when someone mentioned they could buy the prize for far less than the total product total. Qualifying for Court of Sales, I imagine you could buy a fabulous diamond for the same amount of money!

        1. princess lea

          Their little secret is covering each ring with clear nail polish to prevent the diamond chips from falling out. This of course was told to me in confidence by the offspring off a million dollar hopeful.

  2. raisinberry

    Our area had an “Add a diamond ring” contest for ordering. All based on wholesale, tied to consistency…order 450 in 3 back to back months….order 600 in two. I was so excited to fill my add a diamond ring! And then I became a Director, and got the “inside scoop”. Our 6 point diamonds were $14. each…The gold ring was wildly high cost…something around 24.00….but hey, 13% commission on 1200.00..and we made 156.00 on just the one “avenue of income”

    1. morningstar

      I was in on add a diamond ring also, and when I would get them mounted the jeweler would shake his head. I threw that ring out many years ago, however it did fool me. argh!!!! The jeweler told me the ring was worth 30.00 after mounting diamonds. Suzanne Brothers was a piece of work as NSD.

  3. Phoebe's Mom

    Isn’t Ali the young kid who still lives with her parents? I wonder if they have any idea that their daughter has racked up tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt while living rent and utility bill free? And, judging by her pleas for people to buy her MK crap to pay a vet bill, those credit cards are most likely maxed out. I bet she has boxes of product stashed at friend’s houses or maybe a storage unit because her parents would surely start to ask questions about the mountain of unsold crap if it was all piled up in their garage and basement.

  4. SuzyQ

    My court ring gave me $50 for the gold. The “diamonds and pink sapphires” were spit. At the time, I had ordered $36000 (18,000 wholesale) to “win” it. It was appraised for a much larger amt. I wrote about it years ago.

  5. Mountaineer95

    To any lurkers:

    Look at this again:

    “…Ali Zornes and her unit aren’t selling $500,000 this seminar year. What they are doing is ordering about $225,000 of wholesale value products and selling a little bit of it.”

    Even if they’re actually selling A LOT of it, if any of them (Ali included) has even ONE product still sitting unsold out of these wholesale orders, then that $500k number is a lie.

    ONE. Only one lipstick, one mascara…again, if a SINGLE item from their orders is not yet sold (or was used personally or given away), that $500k retail number (based solely on the assumed profit off of $250k wholesale) is a LIE. And that’s not okay. It’s not okay for Ali and her upline to make proclamations of total retail sales without proof that the actual retail sales exist.

    And since you can’t know if they exist since proof of RETAIL sales isn’t provided, the only way you can get any idea if the veracity of her claim is to see if ALL of that wholesale production is sold.

    And that’s why even ONE unsold product proves this retail claim is a lie, and that’s NOT okay. It’s never okay for your upline to lie about such important numbers. Because you rely on truthfulness from your upline. Well, you’re not getting it from Ali’s unit.

    1. Mountaineer95

      “Many of the sales are at a discounted price. Ali herself has been discounting so much that she makes almost no profit from product sales.”

      Isn’t that proof right there that the $500k retail number is a lie? Ali is surely counting her production numbers into this calculation of “retail” based on doubling of the production numbers…and yet she has publicly sold some of her inventory (which is another word for production) at prices much lower than the assumed double mark up. Ali you are lying! So is EVERY person in MK who uses production dollars times two to create a ridiculously fake retail number.

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