Mary Kay Changes On Hold Order Status

Written by Frosty Rose

Dear reader, you may or may not know, but everything in Mary Kay is fake. From the eyelashes, to the “summer diamonds” (sum-‘er diamonds, sum-‘er not), to the titles (Future Executive Senior Sales Director, really?), to the “queens of sales” who are really queens of wholesale orders.

For years, sales directors have been leaning on what they call “on hold” orders to ensure that they meet minimum production requirements for the month or qualify for yet another fake promotion built exclusively on how much your unit orders from the company.

Essentially, consultants could build an order that they knew they couldn’t pay for, stick it on a credit card that they knew wouldn’t be accepted (maxed out again!), and assign it to their director. They then had a few days after the end of the month to “resolve” the self-inflicted problem, and trick the system.

Corporate has recently discontinued this practice, or changed the rules, or some such. Check out the fallout from one of the Facebook groups for directors.





The comment by Gwen Schneekloth is particularly interesting. If you have unit members who always have to game the system so they can order “this month” but pay a few days into next month…. then they shouldn’t be ordering! Order in the month you need it!

And Colleen Kolb bragging about consultants using multiple cards for orders so they can “wrap up a car.” If you have to use multiple cards, then that means you don’t have the money and shouldn’t be buying your way to the next level.

Can they not see the forest for the trees? For women who pride themselves on “enriching women’s lives,” they are putting up a very good show of draining every method of payment their downline has. All in the name of enriching themselves. Gross.


  1. Gross indeed.

    It’s especially gross that Colleen Kolb’s consultants are spending themselves into poverty so that SHE can get a car that they’ll never get to drive or even ride in.

  2. Simple solution: Don’t frontload. Let your customers order directly from the MK web site using their own credit card. Problem solved.

  3. Gwen says “today I am celebrating 28 years in Mary Kay. I have never once criticize the company and always support it.”

    Gwen they will drop you the minute you stop making production. They do not care.

  4. And to the consultants who might be reading, if your finances are so tight that you’ve got several cards maxed, please think twice before trying to order.

    Use what money you have to take care of yourself. Women especially are socialized not to be selfish and to always put others first, but you can’t function if you’re constantly hangry, or sick, or not sleeping because you can’t stop worrying about money. Use it to pay your bills. Safety and comfort are as important to your wellbeing as food.

    Use it to take care of your kids. Young kids don’t give half a hoot what Mommy does at work – growing up, my mother worked at a Hallmark store and I was as thrilled about that as if she’d been an astronaut. Older kids will get over it. But they feel it acutely when there’s a lack of food, shelter, and clothing, and especially when parents are tense or sad or fighting, or absent from events that are important to them.

    Be a little selfish. Why the hell should someone else reap the benefits of your hard work? Why spend your money to increase the prestige of Someone Not You? I don’t pay for my boss’ car or vacations. My worth as an employee isn’t tied to her success. Start doing what you do for yourself and your family, and no, doing MK doesn’t count. Because everything you do in in MK, or any MLM, is for the greater glory of the MLM.

  5. If a consultant hasn’t sold any retail products to customers, she should not be ordering more products. This FB thread is more than disturbing. I guess the 60/40 rule is long gone. Sell $1200 retail ( good luck) deposit $720 to cover tax and shipping for your next $600 order to replenish. Keep $480 profit. Sounds simple enough, but never worked. Now it’s simply order $600 or more wholesale plus retail tax and spread it over as many cards as you can. Do this month after month to be a star consultant! Because stars win cars, right? No, stars declare bankruptcy.



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