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Get Your Double Credit!

It’s the last day of Mary Kay’s March “double credit” promotion. Last chance to pretend you sold twice as much. Twice as much as what? Twice as much as we already pretend you sold.

If your unit orders $20,000 wholesale, Mary Kay normally pretends your unit sold $40,000. (Despite the fact that they know most of those products will sit in basements and garages.) Under the double credit scheme, we’re going to pretend your unit sold $80,000. This is a great way to pretend “my unit sold $1 million”!!!!


  1. pinkpeace

    Oh, you know they will, Tracy. And directors will be falling all over themselves with praise for the MOST INCREDIBLE COMPANY that not only makes hand sanitizers to save the world from coronavirus, but gives consultants double credit! Can you feel the excitement?? What other company would do this?? Wow, we are in the right place at the right time!!

    Meanwhile, the reality is that when everyone is on lockdown, with hundreds of thousands of people out of work, no one is going to care about buying crappy MK products. I hope against hope that this pandemic is the final nail in the coffin of Mary Kay.

      1. MLM Radar

        When you’re out of work, if you must have a lipstick you’ll buy a $5 lipstick at Wal-Mart. Turns out those inexpensive Revlon lipsticks have decent colors, pretty good staying power, and helped my lips stay moist.

        If you’re out of work when you have to maintain social distancing and keep your house as a clean zone refuge, you won’t let a Mary Kay lady past your door for ANY reason, and especially not for a $22 signature edition lipstick that leaves you with zombie lips an hour later. Honestly, my BFF gifted me with Mary Kay lipsticks when I was about to go to job interviews. But I was horrified to realize that in less than an hour most of the color had rubbed off, except for patches of color which crept into lip lines and under dry skin. Fortunately, I had the Revlon in my bag and was able to fix the Mary Kay disaster just before my interview.

        Mary Kay is the only lipstick which I threw away because the quality was so bad.

        1. NotafanofMKlipstick

          I agree with you. I can not wear Mary Kay lipsticks. I end up with sores on my lips, that last a week or more. The lipstick does not have staying power, rubs off, and ends up on many peoples teeth. It also tastes waxy & chemically. Definitely not worth the price. Plenty of better lipsticks out in the market. Covergirl outlast lipstick. 10 times better. Anastasia Beverly hills has way better glosses. Don’t waste your money on Mary Kay lipsticks, or lip glosses.

          1. MLM Radar

            I forgot about the Mary Kay lip glosses. Thanks for reminding me. I put a pallet of four colors in the car for last-minute touch-ups. A couple of hours later it was a congealed liquid mess, because the Mary Kay ingredients apparently needed to be kept in a climate controlled room. (My Revlon lipstick, also in the car, stayed just fine.)

            Fortunately, I had put the Mary Kay in a ziplock bag, so I didn’t have to spend the next month trying to remove the mess from my car seat.

  2. parsonsgreen

    Every day I live my life thankful that I can walk on the same earth as St. Kristin. The good work she does will influence generations to come. (E Y E R O L L )

  3. Phoebe's Mom

    “You have the opportunity to MAX out with double credit”. Which should really read “You have the opportunity to MAX out your high interest Mary Kay credit card (if it’s not already) so you can “win” some cheap jewelry and your upline can get a bigger commission check”!

      1. pinkienomore

        I heard someone in her area picked it as a prize in her “win crap from my closet” contest. And even asked her to chew a piece and save it for them so they could have a little bit of her rub off on them…in hopes they can aspire to her unattainable position. BAHAHAHA

  4. J

    They’re the perfect target. They’ve been jobless for so long, they have the credit card shuffle down. They’re already managing to pay their bills with no income. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll hesitate to spend it on inventory.

  5. morningstar

    mall owners laying off staff:

    retail is closing stores:

    And here we have double mint credit all the way to seminar.
    MK corporate, and on down will spin this as “catch a star” moment for fabulous sales. I sincerely doubt the production levels needed by a ‘volume’ of US and Canada directors- on up- is going to be startling hit to MK financial spreadsheets. Remember how we were/are supposed to lay at the NSDs feet, well I SMELL a turn around where the NSDs will be laying at the feet of the downline, before the game card table folds up or the rose dies on the vine for corporate.

    General off topic:
    I notice that advertisements for clothes, shoes, jewelry, furniture, cars, and yes that MK ultimate mascara all ring flat to my ears when this serious situation is occurring in the world.

    1. morningstar

      I sincerely doubt the production levels needed by a ‘volume’ of US and Canada directors- on up- ARE going to be MET AND THIS WILL BE A startling hit to MK financial spreadsheets.

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