Oh Dacia, Where Is Your Brand Loyalty

Written by Frosty Rose

Hot take! Senior nsd Dacia Wiegandt, wanna be social influencer, is taking her girls on this beautiful day to Sephora!

Keep in mind, all Mary Kay consultants are brow-beaten to only use Mary Kay products—they’re a walking advertisement for the brand, after all! When I was a consultant, you would be forever shunned for even setting foot in a Sephora, much less be caught advertising for them on social media!

It’s almost like Dacia doesn’t believe in the products she sells… Oh wait, her product isn’t really skin care and makeup, it’s the dream of a better life, which she sells to vulnerable women at a premium price.



    • Makes me wonder, in that case, if she went there to shop or to try to recruit the preteen girls’ mothers. “Wouldn’t it be just nifty if you held parties at your daughter’s friends’ mothers’ houses and brought the store to them instead of them trying to fit a trip to Sephora into their busy day?”

      Or both, because MK products are way overpriced and mediocre at best?

  1. If this isn’t a flaming sign of Dacia’s complete lack of business sense and professionalism, I don’t know what could be, short of her waving a sign MARY KAY SUCKS. This person is the antithesis of everything a true woman of actual impact consists of. No values and no shame in demonstrating for all to see that she hasn’t any sense of ethics, morality or sense of decency and respect for the minions who line her pockets.

    Where do these kbots KEEP COMING FROM….why. Jesus Wept.

  2. Also, THANK YOU TRACY AND FROSTY ROSE FOR THIS EXPOSE! What is kept hidden thrives, like horrible icky stuff in a root cellar where the sun never reaches and the water never subsides. Letting the light in and fresh air to show us EACH in our own light…that sucks lol but I know I am a better person for every time the light hits me when I am trying to hide from myself, most of all. How do I love thee, Pink Truth…I couldn’t count all the ways! Enlightenment, entertaining WRITERS all over the place, I better not get started! xooxoxxoxo

  3. Not sure I understand the picture. Usually the subject is included. No picture of the “girls” and no pictures related to the “stop”. So…just the beautiful day? Like…a picture of today’s weather?

    Or is this really just a picture of her grin, like she knows she’s spitting in the eye of Mary Kay Corp? Does this mean a change/announcement is forthcoming? Is she moving onto coaching, and wants to gain cred by starting to distance herself from Mary Kay?

      • But the picture shows none of that, so why the selfie? I can’t imagine taking a selfie, of just me, which is completely unrelated to the activity, and post it with the caption, “I took my family out for sushi tonight!” Any associated picture would certainly include at least something related to the subject, no? Like my family sitting at a table with a “boat-load” of sushi on the table. Or even everyone in the car with smiles knowing we are going out for a treat. Or everyone piled behind me in my selfie, excited for the outing. But this picture is just a selfie completely disconnected from the subject of the post.

        Am I the only one who thinks this is strange?

        Unless the point was to show that grin, as if, “I know I am doing something controversial…” in which case the post is not really about her girls or Sephora at all…it is all about her and sticking it to Mary Kay. That’s about the only rational reason I can come up with for posting that particular photo with that particular caption.

        A little help here please. What am I missing?

  4. I have the same thought whenever I see Dacia and other NSDs (and a lot of ‘top directors’) doing regular spa visits for facials, lash extensions, and eyebrow microblading. Are the ‘premium’ MK products that you sell, so ‘on trend’, so ‘cutting edge’, so inferior that you have to supplement with expensive treatments? Oh, wait, THAT must be what they mean when they say “It’s not about the lipstick.” As FR so eloquently pointed out, Dacia and her colleagues are selling the “dream of a better life”. I don’t begrudge her that, but let’s call a spade a spade, and if you’re going to ‘sell a dream’, don’t use predatory methods.

  5. I’m curious who “the girls” are. She just has the one daughter. So is she talking about daughter’s cheerleading friends, or maybe the sons’ girlfriends, coming along? She’s so confusing. And good on you for calling her out on this. I’ve felt all along she’s just in this for the grift.

  6. I fully believe Dacia regularly, routinely, constantly takes selfies. I think she is truly so enamored of herself that she seriously can’t see why that is ………….NEUROTIC AS HELL! I am NOT trying to preach but it’s probably because of the bastardization of Christianity that MK promotes that these thoughts come to me with such intensity. In this case, I can’t stop thinking of a phrase that truly changed me and changes me that I treasure – the more I look at me, the less I see of Jesus. The more I see of Jesus, the less I look at me.

    I do not want to get into or provoke any kind of belief system issue here. I just know that Dacia sees only the mirror and, woman, you are just not that entrancing. Break the damn mirror. Quit being a distasteful excuse for a human entity and BE A MOTHER, BE A FRIEND, BE A HUMAN BEING NOT A NITWIT DOING. You garner no respect from anyone outside the bubble and I suspect from few within it either, because they have to endure you in person. I shudder at that thought, I truly do.

    If Gorbachev could fulfill Reagan’s request: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” – then SOMEONE CAN POP THIS VILE PINK BUBBLE! HAVE FAITH lolololol never dreamed the USSR would dismantle after 70 years! Oh, but a girl can dream now!

    • I can’t blame her. Two of the three new Spring products are sunscreen and new hand cream fragrances. Yawn. The third is perfume.

      I’ve been listening to videos with the SDs trying to sound “excited.” I feel sorry for them.



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