Don’t Visit Pink Truth

The Mary Kay ladies are in a lather because on Thursday we revealed the company’s plans to release a new Timewise set. Mary Kay Inc. and its sales directors very carefully plan product changes to maximize ordering from consultants. MK Inc. wants consultants to keep ordering so they can sell out of the old products. Directors want consultants to keep ordering to prop up their commission checks. And if a consultant orders a whole bunch of OLD Timewise sets in April and May and the new ones are announced in mid-May, then the consultant has to order a bunch of stuff again… double bonus for the commission check!

It comes as no surprise, then, that the MK directors in the super special Facebook group are upset that Pink Truth revealed the product launch early. We only announced it a few weeks early for Mary Kay, but these announcements are important because when we do this, we help save consultants money. (It’s also kind of fun to ruin their plans!)

Sales director Patti Jeske cautions everyone to not visit Pink Truth. Director Jessye Nichols warns that Pink Truth is getting screen shots. And director Azzari Jones didn’t follow instructions…. she IMMEDIATELY came on over to Pink Truth, spent a bunch of time here, and left multiple comments that you’ll get to see later this week. 🙂

And sales director Diane Kuciel has lots to say about not “leaking” information on product releases early, but the most interesting one is this:

It gets consultants to hold orders, because now they know something is coming and they justify waiting to get it all at once.

Let that sink in for a moment. If a consultant knows about new products, she will decide it’s in her best interest to wait to order. But Diane Kuciel would rather have her in the dark so she would order sooner (and therefore have obsolete products on hand, and need to order again to get the new stuff), even though it’s not in the consultant’s best interest. What a selfish attitude, Diane!!!!



  1. Diane Kuciel: Ladies, we are at the top 2% of the company, for a very good reason.

    Because you’re amoral, unscrupulous, greedy, deceptive a-holes who view your downline as nothing more than walking piggy banks?

    “And director Azzari Jones didn’t follow instructions…. she IMMEDIATELY came on over to Pink Truth, spent a bunch of time here, and left multiple comments that you’ll get to see later this week.:)”

    Tracy, you sneaky little tease, I almost get the feeling that you’re enjoying this 😛

    • Oh, I am enjoying it very much. Wait until you see the scripture Azzari has for us. And how she criticized people for not using their real names on Pink Truth….. while not revealing her name with her comments….

  2. Diane Kuciel again, about being dinged by legal for a post she made in 2016, which last time I checked was seven freaking years ago: But then, it was reframed when I watched the video from leadership, that we play on the same team, and they’re protecting us, and our opportunity by ensuring compliance

    Why the sudden switch to passive voice? Protecting you from what, exactly? Ensuring COMPLIANCE?? Was she forced to watch this with her eyes pried wide open like Alex from A Clockwork Orange?

    Amazing what I’ve learned about this dreadful company in just under a year. I’m very grateful to our agents on the inside and to those who have told their stories of the truth.

  3. Azzari Jones is a special kind of ridiculous. She’s the one who kicked off the whole FB thread that spilled the beans on the launch. THEN blasted everyone’s integrity because people should remove themselves from the group when their title changes. THEN can’t stand to stay off Pink Truth when asked to do so.

    She apparently is above all rules and incapable of following even the most basic instructions.

  4. How is it “empowering women” by allowing them to order hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars worth of inventory knowing that it will be obsolete in a matter of weeks just so a director can make production and receive a check?

    This fact alone should give any lurker a reason to rethink whether or not your upline and corporate truly have your best interest in mind. There is zero excuse for this.

  5. Oh, Patti, Patti, Patti! In all your years in leadership, have you NOT learned that telling a group of people, most emphatically to ‘never go there’ is the surest way to get them here?

    • I have a feeling there won’t be any capital letters or punctuation left for the rest of the internet until July.

      I wonder how much blowback she’s getting personally for starting this whole kerfuffle. Given how the huns turn on each other at the drop of a hat, her personal email must be a superfund site by now.

      • Wont be any capital letters or punctuation until July. this literally is so funny it sent me into hysterics! LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO

  6. Ponder this. When a real company comes out with a new product, they deeply discount the old product while announcong the new one. That allows customers to be in the know and decide for themselves if they want to stock up on the old stuff or if they will wait for the new. Some will stock up, others will wait.

    But at the heart of all this is tranparency, which demonstrates goodwill towards customers. History shows that Mary Kay is hostile to transparency.

    • And where is the golden rule in pushing products the director knows are on their way to being replaced ???

      • I find it interesting that these Directors think they’re “on the same team” with MK Corporate. They do not realize that Corporate looks at them in the same way they look at consultants: as CUSTOMERS. Everything MKC does is meant to meet the sales goals of the company, full stop.

        Directors are independent contractors, just like their consultants, and MKC wants them to buy as much wholesale as humanly possible (or even more than humanly possible, lol). Just like for the consultants.

        Diane, you and corporate are NOT on the same team. You are just one of many thousands of customers to MKC.

        • They do not realize that every corporate promotion and every prize that is cooked up isn’t to “reward” the consultants and directors. Corporate has a very specific strategy: to give the item that cost the least, but incentivizes the most ordering. The directors are nothing but pawns in this grand scheme.

  7. I am clapping wildly! Good work super sleuth(s)! Outstanding! Excellent! And like Parsonsgreen, I can’t wait for the Azzari comments!

    How many other mk peeps are stumbling onto this site since Thursday?


      • Same! It will also be interesting to see how this impacts “sales” and recruiting. No one with any integrity would persuade someone to invest $130 in a kit that will be obsolete in a few months. The old-timers are a lost cause, but hopefully the newer consultants still have somewhat of a conscience.

  8. I can’t wait for the huns who will start whining about “why doesn’t Legal shut down that site” or “this is libel/slander/just plain negative AND they can’t use our pics or shots from social media waaaaaahhh!”

    Trust us, if MK Legal had a panty-hose covered leg to stand on, they’d have come after this site long long ago. Look up “discovery” in legalese.

    As far as conducting your “business” over social media, well…public domain yada yada, and:

    Screenshots are forever!

    • “Screenshots are forever!” What she said.

      Addendum: don’t be naive enough to believe that the only people in a FB group are the ones for whom it’s intended.

  9. Serious question: Let’s say I’m a lowly consultant. I want to know — directly from Corporate — why SDs and up are provided such information ahead of time, but not IBCs.

    How might Corporate respond?

    • I’d guess it would be a lot of mumbo-jumbo about it being one of the “benefits” of following the “career path” and a “special reward” for those who and “succeed”. With the implication, of course, that it’s the IBC’s fault for not working hard enough to get to director level so they don’t deserve to know ahead of time.

      • If I were a member of Mary Kay’s sales force, such a response from Corporate would make me quit. It shows IBCs are not valued.

        So much for the “level playing field.”

        • It should make you quit. And it does make some people quit. However, MK has 60 years of practice in messaging and mind games that make it all sound like a carrot–this is why you get to directorship. We’re not punishing IBCs, we’re rewarding directors with extra tools. And it’s all for IBCs good–their directors have a little extra time to digest all the information and make programs and training so it’s easier for the consultants. Blah blah blah. It sucks, it’s horrible, and most people who are in the pink fog are blind to it.

          • Oh I quit back in 2005 before Pink Truth existed. I was on my way out anyway but a director had a “Rah Rah” final thought speech at the end of a Monday meeting. And she basically said “Look you see the same people in the same position and they never move up. Don’t be like that..move up and be a leader, become a director. ” I walked out of that meeting and never came back. The condescending tone really made me angry. Then a few years later I found this site and everything I questioned made sense and I am thankful I never went back. And I did get warm-chatted a lot after being out. I knew that the recruiters only wanted one thing. Join and buy a lot of products. And directors are not going to fill you in and you’ll be stuck with a lot of products and lose money.

  10. I could tick off so many boxes in Steven Hassan’s BITE model reading these directors posts. But please, ladies, tell us again how it’s absolutely totally not a cult.

  11. Fun fact…someone posting in my unit’s group to NOT visit Pink Truth was the very thing that lead me to see what all the fuss was about…and subsequently stop selling (*ahem* buying…) MK immediately. 😉

    Please, ladies, continue to discourage your consultants from coming here. 🤭

  12. I love Mary kay and the company and the business but Jessye Nichols is a total bitch and deserves everything negative she gets. She is a horrible person and no one should ever work with her.

      • I think at the core it is a great product and people do want to buy it. The problem comes when people, like Jessye, are self-absorbed, narcissistic people who are happy to stomp on others to get the most $ which means consultants get loaded with product they don’t need. I went to plenty of corporate meeting where the corporate people were trying to teach to only have the product you needed on hand. But I also saw people push huge amounts of product on people who only wanted to work 2 hours a week. It doesn’t add up.

        • Mary Kay products are low quality for their price range. Poor coverage, short duration.
          Wet and Wild has better stuff, as does E.L.F

        • “corporate people were trying to teach to only have the product you needed on hand.”

          Sounds noble. Except the system is designed to pay/reward/incentivize large, consistent product orders. (Isn’t there even a Consistency Club?)
          The company’s hands are “clean” because it’s the independent sales force themselves goading down-lines to order, order, order.

          “like Jessye, are self-absorbed, narcissistic people happy to stomp on others to get the most $”

          The company needs women like Jessye. And it needs women who LOVE to prance and flaunt, and who believe self-worth is based on outward appearances. They make idols of their titles, cars, prizes, and the cheap pins on their cheap suits.

          It’s what fuels MLMs.

  13. Wow, what have I gotten myself into?? So you can’t work this as an honest business?? I love some of the Mary Kay products, and got into it to help my family member and be able to get product 1/2 off. Then in my real job things started getting bad and I was hoping to work MK full time and eventually leave real job. However with the many posts on this site and many subjects you post on…seems like I just need to cut my losses and just find something else altogether. 😥😥

    • Unfortunately, yes. It’s nearly impossible to make a living selling products. So you have to recruit. But you’re recruiting people into a fake business in which they have a 99% chance of losing money. Yes, find something else that is a real job.

    • MM, you will be better off financially by taking a position that has a guaranteed paycheck. MLMs like MK rely on chain recruiting in order for you to make any kind of income, and that income is frequently well below minimum wage.

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